TOFUH – Chapter 122.1 – Jiang Zhen Plan

Zheng Yi found the old men surnamed Jiang from Hexi Village to sue Jiang family. But in fact, he was not too confident about this measure. He even prepared for  Zhou Maohe to find out that these lots were coerced by him.

Fortunately . . . among these people, there was a talented person!

The old man’s performance was far beyond Zheng Yi’s expectation, so he could not help raising the old man’s value in his heart again and again while despising the Jiang family more and more.

He hadn’t paid much attention to the Jiang family before, so he did not know that the other two children of the Jiang family were like this.

It was also strange that the Jiang family father and mother did not like their dedicated eldest son, but preferred the second son and the third son, who took whatever they wanted from them.

After the old man was who was pulled to the ground by old lady Jiang got up, Zhou Maohe immediately had a chair moved for him, asking him to sit down and then said, “Find a servant to search this Jiang Wang, as well as two people to strip this Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang’s clothes!“

The Jiang family was naturally unwilling to be treated this way, but before, when Jiang Zhen was unwilling to kneel down, he received an imperial edict, but they did not have anything like this.

The clothes of Jiang Chengxiang and Jiang Chengwen were soon taken off.

These two people, as they were growing up, had really not suffered any hardships. That is to say, the Jiang family’s life had been difficult for more than a year while they themselves had not suffered much. At best, they did not have any meat to eat.

In Hexi Village, the grain produced from one mu of paddy field could still support an adult man after collecting and paying taxes. The amount of the land the Jiang family owned still definitely exceeded that of the adults in their family. Even if the output was greatly reduced because there was no one to work, they were not without food.

The two men refused to work, so they consumed even less energy. After taking off their  clothes, they found that they were chubby and covered in thin and tender flesh.

Although Jiang Zhen ate meat every day, he exercised a lot and consumed a lot of energy. His whole body was so toned, that in comparison, both Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang looked fatter than him.

Though it was not much, still the servant found seventy or eighty silver on old lady Jiang.

Zhou Maohe’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. When he came to Jiangnan this time, he didn’t bring that much silver with him, so this Jiang family obviously had more money than he did.

“Oh, the youngest son of the Jiang family is an old acquaintance of mine. He always comes to my house to buy roasted chicken,“ the owner of a shop selling roast chicken in Hecheng County said. 

When Jiang Chengxiang used to live in the country town, even if he didn’t buy so many roast chicken, he would come almost every other buy some dried tofu skin cooked in the brine of roasted chicken. In the past few days, he also came to buy roast chicken almost every day.

Song Li standing beside the shop owner stiffened. He was preoccupied with how hard Jiang Chengxiang’s life was, but as a result, he was completely wrong! The other person’s life was much more comfortable than his! He seldom ate roasted chicken!

Song Li was at loss when he suddenly felt like he was punched in the stomach by someone.

Zheng Baoning withdrew his fist, grabbed Song Li, and slapped him. He had thought that Song Li had no bad intentions, so he just kept avoiding him. But when he saw that this man had been speaking ill of Jiang Zhen in the crowd, he became really angry.

Song Li should learn a lesson!

“Your Excellency, do you still want to try this case?“ one of the scholars from Fucheng asked Zhou Maohe. He felt that this case should no longer be continued.

Even if they really caught Jiang Zhen’s mistake and punished him, the people would only feel that they were doing something wrong.

These scholars were most concerned about fame and did not want to lose their reputation in order to interrogate Jiang Zhen. The loss would outweigh the gain.

“My lord, the Jiang family used to only buy land and not sell it. It was only after Jiang Zhen married into the Zhao family that the remaining two sons became gluttonous and lazy and spent all kinds of money, so they sold land again and again. But even so, their family can still live on from it,“ the old man who wanted to sue Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang spoke again.

Zhou Maohe was already angry with the Jiang family, so he immediately pointed to Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang and said, “ Since you wanted a trial, naturally, there should be a trial. But this time it will be the trial for the two of you!“ Jiang Zhen’s involvement in the affair with Qingfeng House would be investigated next time. At this moment, the two sons of the Jiang family, needs to be investigated first!

Zhou Maohe coldly looked at the two people who cheated him and was about to say something when old lady Jiang suddenly screamed and rushed over to hug his leg. “Your Excellency, my Chengwen and Chengxiang are the most filial. You can’t wrongly accuse people!“

“My Chengwen! You have a hard life! Your brother doesn’t care about you, and someone wants to wrongly accuse you! If something happen to my son, I’ll die in this yamen!“


. . . 

When the Jiang family was doing well, old lady Jiang really cared about her face, but lately, when she was already having a bad time, she cared less and less about saving face and became especially open-minded.

“You let go!“ Zhou Maohe’s leg was hugged by old lady Jiang. Feeling helpless, he let the people  brought by him tear old lady Jiang off him.

The proper public hall became immediately completely chaotic. The people outside watched with relish.

The imperial envoys came for a private visit and wanted to bring the villain to justice. They watched these types of plays on stage a lot, hence there was nothing to see, except the imperial envoy being hugged by his thigh. which was really good.

“Withdraw!“ Zhou Maohe shouted.

Old lady Jiang would not let him interrogate Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxian, so he could only give up in the end.

It is not possible to interrogate the unfilial sons just to force the unfilial sons’ old parents to die.

However, in this way Jiang Zhen would also be released . . .

Hearing that Jiang Zhen was okay, Zhao Jinge, who had been waiting outside, immediately rushed in.

“Jinge.“ Jiang Zhen subconsciously wanted to hug him, but Zhao Jinge bent down fiercely, just to avoid his hug while picking up the clothes Jiang Zhen threw to the ground and draping Jiang Zhen in them. “ Put your clothes on quickly !“

Seeing Jiang Zhen standing there bare-chested, he felt cold and heartbroken for Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen was indeed a little cold, so he took the clothes and put them on.

There was no expression on his face as he quietly flirted with Zhao Jinge. “Jinge, you are in such a hurry. Do you not want others to see my body? Don’t worry. You’ll be the only one to see it from now on.“

Zhao Jinge: “. . .“ Jiang Zhen thought too much! He used to do farm work bare-chested, who in the village had not seen him? However, he really didn’t want others to see Jiang Zhen’s body. . .


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