Surrender – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

He was actually… Hurricane?


Chu Yunhan secretly gritted his teeth. He still remembered that in the old house of the Chu family, this guy and another person who assisted him had blindfolded him, tied his hands, washed him from the inside out, and delivered him to Chu Yichen’s bed.


Looking back now, this person was very skilled in doing an enema, however, he did not expect him to be one of the best doms in this club.


Wait…Why did he appear in the old house of the Chu family back then?


What was the relationship between him and Chu Yichen?


Countless thoughts ran through Chu Yunhan’s head. He stared at the other person closely with a hesitant expression. The man called Hurricane was also looking at him, his gaze slowly sizing him up from head to toe. Although he was leaning against the service desk seemingly casually, his eyes were bright and sharp like stars in the night, making Chu Yunhan feel as if he saw through him. This feeling was familiar. It reminded him of Chu Yichen.

Soon, Chu Yunhan was so nervous that a thin layer of sweat formed on his back and he unconsciously touched his face.


He was wearing a mask and had only met this person once.


Maybe… he hadn’t recognized him.


Just as he was growing nervous, the man squinted his eyes slightly, his voice somewhat lazy, “Newcomer?”


Ben, who was kneeling, said, “Master, this is Daylight. Today is his first time here. I am his referrer.”


Hurricane glanced at him. “You haven’t been beaten for a few days and you even forgot how to kneel.” Ben stiffened, straightened his back, looked up at his master, and whispered, “Master, I was wrong.”

“Go and fetch me a glass of wine!” the man ordered.


“Yes.” Ben immediately got up to get it.


The man’s gaze swept past Chu Yunhan and fell on the information sheet in his hand. He looked at it for a while and said leisurely, “No actual penetration, no one-to-many relationship, no oral sex, no body piercing, does not accept wearing a harness permanently…Tsk, Mr. Daylight, your conditions are very demanding.”


“Mr. Hurricane, it is rude to snatch and peek at other people’s information,” he said in a lowered voice, afraid of being recognized.


Hurricane curled his lips in a smile, “This information will be displayed on the electronic screen in the public area after submitting it. I just saw it a bit earlier than the others. Isn’t it a bit exaggerated to accuse me of stealing and peeking?”


Chu Yunhan frowned. “It’s like posting a dating ad?”


“Almost. But once the information is posted, it means that you agree to be selected. If a dom chooses to accept you, the relationship will directly be established. Given the unequal numbers of the two sides, few doms are willing to accept conditions as harsh as yours. Before submitting it, I suggest you consider making some changes.”


He pondered for a moment and said, “No changes.”


“OK.” Hurricane handed the form to the waiter, took the glass of wine from Ben, who was kneeling again, and raised it slightly at him, a deep smile in his eyes, “Welcome to ‘East Coast’ . Here, you may find someone who can meet all your conditions.”


“Thank you,” answered Chu Yunhan politely and after nodding at Ben left the service desk. Ben didn’t respond, he just kept kneeling in the standard posture, quietly looking at his master. Since Hurricane appeared, he had entered the role of a slave, and had no right to talk to others without his master’s permission.


Chu Yunhan was familiar with these rules. This was how Chu Yichen had trained him before too.


He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, couldn’t get distracted.


The world consisted of two people only.


Everything that Chu Yunhan had experienced as a sub was forced upon him. He never understood why someone would kneel down to another person willingly, hand over all their rights, and let themselves be dominated and restrained. At this moment, he looked at Ben’s focused and affectionate eyes and seemed to understand it a little bit.


Being controlled like this was full of uncertainty. When everything that originally belonged to you was handed over to another person, everything you experienced was dependent on their mood, just like walking on a tightrope, each step forward became a step into the unknown, dangerous and full of uncertainty.

It was exciting. 


This kind of excitement could easily make one addicted, drive them crazy, and make them surrender.


Chu Yunhan sat alone in a corner and quietly looked at the people around him. In this club called “East Coast”, he started contemplating over the concept of BDSM for the first time, and thought of what Chen Huan had said to him.


If human desire needs an outlet, why can’t it be BDSM? It is merely a stimulation in a boring life. If both parties are willing, it is just a way of interaction in sex and should not be criticized.”  

“You don’t know for sure if you really need it, so take a look and give it a try. If you like it, do it, if you don’t like it, just walk away. It’s no big deal.”


“Before you make your choice, you must first know yourself. You should listen to both your heart and your body.” 


He should find someone and give it a try.


He came here with this intention. When Daylight’s information was displayed, it caused a lot of discussion, and most of the members sneered at this newcomer with an “extraordinarily narrow range”. Chu Yunhan even heard two doms nearby talking about him.


One of them said, “Ha, he can’t be used below, nor can he be used above. Are newcomer subs so picky now?”

The other said, “He only thinks of his own pleasure and completely disregards the needs of the dom. I am afraid the dom for him can only be picked out after he has been satisfied.”


“Interesting, where does this self-confidence come from? I am not interested in accepting this kind of type even if he is devastatingly good-looking.”


“I’m not interested either.”


Chu Yunhan silently took a sip of wine. He couldn’t convince himself to accept those more intense training methods. As for making love, he had tried it with a stranger. Although the process was okay, he was deeply disgusted after doing it. He felt hollow, ashamed, and regretted what he had just done. The feeling was not good. He thought that since this was a professional club, someone should be able to use their skills to make him reach a climax without being actually inserted, so he chose to fill in a “No” in this column.


In nearly two hours, two people came over to talk to him, but both of them were subs. Learning that he was Daylight, they persuaded him to ease the conditions a bit and encouraged him to take the initiative to talk to doms, so that it would be easier to find a partner. Chu Yunhan struggled inwardly, but still didn’t gather the courage to make the first step. Just when he was about to leave frustrated, a short tinkling sound suddenly rang at the venue. He turned around to have a look. The electronic screen showing his personal information flickered, the information page disappeared, and the word “Daylight” flashed silver and was placed behind another name.


“Pure Black”. 

Almost everyone at the venue stared blankly at the same time, and then there was an uproar.


“Pure Black showed up!” A female dom leading her slave on a leash said with a smile, “Very interesting, he took in a difficult newcomer as soon as he came.”


“It seems that he hasn’t been here for more than half a year.” A middle-aged man sitting on the sofa played with the hair of the slave girl in his arms and said, “Now those subs are going to be jealous again.”


“Where is Pure Black?” Many of the subs at the venue started looking for him.


“Why would he accept such a person as his slave? He has a very peculiar taste,” a sub who had no dom complained bitterly.


“It’s really strange that he didn’t even spare the sub that had no taboos before a glance, and actually chose a person with such a light taste.”


“Maybe his appearance suits his tastes. Don’t they say he likes beautiful men with brown hair and fair skin?” A young man with a baby face kicked a male slave in a harness with the tip of his shoe, and said, “Kneel down! You want to get whipped again, don’t you?”


A coquettish woman sitting with her legs crossed swirled the glass in her hand and asked, “Where is this newcomer called Daylight? I want to see what he looks like.”


At this moment, the newcomer who was suddenly caught in the eye of the storm stood in place shocked, somewhat at a loss. A waiter in white clothes and black trousers walked slowly in front of him, handed him a black secondary card, and said with a smile, “Mr. Daylight, Mr. Pure Black invites you to go to his room alone.”


Being stared at by everyone, Chu Yunhan suddenly felt as if he was at the scene of a marriage proposal. He took the card, touched his mask with embarrassment, and walked out of the venue.


After swiping the black card, the elevator automatically went up and stopped on the fourth floor. A long corridor stretched before him, with four neatly arranged doors on the left and on the right side. Including the two at the end of the corridor, there was a total of ten rooms.


When taking him to the elevator just now, the waiter said that Pure Black’s room was the innermost one on the right side. Chu Yunhan walked slowly to the door, tense and confused. He didn’t know what kind of person the other party was, and kept speculating why the other party had chosen him. After all, he was a newcomer and there were such troublesome conditions attached.


It took him five minutes to walk the short distance, practically moving at a turtle’s pace.


Chu Yunhan looked at the golden “C” on the door and hesitated for a while, before making up his mind and swiping his card to open the door.

He was somewhat surprised at the sight before him. It was a fully functional tuning room, similar to the basement of the old house. The black-and-white style of the interior made the whole room look cold and austere. The neatly arranged various tools and props revealed the owner’s rigorous and meticulous personality.


The door behind him closed softly.


Chu Yunhan swallowed.


An unfamiliar place, dangerous and cold equipment, a person he had never met before.


He instinctively tensed up, but his nervousness was mixed with a trace of excitement and agitation. His body seemed to be aroused by those hanging whips and it became restless.


It shouldn’t be like this.


He bit his lip, his wandering sight finally stopping by the window.


The curtains were not drawn, but the night outside was dark like the sea. A man stood by the window with his back to him.


Chu Yunhan carefully observed the figure from the back and felt as if he was struck by lightning. His whole person froze. Unable to move, he could only stand there with a pale face.

The man wearing a black Tang suit turned around, his black eyes like a deep glassy pool reflecting the moon. Looking at him, the man said unhurriedly, “Daylight sounds better than A-Zhou.”


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