TOFUH – Chapter 104.3 – Cooking and eating

The rice was thrown into the fire, emitting a crackling sound, and soon burst one by one, the white rice inside also exploded.

Jiang Zhen picked up these rice grains and gave half of it to Zhao Jinge. “Taste it. It is quite good.”

“Oh . . .” Zhao Jinge ate it slowly. He had eaten this when he was a child, so the name of it was popcorn? Quite a good name.

“I’ll make you fried rice with eggs,” Jiang Zhen said again, setting up a small iron pot.

First, he put oil on the iron pot and then put the shredded salted meat into, stir-frying it slightly. Then he added eggs and the remaining rice before continuing to fry it for a while. Then the egg fried rice was ready.

In ancient times, Jiang Zhen had never seen fried rice with eggs. These days, oil was so expensive, so who would have thought of using the oil to fry rice? He had never seen it, and Zhao Jinge had not seen it either. But although he had never seen it, the aroma of fried rice made him crave it.

“This is fried rice with eggs. Here. Have a bowl first.” Jiang Zhen gave Zhao Jinge a bowl of fried rice with eggs while he ate directly from the pot.

Jiang Zhen was a mediocre cook, but his fried rice with eggs was very good. After all, in modern times, he often ate it.

Zhao Jinge sat up with the quilt wrapped around his stomach and took a bite from the bowl. Then he immediately felt that the fragrance was not the only good thing. When he gazed at Jiang Zhen, his eyes were full of worship.

Zhao Jinge ate the rice first and kept the eggs and bacon aside. When his meal was almost finished did he only begin to enjoy the bacon and eggs with great satisfaction. Meanwhile, Jiang Zhen had already finished eating and was watching Zhao Jinge.

He fed him enough and so he was ready to eat . . .

“This egg fried rice is really delicious.” Zhao Jinge finished the rice in the bowl and put down the bowl.

“Mmm,” Jiang Zhen said, picking up the bowl and putting it down, then without hesitation, he lifted Zhao Jinge’s quilt.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Jinge was startled.

I’ll taste it.” Jiang Zhen kissed Zhao Jinge on the mouth, and after kissing for a while, he said, “You keep your voice down. Don’t let Dad and Mom hear a sound.”

“Then you first give me back the quilt—” Zhao Jinge said.

“Your husband will be given to you as a quilt.” Jiang Zhen did not hesitate to take off his own clothes and look at Zhao Jinge’s body in the light of fire.

He had not seen Zhao Jinge’s body for many days, so he only found now that Zhao Jinge stomach was no longer small, and when he was lying flat on the bed, it was particularly obvious. He did not like a man with a flabby stomach, but Zhao Jinge’s belly was not flabby; it was taut. His own child was there.

He liked Zhao Jinge’s body; it even made him feel a little moved. It was not easy to have a baby, but Zhao Jinge helped him to have a baby. Jiang Zhen suddenly felt that he would not be able to make out with Zhao Jinge today. At last he his memory was refreshed by Zhao Jinge’s current appearance. Of course, it was impossible for him not to make out.

If they don’t make up at this time, all the charcoal would be wasted. Jiang Zhen ate Zhao Jinge; he ate him from the front and the back.

Zhao Jinge was so ashamed that he did not dare to make any noise and could only follow Jiang Zhen’s lead. At first, he remembered to cover his stomach, but later, he didn’t have the time and . . . Jiang Zhen seemed to like his stomach, and he kissed it repeatedly. If Jiang Zhen liked it, just by it he would also like his belly, which was not ugly at all.

The two lingered in bed for a long time, and after they finally finished, the sheets were no longer usable.

Jiang Zhen got water to clean Zhao Jinge with and soaked bedsheets as well. Then he asked, “Jinge, do you want to eat baked sweet potato?”

Zhao Jinge has been lying down, so he answered in daze, “Yes.” He previously thought Jiang Zhen meant eating meat by eating, but it turned out this was eating . . .

When Jiang Zhen heard the words, he immediately pulled the roasted sweet potatoes out of the fire, and then he found out . . . that the whole roasted sweet potato was burned.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

“Jinge, why don’t I make you something else?” Jiang Zhen asked, but he did not hear the answer this time. When he looked over, he found out that Zhao Jinge had already fallen asleep. After a brief tidying up, Jiang Zhen climbed into bed and fell asleep with Zhao Jinge in his arm.

Jiang Zhen woke up early on the next day. He was in a high spirit for a long time like he was injected with chicken blood, but when he got up today he looked at the mess in the room.

Zhao Jinge was still sleeping, so when Jiang Zhen got out of the bed, he slowly started cleaning up. When he was cleaning he found that two earthen pots had been burnt with charcoal, and the ground was cracked.

He silently moved everything out of the room. Jiang Zhen also took the sheets out to wash them. Ruoer, Zhao Liu and Jiang Xiaomei were very washed clothes proactively, but he was too embarrassed to ask them to wash such sheets.

Early that morning, Jiang Ming came to find Jiang Zhen, and then he saw his impressive, wise, and powerful boss unexpectedly. . . washing sheets! He didn’t even wash his sheets; his mother did it, and later, his future wife would do that job. Didn’t Zhao Jinge wash the sheets for Jiang Zhen?

Zhao Liu, who had just finished cleaning the rice in the river and was bragging to two women who wanted to buy eggs from her along the way, also froze. Although she had been telling people that Jiang Zhen was very kind to Zhao Jinge, wasn’t it not good to let people see that Jiang Zhen was washing the bedsheets? She really didn’t treat Jiang Zhen badly! She would never let Jiang Zhen do the washing and cooking!

Zhao Liu subconsciously looked at the people around her and then saw them looking at her in admiration.

Zhao Liu and Zhao Jinge were really powerful . . . Jiang Zhen at home even had to wash his own bed sheets . . .

“Jiang Ming, what are you doing here?” Jiang Zhen had already finished washing the bedsheets, and was wringing them out two or three times before putting them up to dry in the sun.

It was just washing a bedsheet; he did not take the matter seriously at all.

“Boss, it’s not much. I just came over for a moment,” Jiang Ming said. Then he asked, “Boss, is there anything I can do?”

“There is,” Jiang Zhen said.

“What?” Jiang Ming asked.

“Help me to buy some braziers as well as some charcoal,” Jiang Zhen said. Zhao Jinge tasted great, so he planned to eat him a few more times.

Jiang Ming answered affirmatively then ran away. The two people who came back with Zhao and Liu also ran away. They surprisingly saw Jiang Zhen washing clothes . . . These two women suddenly had a problem with the men in their house who didn’t do any work around the house.

“Jiang Zhen, why are you washing these sheets yourself? You could leave it for me to wash.” After the two women left, Zhao Liu hurriedly told Jiang Zhen.

“I just washed it casually,” Jiang Zhen said, not mentioning the reason why the sheets were dirty in the first place . . . That is to say, it would be no easy for Zhao Liu to wash it. She could not even wring the sheets dry.

“Keep it from now on. Don’t wash them,” Zhao Liu said. Just as she finished talking, she saw the earthen pot next to him. “Why is the earthen pot full of ash?”

“Wait, the earthen pot is cracked?” Zhao Liu was deeply distressed. “Who would set fire in the earthen pot? Isn’t it intentionally burning the pot?”

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

After complaining twice, Zhao Liu realized that no one in her family would do such a thing except Jiang Zhen.

“Jiang Zhen, why did you burn the pot?” Zhao Liu asked.

“It was a little cold in our room yesterday, and there was no brazier at home . . .” Jiang Zhen touched his nose awkwardly.

Jiang Zhen was a big man, so he was not afraid of the cold, so this was for her own son . . . Zhao Liu was not angry with Jiang Zhen at all, but when Jiang Zhen went out, she knocked on her son’s door and asked while standing outside, “Jinge, is your quilt a little too thin for you?”

Already awake, Zhao Jinge, who was wrapped in the quit and was going to pick up his clothes from the box froze. 


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