TOFUH – Chapter 114.1 – Opening of Qingfeng House

Shen Anxin felt that Zhao Jinge was really in a messy situation. He even wrote Jiang Zhen’s name wrong.

He knew that Jiang Zhen could read and had been studying very hard, so he wanted Jiang Zhen to know about it, so he said, “Jiang Zhen’s name is easy to write. Jinge, let me show you?”

After picking up the brush and dipping it in the ink, Shen Anxin was about to write on a piece of paper. He once secretly wrote Jiang Zhen’s, and he had already practiced writing these two characters very well so . . .

Before Shen Anxin finished writing, the piece of paper in front of him was taken away by Jiang Zhen. “Don’t bother teaching. We’re going to eat. Please leave!”

Jiang Zhen’s expression was very cold, so Shen Anxin could not help feeling stunned when he saw his expression. Jiang Zhen was not warm to him before, but he was treated much better than Feng Jingyuan, but right then, he even has the feeling that Jiang Zhen might hit him.

Jiang Zhen really wanted to hit him. He had always been straightforward so naturally, he did not see Shen Anxin’s hidden intention but Jiang Zhen still felt that this Shen Anxin might have bad intentions.

He did not prohibit Zhao Jinge from meeting others. Zhao Jinge went out to do business and trained with his men, but he never felt anything about it, but this time . . . Zhao Jinge always told him about the people he interacted with, but what did it mean if this person came to his house almost every day? Moreover, Zhao Jinge put too much attention on Shen Anxin!

“Master Jiang.” Shen Anxin looked at Jiang Zhen uneasily. Jiang Zhen attached so much importance to Zhao Jinge; he did not even say anything important, but he was already so angry. Was Zhao Jinge worthy of his treatment?

“Jiang Zhen, Anxin did not mean to—” Zhao Jinge wanted to say that the person Shen Anxin wanted to criticize was actually him and did not want to intentionally say anything bad about Jiang Zhen.

Anxin . . . Zhao Jinge actually called him by his first name . . . Jiang Zhen looked at Shen Anxin and said, “You are an important person in the Shen family, so you shouldn’t need to come to other people’s houses for dinner.”

Jiang Zhen did not say too much, but even these words were too much for Shen Anxin to bear. Someone he likes was trying to drive him away . . .

“Master Jiang, I’ll leave immediately,” Shen Anxin said.

“Well, you should have left a long time ago. In our village, people who don’t leave at dinnertime would be scolded.” Jiang Zhen said that because most people in the village had no money, so they hated people who wanted to join their meals.

He was not short on food, but he also could not wait for Shen Anxin to leave soon. Shen Anxin stayed at his house all day, and it was difficult for him to have a meal alone with Zhao Jinge when he got home. Sometimes he wants to take a break at noon and take a nap. Before, Zhao Jinge would often accompany him, but now? With an outsider at home, Zhao Jinge had no choice but to accompany that Shen Anxin.

The three men were talking when Zhao Mingzhu cried on the bed next to them.

Zhao Mingzhu had been awake for a while, but no one paid any attention to her, so shouldn’t she become angry and protest?

“My Mingzhu, come. Father will give you a hug.” Jiang Zhen picked her up and kissed Zhao Mingzhu’s white and tender face. After kissing the left side, he went to kiss the right side.

Shen Anxin was already very embarrassed, and after seeing this scene, he could not stay any longer. He packed up his things and went out. Zhao Jinge wanted to see him off, but he was stopped by Jiang Zhen.

“Jinge, bring a diaper for Mingzhu. Hurry up!”

To Zhao Jinge, Shen Anxin was definitely not as important as Jiang Zhen and Zhao Mingzhu, so when he heard Jiang Zhen’s words, he did not send Shen Anxin off and went to get a diaper.

When he handed the diaper to Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge was still worried. “This young master Shen and Master Zheng are doing business together. Is it okay for you to talk to him like this?” He didn’t like Shen Anxin very much. After all, this man had coveted Jiang Zhen. He had felt bad and a little offended . . . but of course, he really admired Shen Anxin’s knowledge.

“Aren’t I doing business with Young Master Zheng too?” Jiang Zhen asked, looking at Zhao Jinge again. “Zhao Jinge, I want to tell you about a very serious matter.”

“What?” Zhao Jinge asked subconsciously, looking anxiously at Jiang Zhen. What did Jiang Zhen want to say?

While Jiang Zhen skillfully changed Zhao Mingzhu’s diaper, he said, “You should always write my name like that in the future. Don’t change it for me.”

Although he has gone back to the ancient times, Jiang Zhen’s core was still that of a modern person, so his ideas were also modern. He will try his best to adapt to this era in order to live a better life, but he does not intend to throw his ideals away. He hoped that Zhao Jinge would also like him just like this.

Zhao Jinge was stunned as soon as he heard this speech. Was it really all that Jiang Zhen wanted to say? In fact, he also quite liked to write this obviously wrong name; after all, this was what Jiang Zhen taught him stroke by stroke . . . Without thinking about it, Zhao Jinge nodded.

Jiang Zhen said again, “By the way, that Shen Anxin, don’t let him come to our house again . . . Just say that I don’t welcome it. Doesn’t he know that he will be struck by thunder if he disturbed other people’s married life?”

“. . .” Zhao Jinge was speechless. It was that serious?

Shen Anxin probably came to see him every day because he was a stranger here, didn’t he? However, since Jiang Zhen didn’t like him, he would not let him in in the future.

When Zhao Jinge cleared the table, Jiang Zhen came to the table with his daughter in his arms. At the same time, Cook Li and Ruo’er also brought the food to the table.

In addition to the meal prepared for Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen, there was also a bowl of warm milk on the table, which was for Zhao Mingzhu.

Jiang Zhen was so hungry that he asked Cook Li to feed his daughter. He ate quickly for a while before slowing down. Then he told Zhao Jinge about the progress of Qingfeng House.

“Jinge, Qingfeng House is almost ready. Young Master Zheng will invite someone to have a look tomorrow, and then I’ll take you to see it.”

“Good.” Zhao Jinge nodded.

When Jiang Zhen saw the way he nodded obediently, he inevitably felt a little warmer and said, “Jinge, accompany me to take a nap.”

Of course, Zhao Jinge would not refuse Jiang Zhen’s small request to accompany his rest. But he did not expect that Jiang Zhen rest would not be a simple rest.

After being tossed around by Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge could no longer move around.

Jiang Zhen was satisfied then went to the kitchen and brought back two buckets of water. “Come, Jinge, wash your face and body.”

Jiang Zhen went to the kitchen to get water just then, so Cook Li should know what they had done. Zhao Jinge felt a little embarrassed hearing Jiang Zhen’s words but then became a little puzzled. “Wash my face?” It was normal to wash one’s face, so why did Jiang Zhen deliberately mention it?

“Look at yourself first.” Jiang Zhen picked up the bronze mirror next to him and handed it to Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge: “. . .” He could not believe that his face looked so messy!

“You’d better not put on makeup in the future, but it looks nice after you trimmed your eyebrows.” Jiang Zhen said that he liked the way Zhao Jinge looked before, but it became messed up after a few casual kisses . . . “So you better stop messing with this thing in the future.”

His eyebrows had turned a mess of black but Jiang Zhen unexpectedly continued to “eat” him . . . Zhao Jinge admired Jiang Zhen a little.

It took some time for Zhao Jinge to wash himself clean, thinking that the Qingfeng House had been completely cleaned up, and Jiang Zhen offered to take him to visit.

On the other hand, Feng Jingyuan flattered Zheng Yi for a long time before he got the opportunity to visit Qingfeng House, but if he wanted to go, Shen Anxin would certainly follow.

“Young Master Zheng, I heard that Qingfeng House was set up by you. I think it must be beautiful,” Feng Jingyuan said.

Zheng Yi had avoided them when he was arranging the visit to Qingfeng House, so Feng Jingyuan knew nothing about it and could only boast about its appearance.

“The mansion in the south of the Yangtze River is already picture-like beautiful and Qingfeng House was arranged by Young Master himself, so I think it must be even better,” Shen Anxin also added.

The three soon arrived at Qingfeng House and then saw that Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were already there.

These two people with a child still acted sticky, making Zheng Yi want to take his wife with him . . . but he just thought about it. His wife was a lady from a big family and would never want to follow him to a place like this, let alone act clingy with him. For some reason, Zheng Yi suddenly felt a little lost.


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