TOFUH – Chapter 119.1 – Putting It All Together

A big ship slowly headed toward Hexi Village docks.

Jiang Zhen deliberately hired some people to receive the merchants at the pier so when someone saw the ship he immediately went up to help and let the dock. When the dock was docked, someone else went up and asked: “Where are you from?”

The person who went up to inquire did not receive a reply and was just pushed away by others. Meanwhile, many people came from the ship

“What are you doing?” The man who was pushed away staggered and fell to the ground. He frowned and got up from the ground and looked angrily at the people in front of him.

He went up to ask a question so why was he pushed by someone? Who were these people?

This commotion naturally attracted the attention of the people around them.

The security guards under Jiang Zhen took turns in guarding ships and those who did not have to go out with the ships stayed on patrol on this side of the dock.

When working on the docks, they could go home after finishing their work. In addition two days off every month would be given as for when these two days would be it could be chosen by them but if something important was happening they would not be approved.

He Chunsheng was the one at the patrol today.

He Chunsheng has been with Jiang Zhen for a long time and has been one of the top guards in the security division. His life was getting better and better. In the past, their family was nearly destroyed by Liu Heitou, but now Liu Heitou and his people were working under him.

Seeing someone causing trouble, He Chunsheng immediately led people over: “Who are you people? What are you doing here?” After the business of the escort agency became bigger there were always people who came to make trouble so He Chunsheng was very vigilant at this moment.

He Chunsheng and others have been with Jiang Zhen for more than a year. Jiang Zhen was paying them generously, and the food was good. Although they were not necessarily tall, all of them were dark and strong. They are also wearing uniform clothes which give them their own momentum,

The man who had pushed the person angrily before suddenly froze.

Zhou Maohe stood at the bow of the ship and could naturally see this scene with his own eyes. He frowned and came to the side of the ship and exclaimed: “I am Zhou Maohe, the imperial envoy. I came here to handle a case! Get out of the way quickly!”

The imperial envoy? He Chunsheng looked at the ship and saw a middle-aged man in official clothes standing on the ship. By his side there were several people dressed as government officials.

The imperial minister, the person he only saw in plays before was now actually standing right in front of him?

He Chunsheng was startled but when he looked at him carefully he found out that this imperial minister seemed to look familiar.

A few days ago, someone made trouble at Zhao Liu’s birthday banquet, and it was He Chunsheng who drove them away. The man in front of him was one of the people who made trouble at that time.

He Chunsheng was startled and froze, at this time many people got off the ship.

The people who came down at first were still alright, looking very ordinary, but the people who came down later… they were all dressed as Yamen officers.

He Chunsheng knew all Yamen officers in Hecheng County, but he doesn’t know any of these people. Obviously, they were not Yamen officers from Hecheng County.

He Chunsheng felt uneasy. Thinking of nothing else, he ran directly to Jiang Zhen residence.

Before long, He Chunsheng ran to the door of the Zhao family’s new house and met Zhao Liu, who had taken her granddaughter to bask in the sun.

“Aunt Zhao, something is wrong.” He Chunsheng said, and then rushed in quickly.

Jiang Zhen was reading his account book when he saw He Chunsheng hurrying in, followed by Zhao Liu who was holding Zhao Mingzhu. He asked puzzledly: “ “What’s wrong?”

“Boss, there’s an imperial envoy outside!” He Chunsheng said, “Last time when Aunt Zhao celebrated her birthday, the person we drove away was him.”

“Imperial envoy?” Jiang Zhen frowned, he remembered the middle-aged man who helped the Jiang family question him. He was actually an imperial envoy?

Jiang Zhen’s heart jumped, almost immediately, he remembered the Jiang family yelling before that they would sue him.

Jiang Zhen used to threaten the Jiang family with going to Yamen and killing people. But at that time he did not know much about ancient laws and did not even know anything about some aspects.

However, later, he specifically looked for the “Daqi Law” and looked for some other materials. He then found out that some of these ancient laws were baffling to him.

Such as the crime of unfilial piety.

In ancient times, the crime of unfilial piety was very serious. In the previous dynasty, there was even a law like “cursing, parents and grandparents.” To explain it, those who abuse their parents and grandparents would be hanged.

For scolding parents you would be hanged, let alone for beating them….

In addition, if parents commit crimes and it would be exposed by their children, the children would also be hanged – the law expressly written, “all those who report their parents and grandparents will be hanged.”

Even those who separated from their parents and grandparents and saved money privately, have committed the crime of unfilial piety and would go to prison.

In other words if parents were still alive you can’t have private money… otherwise it’s crime!

But in Daqi, many penalties have been changed, for example if a child agree to splitting up the family the child can separate from them….. . Had it not been for this law before, it would have been difficult for Jiang Zhen to split up, but there were still a lot of things that have not been changed.

Of course, there were still laws, but the actual implementation was different.

It was only when someone goes to the government to sue that the government will arrest and sentence people. Most ordinary people if it was not a last resort, or life and death feud they would not dare to go to the government to sue people.

However, that Jiang family was not ordinary people.

“Boss, what should we do? He brought a lot of Yamen officers over, and those Yamen officers are not from our Hecheng country.” He Chunsheng said.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Jiang Zhen said.

After seeing that harsh legal regulations, he could not have made any arrangements nor could he remind to be completely defenseless.

Although he had beaten Jiang father and mother before during his various arguments at that period of time he made it a way that Hexi village would not go to testify for Jiang’s family, as for not supporting his parents ……

Even if Jiang family sued him over this he would be all right– he had gone to the Zhao family!

These laws are all aimed at the son who stayed at home. But he had gone to another house. What does that have to do with him?

In this world there was no reason for married women to take money from her husband’s family to support her parents.

“Jiang Zhen! Are you sure it’s all right? ” Zhao Liu held his daughter in her arms and looked at Jiang Zhen anxiously.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Zhen said soothingly.

Zhao Liu believed in Jiang Zhen 100% so she calmed down when Jiang Zhen said it was fine, but at that moment, a Yamen officers already come from outside.

“Who is Jiang Zhen?” The person in charge asked.

“I am Jiang Zhen.” Jiang Zhen directly admitted it.

“You are Jiang Zhen?” The person in charge glanced at Jiang Zhen with some surprise, he was here to arrest Jiang Zhen so of course already heard about Jiang Zhen crimes. Knowing that this men actually beat his parents and brothers and forced his parents to split up, he thought that this men would be a ferocious man, but he did not expect that the real person would be completely different from what he had imagined.

“He is Jiang Zhen, quickly take him down!” Just then, Zhou Maohe also came in from outside.

“You’re that Lord Zhou, the imperial envoy from the capital?” Jiang Zhen looked at Zhou Maohe: “Lord Zhou wants to arrest me, on what charge?”

“Beating your parents, not supporting them with your wealth while they are still alive!” Zhou Maohe said, “You are unfilial!”

“For the first charge, does Lord Zhou have evidence? As for the last two ……, does Lord Zhou know that I have long since joined the Zhao family?” Jiang Zhen said directly.

Jiang Zhen did not feel guilty at all and did not think he had made any mistake at all.

But when Zhou Maohe saw him like this, he became furious and just felt that this man was simply stubborn!

“Marriage should be arranged by a matchmaker by your parents and it doesn’t count if you go to Zhao family without permission! You can’t get away with this either! ” Zhou Maohe sneered.

Of course, he knew about Jiang Zhen’s involvement in the Zhao family, and even felt that this men was more and more hopeless. A true men should not marry into his wife’s family like this or humiliate himself like this… Of course, Jiang Zhen thought it was not humiliating. He was just unfilial to his parents and unexpectedly lost the surname given by his parents without even thinking about it.

“Tie him up!” Zhou Maohe loudly said.

All Yamen officers listened to Zhou Maohe and hearing his words all went toward Jiang Zhen, surrounding him and wanting to arrest him.

Jiang Zhen’s face sank.

He could see that this person was deliberately trying to find trouble for him! He was afraid that this matter would not be settled.


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