TOFUH – Chapter 132.2 – Meeting the Imperial Envoy Again

If it were not for those old people and weak children, he could easily avoid being pursued by these government soldiers with the people under his hands, but he had already lost a lot of men in order to protect them.

He wanted to rebel for his people. Even if he died, he had to protect them, but if he kept them . . . He was afraid it wouldn’t be long before they would be wiped out.

Zhu Erlin had talked to those who worked under Jiang Zhen and knew that Jiang Zhen was indeed a good man; even he could not unconditionally save so many people who had no relations with him.

Jiang Zhen was willing to save those people without receiving a penny; if he were to give money . . . shouldn’t Jiang Zhen be able to give these old people and children under his hand a way to live?

“You are from the outside. Can you get those women and children to the outside? I’ll give you money,” Zhu Erlin said. “I have lots and lots of money.”

Jiang Zhen looked at Zhu Erlin.

Jiang Zhen also knew that Zhu Erlin must have a lot of money; after all, he occupied Hongjiang Salt Farm, and how rich was Hongjiang Salt Farm . . . at least compared to him.

“I don’t have the ability to take everyone with me , but I can help you make contact,” Jiang Zhen said to Zhu Erlin.

His Jinzhen Escort Agency was still too small to save all the people of this place, but if Zhu Erlin had money, he could contact others for Zhu Erlin.

In Daqi, there were many sea merchants.

In fact, they were not allowed to exist and had been banned repeatedly. To say the truth, these sea merchants were all illegal smugglers.

Since sea merchants do illegal business, as long as Zhu Erlin was willing to pay, they would certainly be willing to pick up the old and weak here and send them to some other place for resettlement.

On land, Jiang Zhen could take dozens of people through the official soldiers, but Hongjiang Salt Farm was blocked by the sea, so it was impossible to leave with thousands of people. However, if big ships come from the sea . . .

Those soldiers didn’t even have a boat, so they had no way of stopping the arrival of the seagoing ships.

Jiang Zhen described the situation to Zhu Erlin, and Zhu Erlin immediately agreed. “When the gold and silver was robbed from Hongjiang Salt Farm, most of it was hidden by me, but we also have some with us, I can give you a deposit first so you can help me contact the sea merchants.”

Zhu Erlin was, by this time, a bit desperate, so he could only choose to trust Jiang Zhen.

“OK,” Jiang Zhen agreed without hesitation.

While Zhu Erlin and Jiang Zhen were discussing things, on the other side, Zhou Maohe was distributing supplies to Zhu Erlin’s men.

He was originally unwilling to help this group of rebels, but these people forced him to keep the books and do the work. These guys were really too abominable!

Zhao Maohe’s stomach was filled with anxiety, but when he saw that someone had taken the wrong thing, he immediately said, “Stop! You have taken the wrong thing! What is here is for those kids!”

The person who had just forced him to handle logistics matters obediently exchanged the things he took.

“What a bunch of hooligans! A hooligans! Unproductive!” Zhou Maohe chanted again, his face full of disdain.

“If you yell again, I’ll beat you up!” Someone stretched out his fist towards Zhou Maohe in dissatisfaction.

Zhou Maohe suddenly no longer dared to speak . . . Where were Jiang Zhen’s people? Why hasn’t he come to his rescue yet?


Hexing Province


When Zheng Yi first delivered wine to the capital, he told Master Zheng that Zhou Maohe might take action on the Hongjiang Salt Farm, and the Zheng family could make a profit from it. Of course, he did not say that he intended to contribute to this matter.

Second Master Zheng has always attached great importance to the matters proposed by Zheng Yi, and after learning about this, he took advantage of the Qingfeng wine to please the empress dowager and specifically mentioned to her about the chaos of the salt affairs in the south of the Yangtze River. He also expressed his concern about Zhou Maohe. Zhou Maohe, that fool, after discovering the corruption in salt, might run straight into it.

When the empress dowager heard Second Master Zheng say this, he found it very reasonable and added, “I do hope that Lord Zhou can share my worries and solve my problems.”

Obviously, the empress dowager hoped that Zhou Maohe would go to the Hongjiang Salt Farm and make trouble.

So the Second Master Zheng sent a letter to Zheng Yi, asking him to “help” Zhou Maohe at the right time.

Help? What help . . . He doesn’t even need to do anything. Zhou Maohe has already occupied Hongjiang Salt Farm . . .

Zheng Yi sighed and placed a letter from Second Master Zheng next to him.

The letter he sent to his second uncle, after learning about the accident in Hongjiang Salt Farm, should have already been delivered to him.

Second Master Zheng had indeed seen the letter sent by Zheng Yi.

After receiving a letter from Zheng Yi and having the idea to intervene in the Hongjiang Salt Farm, he felt his heart burning, but even so, he thought it would take a long time to complete.

As a result, in the blink of an eye, the Hongjiang Salt Farm was destroyed?

Things were moving so fast that it made Second Master Zheng a bit overwhelmed. However, it was also good for him.

Zhou Maohe’s report after the raid of the Hongjiang Salt Farm had also been sent to the capital. The empress dowager counted the days and found that the time when Zhou Maohe made his move on the Hongjiang Salt Farm was the time when Second Master Zheng reminded him of it. For a while, he felt that Second Master Zheng had some brilliant ideas.

The empress dowager asked her confidants to discuss the matter of Hongjiang Salt Farm. Among her confidants, no doubt, that Second Master Zheng was the most valued, and so, finally, the empress dowager also took his advice and used the people he recommended . . .

At this time, Jiang Zhen, together with Zhu Erlin, first settled the old and weak on the mountain before bringing the young and strong down the mountain.

They wanted to distract the attention of those government soldiers before trying to save more people.

Without those burdens, it was much more convenient for Jiang Zhen to do things. At the same time, he also contacted Zheng Yi, sending him a lot of gold.

Jiang Zhen’s guts were really big . . .

Zheng Yi sighed but had to admit that Jiang Zhen’s approach had brought him great benefits.

These days, Jiang Zhen sent him a lot of information, which made him very familiar with the situation in Hongjiang Salt Farm like the back of his hand; it also made it much more convenient for him to do things. In  contrast, other people were not in such a good situation as him.

At present, even those government soldiers who were sent to fight the bandits were not aware of the specific situation inside Hongjiang Salt Farm.

Zheng Yi looked seriously at the information sent back by Jiang Zhen and suddenly saw another letter.

The words “Zhao Jinge” were written on that letter.

Zheng Yi: “. . .” He not only had to help save the rebels, but he was also responsible for sending Jiang Zhen’s love letter to Zhao Jinge ah . . .

Zheng Yi had been in contact with Jiang Zhen because he had been sending people somewhere to wait for Jiang Zhen, but Zhao Jinge had no contact with Jiang Zhen.

He went to ask Zheng Yi about Jiang Zhen but was only told that Jiang Zhen was safe. Apart from that he couldn’t get any more news about Jiang Zhen . . .

Zhao Jinge  inevitably became a little worried; he was so worried that it was difficult for him to sleep well at night. He missed Jiang Zhen very much.

When dealing with the affairs of Jinzhen Escort Agency that day, Zhao Jinge was inevitably a little distracted. Only after Zheng Baoning had called him a few times did he regain his senses.

“Sister-in-law, you should be tired after so many busy days. Do you want to go and rest for a day?” Zheng Baoning asked.

These days, Zhao Jinge was really busy from morning till night, and he didn’t stop even for a moment. Occasionally, when he was free, he would exercise . . . He was a big man; he could stand being busy!

“No need,” Zhao Jinge declined.

“Sister-in-law, you should pay attention to your health, or the boss will be distressed when he comes back,” Zheng Baoning persuaded.

“Body?” Zhao Jinge froze and suddenly remembered something.

When Jiang Zhen left at the beginning, he said that he might be pregnant with a child . . . He was so busy these days that he had completely forgotten about it. Should he go to the doctor to check?

Although he did not feel anything wrong as much, when he was pregnant last time, he also did have a lot of symptoms.

Zhao Jinge had been so busy for so many days that he had almost finished everything that he should have done. After thinking about it, he asked Zheng Baoning to keep an eye on things since he wouldn’t come back in the afternoon.


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