TOTLS – Chapter 6.1 – Satisfy you physically and mentally

Half a month later, the organizers of the competition sent people to school to collect the entries.

Tao Yuan handed the wooden box with the drawing to the staff, and as he was going out after registering, he saw Hu Wenshan standing there with a smile on his face and with hands behind his back.

“Mr. Hu.” Tao Yuan went over and said hello to him.

Hu Wenshan nodded. “Has your work been handed in?”

“You watched me come out, didn’t you?” Tao Yuan didn’t admit it directly, but he had a “why do you ask such nonsense?” question written all over his face. 

The smile on Hu Wenshan’s face could no longer be maintained, and his original good mood was immediately greatly reduced. “Your work this time was completed under my guidance, and the possibility of winning the prize is very high, but if you don’t win the prize, you should not be discouraged, and try again in the future.”

“In fact, Teacher thinks I am definitely not going to win the prize, right?” Tao Yuan said. “Teacher really doesn’t have to guide me how to draw. Even if Teacher really guides me attentively, with the teacher’s own level, it would be absolutely impossible for me to win the prize.”

“…” Hu Wenshan’s face turned red, and he clenched his teeth as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Literally.” Tao Yuan shook his head helplessly. “Considering teacher IQ and level of understanding, I have already said it so frankly, but you still need to ask me what I mean. It is really tiring to talk to you, Teacher.”

Hu Wenshan was trembling in anger. Looking at Tao Yuan’s back, who had already turned around and left, he really wanted to roar out, “I am the one who is tiring to talk to?”

After Hu Wenshan calmed down, he began to feel confused again. He couldn’t understand why he would turn in the work finished under his guidance since he felt that this work would definitely not be able to win the prize. Or was it not this work he handed in after all? But in this competition, it was required to draw a large-scale landscape painting. How could he finish two works at the same time in such a short time?

Hu Wenshan thought that even if he handed in another work, he would not necessarily win a prize. Although he had indeed better painting skills than Xu Shaoyan, Xu Shaoyan finished his work under the guidance of the master, and he would not be overshadowed by him. They just did it in case he would excel.

Whenever Hu Wenshan thought of Tao Yuan’s sarcastic remarks, his heart ached in anger, as if he had been stabbed in the heart with a knife. He thought it would be better to design a trap for him in order to get him expelled; otherwise, he would have a heart attack from anger.

. . .

Wei Shicheng had been gone for nearly twenty days, and this day, he finally returned to China. As soon as he got off the plane, he couldn’t wait to pick up Tao Yuan in person. During those days working with foreign companies, he had very little time to rest, but he always involuntarily thought about Tao Yuan, and how he lay under him. 

Tao Yuan had no classes that afternoon and Wei Shicheng said he would come to pick him up. He knew that he would not come back until very late today, so he left some money and a note for Du to order takeout. Then he went outside of the residential community to wait for Wei Shicheng’s car to pick him up.

Tao Yuan got in the car. After their last separation, they hadn’t seen each other for more than half a month. Sitting beside Wei Shicheng, who was filled with mature male hormones, Tao Yuan was somehow uncomfortable, pinching his fingers in reaction. 

The original body’s owner was taller than his peers. After all, a pair of long legs contributed a lot to his height, but sitting next to Wei Shicheng, he appeared much smaller.

Wei Shicheng looked at his fingers and held his hands, pinching his fingers lightly as he asked, “Are your fingers uncomfortable?”

“No, just a pinching habit,” whispered Tao Yuan, but he didn’t pull back his hand.

“Is that so? This is a great pair of hands. We must protect them.” Wei Shicheng tilted his head a little more as he gazed at him, trying to keep a straight face. There was a blush on his cheeks, obviously out of shyness. Such a lovely appearance made him just want to hold him in his arms.

Wei Shicheng pressed the button on the door, and a partition came down so that the two of them were in a separate space.

Tao Yuan saw the partition come down and knew that Wei Shicheng wanted to do something in the car. So when his chin was lifted and his lips were possessed by Wei Shicheng, although he was tense and nervous, he didn’t resist or push him away.

Wei Shicheng felt like he was tasting a delicious dessert, carefully tasting the soft and tender lips, which had the delicate flavor of tea. Wei Shicheng just wanted to have a little taste first, just a taste, but discovering that the flavor was so good, he was reluctant to let go.

After the long kiss, Wei Shicheng held Tao Yuan, buried his face on his neck that exuded a light fragrance and sniffed. “Did you miss me?”

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