Turn On The Love System – Chapter 4.2 – Goodbye

The manager called him personally and then kept telling him to never offend Wei Shicheng. Whatever Wei Shicheng did to him, he couldn’t resist.

Although Manager Wu was talking on the way to the private room Tao Yuan was not in the mood to listen. He knew what’s going to happen next, but he didn’t have that kind of experience from before. He told himself in his heart that it didn’t matter, because the original body owner had no experience either, so all he had to do was behave normally.

Before entering the private room, he took a deep breath and told himself that he must integrate into the role. From that moment on, he would really start acting.

Tao Yuan, like last time, would play the guqin in a private room without a screen.

At the end of the song, President Chen answered his phone and said something came up suddenly. After apologizing to Wei Shicheng, he left in a hurry.

There were only the two of them left in the private room. Tao Yuan was willing to continue playing the guqin. Wei Shicheng’s eyes made him a little uncomfortable.

Wei Shicheng’s aura was too strong. Even if it was just an ordinary look, it would inevitably make people feel oppressed, let alone this kind of look.

Wei Shicheng got up, went to Tao Yuan, and squatted down. He raised his delicate chin, as if to appreciate a work of art, examining his delicate features with his eyes. 

Tao Yuan’s chin was raised, but the fingers that plucked the strings did not stop. The two men’s posture were like a little waiter and a benefactor.

“Do you know why Mr. Chen left?” Wei Shicheng looked at those sparkling and spirited eyes and felt a little familiar with them in his heart.

“Yes.” Tao Yuan thought to himself, This kind of thing is well known to everyone. It was impossible for Mr. Chen to have a real reason to leave. 

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you next?” 


“Tell me about it.” Wei Shicheng had a playful smile on his lips.

“Mr. Chen asked me to wait on you and sleep with you once. He has already given me money.” Tao Yuan could not control his heart rate but tried to keep his face calm.

Wei Shicheng was stunned for a moment and then laughed. He didn’t expect Tao Yuan to answer so frankly. He couldn’t count the number of people who wanted to climb into his bed and those who wanted to send people to his bed. He had seen all kinds of boys and girls, but it was the first time he had seen this kind of person who said whatever they liked without covering it up.

“You don’t look like this kind of person who would promise to do such a thing for money.” It was very easy for Wei Shicheng to see through a person. The person in front of him had a proud character and couldn’t be bent easily. This kind of person was the cleanest; their body and feelings were more important than their life.

“I wasn’t, but I am short of money to a certain extent, so I don’t have a choice.”

“You have such a good guqin skill, and you are still short of money?” Wei Shicheng was puzzled.

“Because I urgently need a big amount of money. I need to get this money quickly and can’t afford to wait.” Tao Yuan insisted on finishing the music piece before he stopped plucking the strings with his fingers.

Wei Shicheng rubbed his tender lips with his thumb. He wanted to kiss them and taste his fragrance. Those eyes felt more and more familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen them, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“Have I seen you before?” Wei Shicheng felt that once he had seen such a beautiful face, he would certainly not forget it. But he couldn’t remember where he had seen those eyes before. He decided to simply ask him and see if he could get the answer.

“When I was very young, I recognized you as my godfather” Tao Yuan said.

Wei Shicheng immediately froze, slowly withdrew his hand and said, “Was there such a time? Why don’t I remember it?”

“On my birthday on June 20, 2XXX, my father took me to a hotel restaurant to celebrate it. We happened to meet you at that hotel and invited you to dinner. At that time, my father had business dealings with you. In order to please you, my father forced me to call you godfather. You didn’t say yes, nor did you disagree, but after I called you Dad though, you didn’t agree. You touched my head and said I was good looking, especially my eyes.”

Wei Shicheng’s mind gradually brought up some images. He had too many important things on his mind. If it weren’t for his good memory, he wouldn’t have found this piece of memory, which he never cared about.

Wei Shicheng felt at that time that the child was really beautiful, especially those eyes twinkling and flashing, very bright.

It was only because he hadn’t really thought about it, and it had been such a long time that he did not remember it. 

“What happened to your father?” Wei Shicheng’s business grew bigger and bigger. Many people who had cooperated with him before he had not been in contact with for a long time. Besides, he and his father never strictly cooperated together.

“Bankrupt, then died of terminal illness, leaving behind some debts and a brother with a heart disease, who is living with me.”

The father of the original owner did leave some debts to be repaid, but the relationship between the creditor and the original owner’s father was good, and the debt was not particularly large, so no one urged him to pay them back. Just because of the personality of the original body owner, he was not willing to owe money to anyone, so he had always been thinking of ways to repay the debt. Tao Yuan, who had replaced him, would naturally grant his wish and help him repay it.

“In that case, you are really in an urgent need of money, and you have real reasons why you decided to sell yourself for money.” Wei Shicheng stood up, went to the bed, sat down, looked at him, and said, “But you need to know that there are a lot of miserable people in this world. I am not a great, good person and will not sympathize with you because you say you are so miserable.”

“I didn’t think of asking you for your sympathy. Now that I have decided to sell my body, neither you nor anyone else would be involved.” Tao Yuan lowered his eyes and said, “I just took the money and did what you wanted because you asked me. The manager has told me that I can’t offend you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’ll answer whatever question you ask. I can’t resist. I can’t talk back.” 

Wei Shicheng smiled again and thought that this child was really interesting. He sold his own manager in a few words. But that phrase, “neither you nor anyone else,” made him feel a little uncomfortable. He patted his thigh and said, “Sit down and let me see if you really have what it takes to do want you want to do.”

Tao Yuan got up and went near Wei Shicheng. He looked at his thighs and his teasing eyes. He lowered his head, clenched his fingers, and said, “I . . . I have no experience.”

Wei Shicheng looked at his helpless appearance and felt it was very lovely. He took his hand and sat him on his own lap and held him. He pinched his chin to make him look up at him. “Call me Daddy.

“Daddy,” Tao Yuan cried without hesitation. 

“Have you kissed before?” Wei Shicheng sucked on his pink lips and licked it again, feeling that it tasted good.

“No, I haven’t kissed,” Tao Yuan answered honestly. He had never nor had the original body owner any experience in kissing.

“Really don’t have or just pretending to not have? You can tell me the truth. It’s okay. You certainly don’t lack pursuers. It is impossible that you have never been in love, isn’t it? Even if it hasn’t been done, has no one ever kissed you?”

Tao Yuan reminded silent and did not reply.

“Why not answer?” Wei Shicheng asked.

“I answered you, but you don’t believe it, and the manager said I can’t talk back to you,” Tao Yuan whispered.

Wei Shicheng laughed. Such a straightforward and lovely person. It was really the first time for him. “I believe you.”

Tao Yuan looked at him and then lowered his eyes.

“What do you want to say?” Wei Shicheng rubbed Tao Yuan’s white and tender cheek with his mouth. “I allow you to talk back to me.”

“I want to say that you are fickle, and indeed, the people with high power are not only suspicious but also soft-eared. No wonder Mr. Chen has always been unable to talk to you, so he sent me to serve you, in the end wanting to please you. And after our pillow talk, he will be able to talk to you.”

“With just one look, you already have thought so much?” Wei Shicheng held this fragrant and soft body in his arms and gradually tightened his arms. The man in his arms not only succeeded in arousing his interest but also aroused his sexual interest. 

“Forget it if you don’t believe it.” Tao Yuan was held tighter and tighter by him. He could not help but put his hands on the other’s chest, feeling the chest muscles, which were as hard as stone. With such a strong body, he would certainly suffer a lot tonight.

“My dear son, you’re so lovely. Daddy will love you very much tonight.” Wei Shicheng laid Tao Yuan on the broad bed.

Although the bed was made of solid wood, it had a very good quality memory mattress covered with a silk cloth on top. Tao Yuan could lie on it without feeling uncomfortable.

“I’m a little afraid of pain. Daddy, please take it easy.” Tao Yuan was really afraid of pain and asked Wei Shicheng, red-faced.

Wei Shicheng untied his white ancient gauze clothing, kissed him hard, and heard his muffled hum with satisfaction. Watching as the mist in this person’s eyes became heavier and heavier coupled with his blushing face, Wei Shicheng’s body became hot and dry. He thought that this person was a really beautiful thing and was clean and untouched.

“If you feel pain, beg me. If you can soften my heart, I’ll make it lighter.” Wei Shicheng lowered his head and kissed the other’s lips, his wide palms on him. Wei Shicheng felt that the touch of his skin on his hands was more delicate and smooth than the silk cover spread on the bed, making him reluctant to let go.

Wei Shicheng stripped Tao Yuan naked and admired him for a while. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “So beautiful!”

Tao Yuan wanted to close his eyes, his body trembling slightly, not because of the cold but because of Wei Shicheng’s wandering hands.

He opened the peach blossom seduction function in the system. As long as they do it once, Wei Shicheng will become infatuated with this body, making the desire to indulge in this body never stop.


“Daddy, Daddy, take it easy, please!” Tao Yuan finally couldn’t help but cry for mercy. His voice was not only trembling but also trying to stop from crying.

“Honey, you’re so delicious. Even your voice sounds so good. Darling, come on, shout a little louder.” Wei Shicheng was feeling that such a wonderful feeling. Such a wonderful body, such a beautiful voice! If it was a goblin, he was afraid that even his soul would be taken away.

Wei Shicheng was no longer young at thirty-seven or eight years old. He was nearly twenty years older than Tao Yuan. If he had married earlier and had children, he could already have had a son this age. But over the years, although he had dated a number of people, no one made him so indulgent or uncontrollable.

“Daddy . . . no . . . no . . .” Tao Yuan’s mind shook. He could not tell whether he wanted it or not, whether he felt happy or aching. At this moment, he couldn’t use his brain. He had to rely entirely on his body’s instinct.

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