Turn On The Love System – Chapters 5.1 – Godfather will take good care of you

Wei Shicheng had a meeting early the next morning and could not stay overnight in the teahouse. After three rounds, he hugged Tao Yuan in his arms and kissed and kneaded him for a long time before releasing him to pick up his clothes from the ground.

After settling his feelings, Wei Shicheng’s brain and body calmed down. He felt that. although it was a gift sent by President Chen to please him, he was quite satisfied with this gift and was even surprised by his own satisfaction, so he decided to keep this gift until he was tired of it.

When Wei Shicheng put on his clothes and trousers, Tao Yuan also picked up his clothes and put them on. He was embarrassed to see the red marks on his body. For the first time in both his previous life and this life, he went out this way. Although the process was a bit exciting, Wei Shicheng, no matter in appearance or in other aspects, was a top-notch man. He imagined it was him who took the money and whored instead of himself. Thinking this way, Tao Yuan’s heart was finally able to relax.

After Wei Shicheng put on his clothes and trousers, he sat next to Tao Yuan, stroked his face and said, “I’ve recognized you as my godson. In the future, this godfather will give you as much money as you need to raise you. But if you dare to have someone else while you are my son, I will break your legs.”

After all, they had that kind of relationship, Wei Shicheng said that he recognized him as his godson, which was, of course, not really a godson. In the past, godparents were usually the cousins. All they had to do was meet each other during Chinese New Year holidays. This is why, the father of the original body’s owner let Wei Shicheng be his son’s godfather. He wanted to build a better relationship with Wei Shicheng. However, Wei Shicheng’s business then was not as big as it was now. 

But over the past few years, the meaning of a godfather and his godson had changed, and there was another meaning now in this hidden relationship. 

“The manager said that I only have to serve you this time. He didn’t say that I would serve you in the future.” Tao Yuan was willing to bow his head and show reluctance.

“Is that how you listen to your manager?” Wei Shicheng asked unhappily. “Do you know that no matter what I say, your manager must listen?”

“It’s not a question of who listens to whom, but I only promised to serve you once, so I only received the money once.” Tao Yuan was willing to show the personality of the original body’s owner as much as possible—proud, aloof, and lofty and never giving in easily. Although he didn’t seem to have the strength to behave like this after having sex, he couldn’t give in immediately. It would not be in line with the personality of the original body’s owner. Tao Yuan was still thinking about getting into his role, so he continued his performance.

“Honey, you may not know much about my personality. Do you know why your manager doesn’t let you talk back to me?” asked Wei Shicheng.

“Because you have money, power, and means. You can’t be offended,” Tao was willing to answer. 

“You really know a little, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll get to know it later.” Wei Shicheng kissed his lips then looked into his eyes and said, “I don’t like to force others into this kind of things. It would be the best thing if you liked me. I hope you won’t be the first one to be forced by me.”

Tao Yuan could not help but tremble in fear because he seemed to see the devil’s shadow in the eyes of Wei Shicheng. He blinked a few times before asking, “So when will this relationship end?”

“When I say it’s over, it’s over.” Wei Shicheng was used to being strong. He had no tender feelings towards the person who was trying to disturb him. “During the period of being my godson, you are not allowed to have close contact with anyone, and do not even think about falling in love, okay?” 

“I see . . .” Tao Yuan originally pretended to refuse, but if the resistance was too fierce, it would be too much.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you back.” Wei Shicheng patted Tao Yuan’s white and tender face gently, which then made him reluctant to move his hand.

Tao Yuan, who wanted to stand up, got up midway but immediately sat back down. His face was so crimson, it was as if he had been splashed with rouge water.

“What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?” asked Wei Shicheng, concerned. 

“Would you please go downstairs first and wait for me?” Tao was too ashamed to raise his head. 

“What’s the matter?” How could Wei Shicheng leave him there alone when he was obviously not quite alright?

“Your-Your . . .” Tao Yuan pressed his belly and finally reluctantly answered him, “Your—It’s still in there.”

Wei Shicheng thought about it and suddenly said, “Yes, I still left a lot in there. If you were a girl, you might be able to conceive this time.” 

“Go out first. I’ll be right back.” Tao Yuan pushed him away.

“I’ll help you.” Wei Shicheng had never done such a thing for anyone else, so he had no experience. But because of this child in his arms, he was not only willing to make an exception but also found it very interesting. Even he himself felt it was incredible.

When Wei Shicheng and Tao Yuan went downstairs, Manager Wu was still sitting in the hall downstairs in order to guard it. He was worried that Tao Yuan would annoy Wei Shicheng. After seeing the two men come down, he immediately got up and greeted Wei Shicheng with a bow. 

The sound of the guqin had stopped a long time ago, and they had been alone for several hours. Looking at Tao Yuan’s embarrassed face at that moment, they knew that what had to happen must have happened.

Tao Yuan was willing to walk at a slightly frivolous pace; his waist was also a little sore. The place that has been thoroughly used for the first time was still uncomfortable. These people, who were watching from below, all knew what they have done upstairs and were watching him. Tao Yuan, of course, was too embarrassed to raise his head.

After sending them to the car, Manager Wu felt that Wei Shicheng, who was willing to send Tao Yuan back in person, seemed quite satisfied. He breathed a sigh of relief at last, rubbing his sore neck and thinking that he could finally get a good night’s sleep. 

Wei Shicheng led Tao Yuan to the outskirts of his neighborhood. He kissed and kissed him on his lips and hadn’t let go of Tao Yuan for more than ten minutes.

Tao Yuan felt that his lips were about to become worn out; it was hot and stinging. If Wei Shicheng just kissed him, even though he kisses became harder and harder, like he wanted to eat his lips and tongue, he was not impatient. But he didn’t know when Shicheng put his hand inside his clothes, slowly sliding in and kneading hard. Tao Yuan felt that his skin, which had been kneaded by Shicheng’s hands, was getting hot and his body temperature gradually increased.

Wei Shicheng finally let go of Tao Yuan’s lips and looked at the originally delicate pink lips that had become a more attractive rose red, and he felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart. 

“Daddy, it’s time for you to let me off, or it’s going to be dawn soon.” Tao Yuan liked to see the burning desire in his eyes but had to give a reminder.

“Honey, I haven’t slept enough with you today,” Wei Shicheng said into Tao Yuan’s ear. “In two days, Daddy will send someone to pick you up. You will have a good sleep with your godfather, and he will hurt you very much.”

Although the back seat of the car was an independent space and no third person could hear their words, Tao Yuan’s face still blushed red at his explicit words, but this time, he could only endure it. Otherwise, it was uncertain if Wei Shicheng would be willing to release him. Perhaps if his interest arose again, they would have to do it again in the car.

“I know, Daddy. I will serve you next time. Now let me go back.” Tao Yuan tried his best to look expressionless, but there was a look of silent prayer in his eyes. 

“Go.” Wei Shicheng felt that this novelty in his heart was not over, so he didn’t want to let go. He decided to take him to his place next time and make sure he had slept enough before letting him go.

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