TOFUH – Chapter 80 – Helping people stitch their wounds

Jiang Zhen has always been looking ahead in his work.

Some people might regret or feel sorry for themselves after a sudden disaster, or even let these emotions affect their work, but he was not like that.

He had encountered a lot of dangerous things, and this encounter with pirates was really nothing. His top priority now was how to keep his men alive.

But not everyone was like him.

“If I had known, I would not have come.”

Seeing the tragedy of the two men, a villager who also came from Hexi and following Jiang Zhen, hugged his injured arm. And as he thought more and more about it sadly, he even began to cry. “I don’t want to die . . .”

Hearing this man’s words, other people’s emotions were also somewhat affected.

“No one forced you to come, and I have already said that we are here to protect people, and we will encounter danger.”

Jiang Zhen glanced at the man.

Jiang Zhen did say that, but . . .

“There was no danger before?” the man couldn’t help but say. As soon as he said that, he caught Jiang Zhen’s cold gaze.

He had a lot to say, but now he couldn’t say even one word.

“When we go back this time, you will stop following me,” Jiang Zhen said directly.

As soon as Jiang Zhen said this, the man immediately seemed to choke, and the others also sobered up.

The man looked around and wanted to find allies, but those thugs who had followed Jiang Zhen for a long time had already been obedient to Jiang Zhen. It was just as dangerous as being thugs before, so they wouldn’t have the same thoughts as he did. If you want to live a good life, you have to pay for it.

Jiang Ming, who was also from Hexi, said, “It’s normal to encounter danger when you go out. If you go to visit a relative, you may be robbed. I’m afraid you’d better never go out in the future.”

“We didn’t do anything to sacrifice our lives to save anyone today . . . If you were taking someone else’s ship and encountered pirates, would you blame that guy for giving you a ride?”

“Besides, you don’t think that the Zheng family pay us a lot of money just to visit the capital, do you?”

Jiang Ming made the man speechless.

Jiang Zhen looked at Jiang Ming and had a good impression of him, but also made up his mind that these people under him must be drilled a bit more ruthlessly.

The needle, thread, and the stove was soon delivered.

Sheep intestine thread was not available, but other threads were not unusable . . . When the water in the stove boiled, Jiang Zhen asked Wang Haisheng to pour some to soak up the salt and sugar into the water. . . Then he threw all the needles and threads into it and boiled them. After that, he poured the boiling water into the pot and let it cool a little and washed his hands clean.

He still wasn’t doing enough this way, but there wasn’t much more he could do in this condition right now; those two had lost too much blood, and if he didn’t stitch up the wounds soon, they would certainly die.

Bending some of the thin sewing needles with his hands, Jiang Zhen stitched up the wound directly on deck. The stitching needed to be done in a brightly lit place, and only the deck met this requirement.

Jiang Zhen stitched up the man with the injured waist first, and after seeing his wounds, he couldn’t help thinking he was a little luckily; this man at least didn’t wound his internal organs!

It was just that . . . the rescue was a bit late in the end.

As soon as Jiang Zhen made his move, their situation drew Zheng Yi’s attention.

“What are you guys doing?”

Zheng Yi was puzzled. He had just finished arranging things when he saw Jiang Zhen’s men cooking something, which made him puzzled.

When he got closer and saw Jiang Zhen’s actions, he became even more puzzled.

Jiang Zhen was . . . feeling bad that his men died and helped sew them up?

But his two men were still alive, aren’t they? It’s not like this injury was a cut-off arm or leg. There was no need to sew it up.

There was more than one person who noticed Jiang Zhen’s movement, and everyone’s guesses was similar to Zheng Yi’s.

The man whose neck was cut in half was surrounded by several companions. At this time, someone suggested, “Let’s also use a needle and thread to . . . sew him up.”

When something like this happened, it was the usual practice of the Zheng fleet to dock shortly afterwards and then bury the dead on the spot.

It really wasn’t good for them to bury their companion with an incomplete corpse or a too ugly appearance, so they always had to help them clean up.

Everyone’s mood was down at that thought, and just then, Zhao Jinge suddenly said, “Jiang Zhen is saving people.”

“Saving people?” Zheng Yi was stunned. This was a rescue?

“Nonsense. How can we save people like this? It is only making people suffer more before they die!”

The doctor saw that Zheng Yi was over that crowded area, so he planned to go over and treat the slightly injured people under Jiang Zhen and show off in front of Zheng Yi . . . But it turned out that Zhao Jinge, who saw him as soon as he came over, said that Jiang Zhen was saving people? He scolded him in dissatisfaction.

“Jiang Zhen is saving lives.”

When Zhao Jinge saw that the doctor disapproved of Jiang Zhen’s action, he was a little upset.

Although he didn’t know why Jiang Zhen was doing this, let alone whether Jiang Zhen could actually save people, but . . . Jing Zhen said he was helping them!

“If he is truly unwilling to see his men die, I have some medicine here that can be used for these two, so don’t mess with these things.” The doctor was about to get the needle and thread soaking in the water. “And why are you cooking this for? You guys take this stove and better boil some medicine.”

“Don’t touch it!” Zhao Jinge stopped the doctor in a hurry. Jiang Zhen said before that this thing couldn’t be touched or soiled. And the doctor’s hands were stained with blood!

The doctor thought he had a good enough attitude towards these people, but he didn’t expect them to turn down his kindness again and again.

At that moment, Zhao Jinge looked as if he was afraid of poisoning, and he suddenly became a little angry. “Yes, he is saving people.”

“I’d like to see how he can save these people! Don’t get a good man killed!” After saying that, the doctor actually turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Zhao Jinge quickly pulled the man around. “Dr. Hu, we have the wounded here to treat.”

“Aren’t you guys able to treat them yourselves?” The doctor’s tone was very bad.

Zhao Jinge was embarrassed. Jiang Zhen was not a doctor . . .

“Dr. Hu, show them,” Zheng Yi said.

That Dr. Hu was still full of resentment, but Zheng Yi had spoken, so he could only give this person a diagnosis and treatment.

An injury was something that mainly depended on medicine, and it was both diagnosed and treated. Dr. Hu just took out the medicine and taught people how to use it.

At the same time, Jiang Zhen had already stitched up the wounds for those two and had finally let out a sigh of relief.

Although Jiang Zhen knew about the doctor who came over just now, he didn’t hear the conversation clearly because he was concentrating on stitching up the wounds. Now that the wounds of the two men were finally stitched up, he said to Doctor Hu, “Doctor Hu, please apply some medicine to their wounds.”

Although the wounds were stitched up, it was best to apply some more medicine on them.

“Aren’t you capable of saving people? Why do you want more of my medicine?” Dr. Hu sneered.

Jiang Zhen was stunned, then he said, “I’m only an amateur.” The doctor couldn’t be offended. . .

“You are quite self-aware,” Dr. Hu said, thinking that if it hadn’t been for Jiang Zhen, all the people on the ship might have died, so he took out some good medicine. “Ask someone to apply it. I don’t have much medicine, so save it.”

Jiang Zhen nodded and gave the medicine to the He brothers. In the twinkling of an eye, he saw a hole in one of the nearby men’s arms. It was bleeding a little, so he beckoned, “Come on. I’ll stitch up the wound for you.”

After sewing up wounds just then, he found the feeling back, so he could help others deal with it.

“Ah?” The man looked at Jiang Zhen blankly. Dr. Hu said he could still be well, and he didn’t want to be a patient of an amateur doctor . . .

“Nonsense!” Dr. Hu became angry again. “They’re people, not clothes. How can I just let you sew them with a needle!”

Jiang Zhen didn’t bother with Dr. Hu. He washed his hands again with bath beans and replaced the boiled needle and thread before looking at the men.

“Want it sewn?”

The needle in Jiang Zhen’s hand looked sharp. The man did not dare to let Jiang Zhen do it, but after seeing Jiang Zhen’s face, he subconsciously said, “Yes!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted it a bit, but he could only clench his teeth and sit in front of Jiang Zhen.

Being stitched up a few times . . . It should be fine, right?

His face was tangled, but Jiang Zhen quickly stitched up his wound after seeing that there was no dirt in it.

The stitching of the wound was painful, and the injured man couldn’t help but muffle a groan and bite his lips. But it couldn’t be denied that, after the wound was stitched up, it was not bleeding as much as before.

When Jiang Zhen stopped moving to look at Zheng Yi, he saw Zheng Yi’s thoughtful look.

“Jiang Zhen, can this really save someone?” Zheng Yi asked.

“Master Zheng, I can’t guarantee that, but if there are any wounds on the ship that are bigger and deeper, I can help stitch them up at least to make them bleed less,” Jiang Zhen said.

He was actually very tired at this moment, but he couldn’t help himself when he saw people dying . . .

“Master Zhen, Fang Ping wants Jiang Zhen to stitch him up,” a voice sounded, and soon, one of the ship guards came with another.

The person the guard was holding was Fang Ping. It was the same one who had been cut in the stomach before and had thought he would die without even having a child

“Fang Ping, are you crazy?”

Fang Ping was one of Lu Da’s subordinates. Seeing that he even went so far as to ask Jiang Zhen to sew up his wound, Lu Da’s face showed his disbelief.

“I . . . I want it sewn up,” Fang Ping said with difficulty.

Before that, Dr. Hu said that he was hopeless. After all, he had such a big wound on his stomach.

In fact, he didn’t believe that Jiang Zhen could save people, but if he let Jiang Zhen sew it for him, at least his intestines wouldn’t fall out.

“You asked it for yourself, and I’m not going to stop you.” Lu Da looked at Fang Ping in dissatisfaction.

Jiang Zhen looked at it and found that this Fang Ping was also lucky, and also hadn’t hurt his internal organs.

Thinking about it, if he had really hurt his internal organs, he would definitely not have been able to last this long. There’s no major blood vessels in the stomach. If he only had a hole in his stomach he would not die for a while. In fact, this guy was in better shape than his two men. A little better.

Jiang Zhen helped Fang Ping stitch it up, and by that time, Wang Haisheng and the others had already rubbed medicine and fed salt and sugared water to the two heavily wounded people from Hexi.

“Even if you feed them sugared water, why do you need to add salt?” Someone was puzzled.

“Eating salt can give you strength. Salt and sugared water is best for your body. My wife drinks it every day.”

Wang Haisheng looked at the questioner contemptuously. At first, Jiang Zhen asked Sun Xiaoshan to drink salt and sugared water, and since then, he had decided that the salt and sugared water was a good thing.

The people around Wang Haisheng nodded at the news, all deciding that the salt and sugared water was a good thing. But when Jiang Zhen heard it, the corners of his mouth twitched.

However, he soon didn’t have time to think about that and was intent on helping Fang Ping stitched up.

While Jiang Zhen was stitching up the wound, several large ships had already docked and stopped at the shore. It was already dawn.

It was reasonable to leave quickly at this time, but the bandits had all been scattered, and many sailors on the other ships had died. Many of the ships couldn’t start sailing for a while, so Zheng Yi simply took this time for repairs.

Because of this, the wounded from the several ships were all moved to the deck of the main ship where Dr. Hu and a few of his subordinates treated them.

All of these wounded have different injuries and more than a dozen were thought to be hopeless by Dr. Hu . . .

Zheng Yi took a look at Jiang Zhen, who was stitching up Fang Ping’s wound and sent one of his boys to ask those people if they wanted Jiang Zhen to help them stitch up their wounds.

A few of those people were still conscious, but most of them were already unconscious, so the decision could only be made by the people around them.

“He’s not a doctor at all. Can he really help heal people?”

“Let my brother have a try. . .”

“My brother is already dying. It’s better not to put him through that.”


. . .. . .


Those people had all kinds of ideas, but there were still many who wanted to try. At the time the first person by Jiang Zhen stitched up, the man with the injury in his waist, was out of breath.

The man’s injury was a little serious, and the wound had been untreated for some time. Although the knife was not sharp enough and didn’t hurt his internal organs, he lost too much blood . . .

He twitched for a while and then fell silent.

Wang Haisheng was holding salt and sugar water and wanted to feed him a little, but he didn’t expect to encounter such a thing, so he froze for a moment.

Jiang Ming and several people from Hexi couldn’t help choking up.

Many people who originally wanted Jiang Zhen to help them stitch up the wound immediately hesitated.

At this time, Jiang Zhen had just helped Fang Ping sew up his stomach.

After fighting for a long time last night, Jiang Zhen was already very tired, and now he was numb all over after squatting on the deck, helping others to sew their wounds.

He stood up and moved his hands and feet, asking someone to bring two tables and then asked, “Does anyone else want to stitch up the wound?”

The vast majority of people hesitated. What if after letting Jiang Zhen stitch their wound, they would die faster instead?

Jiang Zhen looked at them and found that there were twenty or thirty people who needed their wounds stitched. He knew very well that he could not save all of them, so he simply looked at a person who was less injured and said, “Do you want me to stitch up the wound for you?”

The man shook his head hurriedly. “Dr. Hu said I could still be saved.” He had a big wound, but Dr. Hu gave him medicine and said he might still be saved. Of course, he didn’t want to let Jiang Zhen mess with his wounds.

He waited for the boy beside Dr. Hu to bandage him up.

Those who needed stitches, but their injuries were relatively minor and not mortal, were basically unwilling to let Jiang Zhen help treat them. Jiang Zhen had no choice but to continue to sew up the wounds for the seriously injured.


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