TOFUH – Chapter 111.2 – Keeping Business on Right Track

In the past, when Zhao Liu showed off like this, there were still some people who were jealous, but recently, all that remained in the listener was envy. The Zhao family was so much better off than them that it’s hard for them to be jealous.

What’s more, Zhao Jinge, who they unwittingly thought would never get married and would be alone all his life, was very promising and could do business.

There’s a reason why Jiang Zhen took a fancy to Zhao Jinge at the beginning. If Jinge was replaced by He Qiusheng instead . . . How could he manage a brick kiln? How could he convince all the accountants on the dock?

It was said that Zhao Jinge was very quick in calculating accounts!

Zhao Liu talked about Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge when both of them came from the outside together.

In the past three months, they had been very busy. Jiang Zhen often only stayed at home for a day or two before he would go out for more than ten days, so he had no chance to stay with Zhao Jinge for long. It all had something to do with the silk business.

Ordinary people in Hecheng County and in the surrounding areas would all grow mulberry and raise silkworms, which could be divided into spring silkworm and summer silkworm.

In May, spring silkworms produced cocoons, and recently, the cocoons from the summer silkworms were also on the market. Small businessmen would go to various villages to buy cocoons. But when they acquired their cocoons, didn’t they have to ask Jiang Zhen for help in transporting them? And so, Jiang Zhen’s fleet could hardly be empty for a moment because it had been exposed to cocoons all day. Jiang Zhen felt that he himself started to smell like silkworm cocoons.

However, it was also good to be so busy.

After Jiang Zhen had been running outside for three months, more and more people learned about the Jinzhen Escort Agency, and they took on more and more businesses. Not only that but also his subordinates were trained so they were able to take charge of his own business!

In the future, he would no longer need to follow the business within the scope of Hexing Prefecture, and he would not take any business farther away for the time being.

Jiang Zhen came back yesterday, and after his return, he slept for more than six hours. Right then, he was in a good mood and was missing his daughter very much.

“Mother.” As soon as Jiang Zhen entered the door, he greeted Zhao Liu and hurriedly walked up to his daughter. “Daddy’s precious pearl, come and give me a hug!”

Jiang Zhen hugged his chubby daughter as Zhao Mingzhu kicked her legs against his arms.

“My dear daughter, your legs are so strong!” Jiang Zhen smiled and kissed Zhao Mingzhu.

When the people who spoke with Zhao Liu saw that Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge came back, they said their goodbyes to Zhao Liu one after another. When they left, they could not help but glance at Jiang Zhen.

They heard that Jiang Zhen’s subordinates loved their wives as much as Jiang Zhen did, so their daughters better marry one of Jiang Zhen’s subordinates!

Li Yuan’s death once made the people of Hexi Village feel a little afraid, and they thought it was dangerous to follow Jiang Zhen, but after a few months, they were relieved.

Things were very peaceful in Hexing Prefecture, so it was actually very safe to follow Jiang Zhen. Not only that, but they could also earn a lot of money!

Although Jiang Zhen paid much less because it was not as far away as the capital this time, ordinary security guards also earned two silver a month, but those who have been to the capital with Jiang Zhen could still earn three silver a month, not counting their bonuses. How many of them country folks were able to find such a good job?

Not to mention those security guards, they were also women and gers who helped Jiang Zhen to make bricks in the brick kiln. Many of them have already earned several silver!

The vast majority of the men in this village could no longer work for Jiang Zhen after the completion of the dock. But the women in the village could still earn money because of this, the women of Hexi became much more strong-willed.

Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Liu

“Mother, just now, Cook Li said that the meal is ready,” Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Liu after kissing his daughter again.

“Then let’s go quickly.” Zhao Liu quickly stood up.

Everyone went to the dining area together, and then they saw that Cook Li had already arranged the dishes on the eight immortals table. When they came in, she quickly served them the meal and then took Ruo’er back to eat with her. Together with them was Jiang Xiaomei.

When Jiang Zhen moved to his new house, Jiang Xiaomei also started to live there. But as a result, Jiang Zhen only gave her a room adjacent to the wall instead of letting her live in the main building.

Jiang Zhen was willing to help Jiang Xiaomei and give her a dowry, but he didn’t regard her as family and didn’t like her living close to him.

Jiang Xiaomei was a person who was very good at judging people’s expressions, so seeing this situation, she did not go to Jiang Zhen and ate together with Cook Li and Ruo’er.

She didn’t care too much about being treated like this by Jiang Zhen. After all, her days in the Zhao family were still much better than her days in the Jiang family. If nothing else, even the meals . . . Jiang Zhen said that all three of them could keep eating some of the dishes cooked at home, so if the Zhao family ate meat, they could eat meat as well.

For example, today, when cook Li killed a chicken they also had some chicken to eat.

Cook Li and others have already started eating, but Jiang Zhen hadn’t eaten yet as he was feeding porridge to Zhao Mingzhu.

Probably because she was fed with a spoon since she was young, Zhao Mingzhu did not reject porridge at all and even liked it very much, but Jiang Zhen did not dare to give her more. . After feeding her a little, he put her in the wooden bucket beside him and let her sit in it and continue to play.

Jiang Zhen already had a lot of money, but there was still no servant in their family aside from Cook Li and Ruo’er, who helped with the cooking and cleaning, so it is impossible for him to have a big meal.

That day, the only meat dish on the table was chicken, but Cook Li also cooked several other vegetarian dishes, each of which tasted very good. Jiang Zhen ate two bowls of rice in one breath while Zhao Jinge also ate as much as he did.

Seeing that Zhao Jinge ate a lot, Zhao Liu looked toward him in anticipation. “Jinge, are you pregnant again?”

“No . . . Mother, you are thinking too much.” Zhao Jinge blushed.

“Why not? Gers doesn’t need to breastfeed, so they can get pregnant much sooner,” Zhao Liy added.

“That’s still too fast,” Zhao Jinge said. He had only given birth half a year ago.

Of course, there were also other reasons why he wasn’t pregnant.

One was that Jiang Zhen was too busy and he did not have much of a chance to make out with him, and the other was because of Jiang Zhen. . . After he gave birth to Zhao Mingzhu, Jiang Zhen would pull out before the end each time. In this way, how was he to have a baby?

He was very confused about this, so he asked Jiang Zhen why he did that. Jiang Zhen said that it would be bad for him to have children one after another, so he stopped investigating.

But he actually wanted to have another baby . . .

Thinking about this, Zhao Jinge showed great enthusiasm that evening, which made Jiang Zhen excited. In the end, by accident, the two men woke up Zhao Mingzhu and made her cry.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

Jiang Zhenting wanted to coax his daughter, but at this time, the arrow still had to be fired . . . After it was over, Jiang Zhen was free to hold his daughter, who had been wronged.

When he put his daughter to sleep, Jiang Zhen hugged Zhao Jinge in his arms. “Jinge, why are you so enthusiastic today? Did you miss me?”

When he came back yesterday, it was already so late that he did not do anything to Zhao Jinge . . .

“I want to give Mingzhu a brother,” Zhao Jinge said.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Wait until the Mingzhu is bigger,” Jiang Zhen said. In fact, he actually thought one was enough, but there was little possibility of having just one. After all, there was no effective method of contraception in ancient times.

With the method he is using now, the probability of accidental pregnancy was quite high, and it was not safe at all. Then he thought of the accident that caused him to be reborn.

After sticking with Zhao Jinge for a while, Jiang Zhen caught him again. “Come on. Let’s do it again. Maybe you’ll get pregnant!”

Without Zhao Jinge’s company, his life outside was really sad, so now that he was back, he should be comfortable. However, in the future, he would be able to just rest at home and wait to collect the money. If he had to go out, he could also bring Zhao Jinge and Zhao Mingzhu with him.

Jiang Zhen immediately looked forward to his future life.

Over the past three months, Jiang Zhen’s escort agency had made a net profit of more than 500 silver after deducting all expenses, and the brick kiln had also made more than five hundred silver, which added to a profit of 1,000 silver.

In this way, Jiang Zhen thought about buying more big ships. After he was satisfied, he also talked to Zhao Jinge about it.

 Zhao Jin also knew that if they wanted to make more money, they must invest first, so naturally, he was not opposed to this. He also said that the brick kiln could be expanded, but it would be best to build it in another village.

“Not bad.” Jiang Zhen nodded and said that he would not go out with the fleet in the future.

“Is it alright if you don’t go with them?”

“No problem,” Jiang Zhen said with a smile. “There are already some useful people under me, and these 20 something accountants are doing a good job.”

“Is Zheng Baoning included this?” Zhao Jinge asked. “He is quick learner and works hard.”

“Yes. He did a very good job this trip, so I gave him a reward,” Jiang Zhen said.

Jiang Zhen was very satisfied with Zheng Baoning, and Zheng Baoning also thought that Jiang Zhen was rarely seen good employer.

He had only been with Jiang Zhen for three months, but Jiang Zhen unexpectedly gave him a raise!

After going out and coming back this time, Jiang Zhen gave him two silver and a duck as a reward, and asked him to run a line alone with Wang Haisheng in the future.

After taking over a line, he would earn a monthly salary of five silver, and if he did a good job, he would also receive a bonus. Five silver a month!

Zheng Baoning was happy, and his mother, brother, and two sisters were also very happy. His mother cooked the duck on the first day and bought a chicken to cook the next day.

At this time, Song Li came again.

After their quarrel, Zheng Baoning had been very busy and had not seen Song Li for a long time. Right when he saw Song Li, he had already forgotten his original unhappiness and invited Song Li for dinner. However, Song Li came to persuade him not to work for Jiang Zhen . . .

Zheng Baoning did not hesitate to drive Song Li out and did not want to pay any more attention to him.

There were 22 people who went to work in the Jinzhen Escort Agency, and all of them were very satisfied with their job. Although they spent most of their time on the ship, they still ate very well, and some of them even became fat!

Why was Song Li acting so big? He could not believe that he wanted him to quit his job!

Zheng Baoning’s good mood was lost due to Song Li while Song Li was also very angry this time. Zheng Baoning, as well as other people who went to work at the Jinzhen Escort Agency, how could they not tell good people apart?

On Jiang Zhen’s side, everything was on the right track, and at this time, Zheng Yi, who had stayed in the capital for more than half a year, had finally returned to Hecheng.

After he became an imperial businessman, he stayed in the capital for a long time, but he could not stay in the capital all the time. After all, he was responsible for sending silk to the household department, and all good silk was from the south of the Yangtze River.

It had been more than a year since he left Hecheng. . . Looking at the docks in Hecheng County, Zheng Yi could not help but think about Jiang Zhen.

After Jiang Zhen came back, it was said that he stayed in the Hexi all the time and didn’t run outside as much, so he did not know what was going on at the moment.


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