TOTLS – Chapter 8

The video of Tao Yuan playing Go with Su Yongfu was posted on the forum of Go enthusiasts by several people, and soon, it went viral on the Internet. The post about his game with Su Yongfu continued to appear, and not only the Internet media reported about it but also many famous Go commentators said he was a genius.

Su Yongfu took part in a charity event and was asked about it in an interview. He was not shy about praising Tao Yuan, saying that if he took part in the competition, it would not take him a long time to dominate the whole Go world. Such a genius only appeared once in a century.

Tao Yuan not only became popular in the Go world but also gained a certain popularity on the network. They all felt that he was a very talented person, since he was praised by the Go master. Although those who didn’t know much about Go didn’t understand how powerful the Go sage was, since they called him sage, he must be a master among the masters.

Tao Yuan didn’t win against Su Yongfu because it was not a formal competition. He was a Go sage. If he had won against him directly, it would not have been good at all. He had to give this old man some face. It was just that Wei Shicheng was a bit dissatisfied with the loss of the painting, so he promised to paint an even better one for him. So he was happily hugged, kissed, and kneaded.

After watching the video, the teachers from the Go Department at the National College immediately wanted to meet Tao Yuan. However, Tao Yuan took a leave of absence, because Du YI was about to have an operation. He told the head of the Go Department that, after the award ceremony, he would meet them.

The dean and the Go teachers were very eager to meet him and even came to see him. But after learning of his brother’s condition, the dean appeased the other teachers and asked them to wait.

It was Wei Shicheng who helped him arrange the hospital and the doctors. They didn’t have to wait in line or wait for a long time. After the various examinations were completed, they could start the operation.

Tao Yuan sighed in his heart at the benefits of being rich and powerful. The father of the original body owner waited around for several years before he could schedule an operation. Unfortunately, he went bankrupt and died before Du Yi could have the operation.

Tao Yuan had taken Du Yi to undergo various examinations. After a few days’ rest, they could finally go to the hospital and wait for the operation.

In the past few days when he was resting at home, Tao Yuan would go out for a few hours every day. He told Du Yi that he was going out to work, but in fact, he went to bed with Wei Shicheng. However, since he was being raised by Wei Shicheng, it was his job to sleep with Wei Shicheng, so he was not really lying. But still, he couldn’t really tell what he was doing.

Tao Yuan never made any preparations to go out that day, but Du Yi asked him with doubt, “Brother, don’t you have to work today?”

“Er . . . Since you are going to have an operation soon, I don’t want to leave you alone at home, so I brought my work home to do it,” Tao Yuan said.

“Then I won’t watch TV to not disturb your work. I’ll go back to my room and read some books.” Du Yu turned off the TV with the remote control and stood up.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Tao Yuan went to open the door, and Wei Shicheng walked inside.

Du Tu, who was still standing in the living room, said hello to the guest and was ready to enter his room.

“This is Uncle Wei,” Tao Yuan introduced Wei Shicheng to Du Yi.

“Hello, Uncle Wei,” Du Yi greeted Wei Shicheng cleverly.

“Well, hello,” Wei Shicheng nodded.

“Uncle Wei is here to talk about work with your brother. We have important things to talk about. If you don’t have something very important, don’t disturb us. But if you’re not feeling well, be sure to knock on the door or yell for me, okay?” Tao Yuan told him seriously.

“Alright,” Du Yi nodded cleverly.

“If you are not feeling well, you must not bear it,” Tao Yuan said seriously again.

“Good.” After Du Yi answered, he turned back to enter his own room.

Tao Yuan took Wei Shicheng to his room. As soon as the door was closed and locked, he was kissed by Wei Shicheng against the wall. Tao Yuan clung to his shoulders, locked in his domineering kiss with his head up. Soon he was stripped naked and pressed on the bed.

Wei Shicheng had never been so infatuated with a person’s body like now. He felt like he was addicted to it. If he didn’t touch this body for one day, it would be hard to sit and concentrate on anything. He wanted to take this person with him everywhere so that he could hold him and do whatever he wanted at any time.

Such a charming and delicious body. Especially when he sat across his body and twisted his waist like a beautiful fairy, for a moment, he was even willing to give up his soul for him. When he became sober and calmed down, he already had the idea that he wanted to possess him forever.

Tao Yuan, bit his lips, trying not to scream, because this was not Wei Shicheng’s office nor his high-end apartment outside, but a very common soundproofed rental apartment. Although Du Yi’s room was not close to his room, if he went to the living room to drink some water or get something else, he would accidentally hear his scream due to their activity in the bedroom, which would not be good.

They were doing such things in the room while there was a child in the other room. In fact, Tao Yuan actually felt a little guilty. But Wei Shicheng was unwilling to wait all day. Just like drinking water and eating, he had to eat every day to have energy to work.

The creaking sounds of the bed shaking were a bit loud, so Tao Yuan wanted to slow down a little bit, but he was afraid that, if he opened his mouth, he could not help letting out a moan.

Two hours later, Wei Shicheng left and went back to work. Tao Yuan lay on the bed exhausted. The man who ravaged him left without paying him any money. Because he was a monthly customer who paid every month, he could come here any time.

After a long time, Tao Yuan recovered. When the waves of heat subsided from his body, he pulled the quilt cover, ready to get up and cook dinner after a short nap.

Two days before the operation, Du Yi was admitted to the hospital. He stayed in a VIP suite with a family room, so family members could take care of him. This was also arranged by Wei Shicheng; otherwise, Tao Yuan wouldn’t have been able to get the VIP suite of the hospital even if he had money.

When Du Yi’s operation began, Tao Yuan waited in the family lounge outside the operating room, and Wei Shicheng put down his work and came to accompany him.

In Wei Shicheng’s eyes, both of them were still children. For such an important operation, there had to be a real parent or adult present.

Tao Yuan leaned on Wei Shicheng’s shoulder. He was actually worried that Du Yi’s operation might fail and he would not be able to fulfill his responsibility to the original host.

The system told him that the soul he replaced was willing to exchange the body, and that he would get more happiness after reincarnation. So he came to this world not only to complete his own tasks but also to help the original host accomplish what he could not do. Tao Yuan felt that, since he replaced the original body owner, he should take all his responsibilities for him.

The door of the operating room opened, and the doctor came out. Tao Yuan immediately stood up and asked, “Doctor, how did the operation go?”

The doctor took off his mask and said, “The operation was successful, but he still needs to be observed in the hospital for a period of time.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Tao Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re welcome,” The doctor nodded his head and left.

Du Yi was being pushed out from another exit of the operating room. He hadn’t woken up yet, so Tao Yuan was willing to accompany him.

“Go and do your own business, Godfather. I can stay here by myself,” Tao Yuan said.

“Are you going to sleep here tonight?” Wei Shicheng asked.

“Well, I don’t know when Du Yi will wake up, so I will sleep in the family lounge tonight.”

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” Tao Yuan dodged Wei Shicheng’s suddenly approaching face and took a quick glance at the camera.

Although no one would dare to publicize what they did, even if they were caught on camera, Wei Shicheng was still limited to touching his head like an elder, and then left.

Du Yi stayed in the hospital for observation, and there was no need for Tao Yuan to keep an eye on him, because there were nurses who took special care of him. So after Du Yi woke up, he just needed to take the time to visit him every day. After all, he still had a lot of things to do. He couldn’t always stay with him, and there was no need for that now.

The award ceremony of the Youth Cup Traditional Chinese Painting Contest began. Tao Yuan felt that his day had finally come, because the award ceremony was quite grand. Many masters of traditional Chinese painting were coming, so the preparation work had been completed for some time.

After the award ceremony and the speeches, Tao Yuan, as well as the second and third placers, went to the interview area to be interviewed by media reporters, which was the time when Tao Yuan would start performing his most important play.

“I would like to ask Mr. Du. How do you feel about being the youngest exhibitor in the National Gallery?”

Tao Yuan had a thoughtful expression on his face. He said, “My strongest feeling is relief that I didn’t send my other work to the competition. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have a chance to stand here now.”

The reporter did not understand what he was talking about, so he asked again, “Why wouldn’t you stand here just by handing in another work? Does it mean that you usually have a big gap in your painting skills compared to your usual work, and this award-winning work was just your extraordinary performance?”

“That is not true. In fact, my level has always been quite stable. If it wasn’t for our Chinese painting teacher’s random guidance, I might have gotten famous a long time ago. I really don’t understand how he can even be a Chinese painting teacher at Dongjing University with his character and skill level. I think I am quite unlucky to be a student of this kind of person.”

All the reporters froze. This was a bit different from the interview content they expected. Which award-winning student didn’t thank his school and all kinds of teachers? Why did he say this person was unfit to be a teacher? Why was being his student a very unlucky thing?

Xu Shaoyan turned his head and looked at him in unconcealed surprise. They couldn’t believe that he dared to say those words in front of so many reporters.

“Are you talking about your Chinese painting teacher?” The reporter wanted to confirm “As far as we know, you and Xu Shaoyan are both his students, and you both won first and third place. He should be a very good teacher to be able to teach two so excellent students.”

“Then you are wrong,” Tao Yuan said with a sardonic smile. “He only teaches his students bad skills, not any good skills. And in order to collect money in private, he does not teach any skills.”

“You mean your teacher had taken your money in private?” the reporter asked.

“I don’t know if other people will confiscate it. Anyway, he was very tough at collecting money from me. I can show you the evidence of the money transfer and all of my recorded evidence.”

Although reporters all liked to have some explosive news, such sudden news, they really met for the first time. Moreover, it was a live media broadcast ah. Every word he said now was being watched on the Internet. Didn’t their school communicate with him first?

It was not unlikely that someone would hold a press conference to reveal the news, but any reporter would get wind of it somehow and would probably guess what the news would be. But they had never heard about this teacher backstage or  before the award ceremony. If there was that mentality of no longer wanting to stay at school, how would he dare do so? But if he did it, that meant he would no longer be able to stay at school or be part of the whole Chinese painting industry. After all, Dongjing University was also one of the top universities in China, and its influence could not be underestimated.

“Let me show you. This is the work I finished under the guidance of our Chinese painting teacher, Hu Wenshan.” Tao Yuan opened the scroll he had been holding in his hand to let the reporters photograph it.

After the reporters came back to their senses, they started shooting the painting in his hands for a while. Anyway, this painting had already been broadcasted live. It was the leader of Dongjing University who had to worry about it now. Even if public relations couldn’t respond at that time, it was already broadcasted.

“The recording of him guiding me during the painting process was already put on the Internet. I will play it now, so you can record it directly.” Tao Yuan took out his cellphone and started the recording. At first, Hu Wenshan insisted on guiding him, and then he transferred the money to Hu Wenshan.

“What are the people at the scene doing?” The school leader, who was watching the live broadcast, clapped the table and said, “Quickly, stop him!”

Receiving an award was an honorable thing. In order to encourage students to learn from them, the school organized all the students of the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting to watch the live interview, but Tao Yuan’s words scared those students.

Hu Wenshan even froze on his spot, unable to recover for a long time. He thought that Tao Yuan might report him to the school leader. Anyway, he was not afraid; someone would stand by him anyway, but he never thought that Tao Yuan would expose him during an interview with reporters. No student dared to do such a thing.

Wei Shicheng was also watching the live broadcast. When he heard what Tao Yuan said, he couldn’t help frowning, thinking that his man was being bullied at school. Those people were really brave!

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