Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 81 – The End Of The Novel (Extra 1)

After the grand finale of The God of Destruction (Volume 3)》He Wenchao rebuilt the three realms with his power and lived an eternal and happy life with his wives and friends in the divine realm.

In the following centuries, He Wenchao created countless images of the divine realm according to his own memories as well as divine realm and cultivation realm.

He became a sole god in heaven and on earth that no one dared to contradict his words, and everyone obeyed him without any disagreement.

At the beginning, He Wenchao felt that such a life was too good. The three realms were at his disposal and he could come and go as he pleased. No one could threaten his status and that of his friends and family, he also didn’t need to worry about bad guys who could harm him.

However, a few hundred years later, such a life became tedious for He Wenchao.

Happy and carefree without any ripples, day after day, year after year, he repeated the same cycle, gradually making He Wenchao lose all his feelings.

Everything developed according to his heart, there were no surprises. Life without any fun or surprises tasted like wax.

One day, he ruthlessly called for the bright and beautiful Gongxi Jin as well as Baili Qingmiao, becoming intimate with Gongxi Jin in front of her.

But Baili Qingmiao with a calm face just smiled and said: “Senior brother and sister Gongxi have such a good relationship.”

He Wenchao immediately pushed away Gongxi Jin and grabbed Baili Qingmiao shoulders and asked: “Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you jealous? I remember that in the past if I had even the slightest contact with other female disciples, even if it was just a word or two, you would be upset with me, wouldn’t you?”

Baili Qingmiao did not feel the pain in her shoulder at all as she tenderly put her head on He Wenchao arm and submissively said: “But senior brother you don’t like it, don’t you? You just have no choice but to do so, the person you love most is me, I know that.”

“Then you …… To be petty and lose your temper with me?” He Wenchao pinched Baili Qingmiao’s shoulder: “I’m so strong. Don’t you hurt?”

How could it not hurt? He Wenchao could already hear the sound of bones being crushed.

“How can I lose my temper with my senior brother? My senior brother is a sole god and all matters of the three realms are under the control of senior brother. Senior brother is so busy so I can’t cause trouble for senior brother.” Baili Qingmiao said: “Also my shoulder doesn’t hurt, even if my shoulder hurts, senior brother can help me heal it, right?”

Hearing her words, He Wenchao got lost in his own thoughts and withdrew his hand.

Yes, when he first resurrected his little sister, he thought to himself: “Little sister is good at everything, but she is too jealous. He was a sole god so what does it matter if he has a few good friend goddesses. It would be good if the little sister could not be angry.

So the resurrected Baili Qingmiao was really devoted to He Wenchao and did not cause any trouble, waiting daily in her palace for her brother to accompany her.

He Wenchao left Baili Qingmiao’s palace and went to find his first wife, the Purple Spirit Pavillon master.

Seeing He Wenchao coming over she said thoughtfully to him with a picture album: “Husband this is a picture album of goddesses in the divine realm. Which ones have you had a close relationship with recently? Do you need me to propose a marriage for you?”

He Wenchao stared at the Purple Spirit Goddess and said: “I’m your husband, aren’t you upset if I marry another woman?”

The Purple Spirit Goddess said graciously and modestly: “Husband is so handsome, it’s an honor for these goddesses to marry you, isn’t it?”

I remember that you used to secretly get rid of some women you didn’t like.” There were some things that He Wenchao didn’t say but it didn’t mean he didn’t notice it: “I remember that you disliked Gongxi Jin the most, why didn’t you get rid of her?”

“Because you liked her, husband.” There was no hint of emotion in the Purple Spirit Goddess’s smile, she was like a sophisticated human doll.

He Wenchao took the picture book, the women inside were each beautiful in their own way, but his eyes could no longer tell the difference in the appearance of these people.

“Just pick a few.” He Wenchao waved his hand indifferently and left.

The wives all acted according to his ideas, so what they would say and do, He Wenchao could guess in advance, because every one of them was created by him, even the newly married goddesses were the same.

He came to Yao Jiaping’s palace. Yao Jiaping was already the God of medicine and was in charge of the world’s spiritual medicine. When He Wenchao went there, Yao Jiaping’s wife Xiaoyi was taking care of the spiritual herbs in the courtyard. When she saw him arrive, Xiaoyi greeted him and said: “Supreme God.”

“Where is Yao Jiaping?” He Wenchao had little impressions of Xiaoyi, so when he created her she looked exactly the same as the original, but her personality was like a blank sheet of paper.

“Healing the patient.” Xiaoyi said.

The moment he heard that he was treating a patient, He Wenchao frowned and barged into Yao Jiaping room. Then he saw that he was getting dressed and there was a woman lying on the bed, with eyebrows that were somewhat similar to Xiaoyi so she must be the patient’s family or the patient herself.

“You have already found Xiaoyi so why do you still do this?” He Wenchao grabbed Yao Jiaping and shouted angrily: “Aren’t you single-minded about Xiaoyi?”

Yao Jiaping tied his sash and said: “As a medicine god, what does it matter if I spoil a woman or two? She can also grow her cultivation by double cultivating with me. I only have Xiaoyi in my heart and others are just for show. Aren’t you the same? Your love for Baili Qingmiao doesn’t stop you from marrying the Purple Spirit Goddess or Gongxi Jin and other goddesses doesn’t it?”

“You scum!” He Wenchao knocked Yao Jiaping unconscious with a hit.

Yao Jiaping flew out of the divine hall and was seriously injured. Xiaoyi pounced in front of him at once, blocking Yao Jiaping’s body and said to He Wenchao: “If you want to kill my Husband, kill me first!”

“Husband?” He Wenchao’s eyes became fierce, he pointed his finger at the side, and his divine power created another identical “Yao Jiaping” : “What about this one?”

Xiaoyi immediately jumped in front of the other “Yao Jiaping” and protected him: “If you want to kill my Husband, kill me first!”

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” He Wenchao suddenly let out a grim laugh and took a few steps backwards, pointing at Xiaoyi he said: “Both of these husbands are given to you, choose one for yourself, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

He then left the palace of Yao Jiaping and walked aimlessly in the palace thinking: “Fake! It’s all fake. it’s all just my imagination, hahahahahahahaha!”

After hundreds of years of dreaming, he finally woke up, he was on his own with illusion and puppets who would never disobey him. He had spent hundreds of years like that.

From then on, He Wenchao no longer favored his wives, and they would also not bother him staying in their own palaces in peace.

He Wenchao sat on the throne of supreme god and with boredom stirred up the human world. He unleashed a disaster at will, and destroyed nations and species at will, watching from the divine realm as mortals were being destroyed without feeling anything.

“No wonder that goodness could unleash calamities back then without a care in the world.” He Wenchao looked at the sky with empty eyes, not knowing who he was conversing with.

The innate goddess he met as soon as he became a god, he had felt that her beauty was incomparable while her pair of emotionless eyes looked at all gods equally, as if there was no difference between him and the ants in the lower world. He kept pestering that woman, wanting to get a unique look from her, wanting her emotionless eyes to look at him with filled with emotions.

After his reincarnation, the first time he saw Baili Qingmiao he fell in love with her at the first sight, just like in his previous life. But when he saw that his little martial sister had only him in her eyes, he felt bored and felt that something was wrong, it was not what he wanted.

At this moment He Wenchao realized that it was those emotionless but affectionate eyes full of love that deeply attracted him in his previous life.

“You’re gone, aren’t you?” He Wenchao touched his heart and suddenly said: “No your godhood is still in my body, we are always together.”

The outside world was all fake, a daydream of his, only the godhood inside him was real. The only thing left behind by the innate goddess.

He Wenchao curled up his body on the divine throne and wrapped his arms around the void as if he was holding someone.

He closed his eyes and feeling fatigued he fell into a deep sleep.

The moment the Godhood fell asleep in the cultivation realm, the underworld blood sea raised a huge wave!

After absorbing the Godhood, He Wenchao was still unable to purify the demonic energy so following his memory, he sealed the demonic energy in Underworld Blood Sea like before.

In the midst of the giant waves a man gradually took shape above the sea of blood, he raised his head to look at the sky and listened to the sound of the wind around him, as if he was receiving countless messages.

“So that’s how it is, so many things have happened since this venerable fell into the sea of blood.” The man whispered to himself, “Yin Hanjiang, Burning Heaven Immortal …… This venerable really missed out on a lot of things.”

He vaguely remembered that after falling into the sea of blood, he was muddled and absorbed by 180,000 demon gods, only a wisp of his persistence remained. As for what the persistence was, he somewhat couldn’t remember, but he thought he still had things left to do and couldn’t die.

So when the godhood broke the barrier between the three realms, that wisp of persistence kept absorbing the surrounding demonic energy and the power of the godhood, growing stronger and stronger.

The cultivation realm and the immortal realm merged together, and the demonic Qi that had lost its sanity found the burning heaven immortal absolute weapon in the Immortal Realm. That instant the divine consciousness lost control and the barrier between the immortal realm and the divine realm disappeared. The 180,000 demon gods attacked the divine realm, and heaven and earth were about to be destroyed.

It was not until He Wenchao absorbed the godhood with the help of soul contract with Baili Qingmiao and resealed the demonic qi in the Underworld Blood Sea, which gave that wisp of persistence time to continue absorbing the demonic qi.

The moment He Wenchao mind crumbled and he closed his eyes even to himself, that person seized the opportunity to absorb all the demonic Qi and shattered the seal on the Underworld Blood Sea and rushed out.

He was devil venerable, the only devil god in the three realms, he was Wen Renhe.

Wen Renhe looked at the human world, his eyes could see through the illusion so the illusion created by He Wenchao could not deceive him.

In Wen Renhe’s eyes, the three realms had been mixed into one and the world was shrinking, all powers were returned to chaos and in the center of this chaos was a man holding a godhood, dreaming beautifully.

Unknown to him, the divine consciousness in his arms was eroding his godhood and when his god power was eroded his soul contract with Baili Qingmiao would disappear, after which no one would be able to stop the divine consciousness from bringing heaven and earth back to chaos.

Wen Renhe came to the sleeping He Wenchao side and placed his hand on top of his head, then he ‘saw” He Wenchao beautiful dream.

The divine consciousness found Wen Renhe and realized that this was the only person who could stop it from destroying heaven and earth.

“You don’t have to defend yourself against this venerable.” Wen Renhe said: “This is no longer the world that this venerable wants to guard.”

He stared at He Wenchao who was using the soul contract to try to bind the divine consciousness, Wen Renhe let out a low laugh: “Burning Heaven Immortal …… you insisted on taking revenge for this venerable then today… this venerable will grant your wish.”

Wen Renhe used his palm and He Wenchao’s only remaining soul contract was broken by Wen Renhe. Then the divine consciousness broke through He Wenchao’s body and rushed out. Merging with heaven and earth, it began to absorb the chaos energy.

All the chaos energy shrank infinitely, including Wen Renhe body. He felt the demonic Qi supporting him gradually disappear, but his heart was calm.

The world had been destroyed, and the only thing he could do was expect was a new world.

In that case, there was only one thing he could do.

Wen Renhe no longer resisted as he rushed into chaos energy, which was absorbed by the divine consciousness and condensed.

After billions of years, the power of chaos energy expanded to the point where it could no longer contract, finally triggering a big explosion.

A new life was ushered in by the fire and thousands of new worlds were taking shape. The wisp of persistence that didn’t give up even after hundreds of millions of years, integrated into the three worlds respectively.

In the first world a female romance writer typed the title《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》on her computer.

In the second world, a male writer typed the title《The God of Destruction》on his computer.

In the third world, Wen Renhe who was discussing with his subordinates the war between demonic and righteous path had the space above his head open, dropping a book.

He caught it in his hand and saw that title was 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》.


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