MAIR- Chapter 145 – Making movies

The Taoist didn’t say anything more and five days later, he sealed Shen Huai’s Ying’s Yang Eyes.

Shen Huai touched the center of his eyebrows, but didn’t feel anything. He neither fainted nor lost his memory. But it was also a good thing. After all, he was no longer a child, it would have been troublesome to lose his memory.

The two said goodbye to the reluctant Fenghua Taoists, while Pei Ran’s identity certificate also came. Shen Huai’s assistant Fang specially brought the contract and the official seal from Zhongjing City, and waited for Pei Ran to sign it before they could go through the guardianship procedures.

Originally, Shen Huai should have personally gone with Pei Ran, but he had to hold a conference call temporarily, so Assistant Fang could only act as an agent and accompany Pei Ran to handle the procedures.

When the staff in the office hall saw the guardianship agreement, she was stunned for a moment. She thought someone was joking. But when she looked up and saw Pei Ran, her face immediately turned red.

Originally, she only needed the two people to sign and register, but now she showed great patience and asked Pei Ran, “Did you sign this contract of your own free will? If there is anything hidden, the government will resolve it for you.”

Saying this, she looked at Assistant Fang with caution.

Assstant Fang: “…”

Assistant Fang had always been heaven’s favorite since childhood. He was not bad-looking, and he had studied all the way to his master’s degree. He had always been admired and worshipped by people, and this was the first time he was treated like a scammer.

In the hospital Pei Ran had already experienced the influence of this face on other people and was very calm. “I signed it of my own free will.”

The staff looked relieved and handed out the guardianship agreement from her window and said softly, “Take a closer look at the contents of the guardianship contract. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me at any time.”

Shen Huai had previously found an electronic version of this agreement on the internet for Pei Ran to see, so Pei Ran directly signed it.

The staff asked him again and again, and reluctantly gave the guardianship agreement to Assistant Fang.

Assistant Fang mood was very complicated when he signed it. Before he came, the company was wondering where the boss had dug out this newcomer. Some people were joking that he would be a bomb like Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo.

And now after this short period of time, Assistant Fang could responsibly say that this was nothing like a bomb, it was clearly an atomic bomb!

When they finished the formalities, the meeting on Shen Huai’s side was also over, so they made an appointment to meet at the airport.

Assistant Fang and Pei Ran took a taxi and went straight to the airport.

By that time, Assistant Fang had already recognized Pei Ran as an atomic bomb, so he took the initiative to take charge of the work like carrying the bags, only letting Pei Ran stand aside, while he put his luggage piece by piece on the trolley.

Although Pei Ran had just come back to life, he had a lot of luggage. In addition to the gifts from the medical staff and the patients’ families from the hospital, when he left the Taoist temple, the Taoist priest stuffed a large bag of things, so he didn’t know what he had in his possession.

Assistant Fang was so busy that he was sweating. Pei Ran helped him lift the baggage from the car. He looked thin, but in fact, he had a lot of strength. However, in the eyes of outsiders, it was frightening to see the young man’s thin arms carrying a box half his size.

Originally, Pei Ran’s excellent appearance attracted many people’s attention when they arrived at the airport, and now they all looked at Assistant Fang with condemnation.

Assistant Fang: “…”

He really died unjustly today.

Assistant Fang hurriedly stopped Pei Ran from helping further and refused to let him carry the box no matter what he said.

Pei Ran was helpless, so he could only walk aside bored and wait for Shen Huai.

The entertainment industry in Dongjiang City was very developed. There were many brokerage companies here, and there were many paparazzi and talent scouts on this side of the airport. Pei Ran stood there for a while and already two or three talent scouts had come to inquire about him, all of which were sent away quietly by him. Only one talent scout was very persistent and refused to let him go.

He earnestly tried to persuade Pei Ran, “…As long as you enter the entertainment circle, you will certainly become a big hit but the premise is to choose a reliable company. Some small companies with limited resources often draw big plans for their artists, which cannot be fulfilled at all, but our company is different… “

At this moment, Assistant Fang finally finished carrying all the luggage and came to Pei Ran with a trolley. Hearing what the talent scout said, he was immediately worried. This was the artist signed by the boss himself. What could he do in case he was persuaded by this guy?!

He hurriedly ran over with the luggage.

The talent scout proudly said the name of his company, “…do you know Morningstar Entertainment? We are a big company in the industry. Ye Cang, you know him, he is in our company, and our boss is the god of wealth in the investment circle…”

Assistant Fang stood in the same place, dumbfounded. What was the name??

The flood dashes against the temple of the Dragon King (Conflicts arise between people on one’s own side)  and his own family was trying to rob his family??

Pei Ran’s eyes and eyebrows were full of smiles, and the corners of his lips were slightly curved. “But I have already signed a contract. So if you want, you can talk with my agent.”

The star scout thought he was moved and immediately became motivated, rolled up his sleeves and looked angrily to the side at Assistant Fang. “Is this the agent who fooled you to sign the contract?”

“No.” Pei Ran smiled and waved towards the entrance. “That way.”

The talent scout followed his gesture, and his legs softened making him almost kneel down on the spot.

Shen Huai was still on the phone with Ming Wei. When he saw Pei Ran waving to him, he sped up his pace and walked faster. He just saw a shadow of a person who had lost his soul and left in a hurry.

He wondered, “What’s going on?”

Pei Ran, as if nothing happened: “Nothing, let’s go!”

In the end Shen Huai learned the truth from Assistant Fang’s mouth and sighed helplessly in his heart. However, facing Pei Ran, he didn’t know what to say.

Pei Ran acted very innocently. “I was just helping you test your employees’ ability to work.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He pressed his painful forehead and suddenly felt that compared with Pei Ran, the first few big shots really had been very clever.



They soon returned to Zhongjing.

Shen Huai asked Assistant Fang to take the contract to the company for filing first, while he took Pei Ran to his home.

The villa area was as quiet as usual. Shen Huai opened the door and observed the empty house for a moment. Then he remembered that Ye Cang had gone to another city to participate in the work schedule after recording the second episode of “National Idol”.

He couldn’t help feeling a little lost, but he soon returned to normal, and said, “There is something wrong with the lawn of the villa I prepared for you. The maintainer won’t come until tomorrow. It may be a bit noisy at that time, so you may stay in my house for a few days first. I’ve already had the bedroom upstairs cleaned and everything is new. Do you mind?”

Pei Ran was naturally not so delicate. When he was filming, he slept directly in his sleeping bag.

He looked at the house curiously.

The house was clean and tidy. The furniture was very simple and minimalist and looked very comfortable. However, there were some music scores scattered on the table and on the sofa, a guitar next to the cabinet, and small pots full of plants placed everywhere, which added a lot of liveliness to the house.

Shen Huai called for someone to put Pei Ran’s things in the new villa. When they were arranged, he saw Pei Ran looking at the plants on the shelf near the door.

His eyes were focused, and his lips were still slightly smiling.

To be fair, it was not strange that the previous talent scout tried so hard to poach him. Not to mention Pei Ran’s ability, his face alone, even in the entertainment circle that was full of many beauties, was still amazing. He didn’t have to do anything. With this face alone, he could attract fans.

These thoughts only flashed quickly in Shen Huai’s mind. He quickly came back to his senses and said to Pei Ran, “Take a good rest these days. When you are rested, we will talk about work.”

Hearing Shen Huai words, Pei Ran moved his eyes away, turned around and said, “I’ve rested long enough. I can start working at any time. We can talk about new projects now.”

Shen Huai felt some helplessness, but he also respected Pei Ran’s opinion. He poured two cups of coffee, and the two sat face to face on the sofa, looking very formal.

As a matter of fact, Shen Huai had experienced so many big-shots, but no one had put so much pressure on him in regards to work like Pei Ran.

Even Chu Mei Bo, the legendary movie queen from the period of the Republic of China was quite different from what he felt now. She was more interested in acting in movies. Every movie was very novel to her. As long as she was interested in this role, she didn’t care whether it was some small-cost online drama like “Honey” or a legendary giant production like “Red Actress”.

But Pei Ran was not like that, he was the superstar of the era. He was also the creator of several types of movies. Compared to him, those senior directors and screenwriters were only juniors, not to mention Shen Huai.

Currently, Shen Huai had a lot of resources on his hands, but there weren’t many scripts that looked attractive to him and even fewer to Pei Ran.

Unlike Chu Mei Bo, Pei Ran only looked at his favorite role. He once worked as a producer and participated in the whole process of movie-making. Therefore, he paid more attention to all aspects, whether it was the script, the crew, or the investment.

That’s why, after such a screening, not even a single work caught his eyes.

It was not Shen Huai’s fault, it was the current state of the film and television industry. Good resources were always sought after madly. Even if Shen Huai had the money and ability, and had brought out artists like Chu Mei Bo and made a reputation, after all, not everyone could be bought. Opportunities like “Red Actress” could only be encountered but couldn’t be sought after.

Pei Ran also knew that his requirements were a bit too high, but after so many years of filming he couldn’t help but take himself as the standard, so he was stricter.

Some of the scripts were good, but both the crew and the investors were complex. Although it was not a big deal in his eyes, he had finally come back to life and wanted to enjoy movies even more. He was not very willing to participate in these undercurrents that had nothing to do with the movies.

Shen Huai, as the agent of the big shots, would never refuse them professionally, but would try to meet their demands.

On the contrary, it was Pei Ran who felt a bit sorry. After thinking about it, he said, “Actually, I thought about it before and I want to make a movie by myself.”

Shen Huai froze.

Pei Ran’s eyes showed a bit of nostalgie. “Actually, I’ve had this idea for a long time. I always wanted to shoot a martial arts movie, but no one wrote it. I thought I might as well try doing it myself. I originally planned to start after filming ‘Chivalrous Men’, but I didn’t expect …”

“Chivalrous Men” was the movie in which Pei Ran died in an accident.

After a moment of hesitation, Shen Huai said, “I will help you.”


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