MAIR – Chapter 80 – Chinese New Year

It was soon the end of the year.

For most stars, especially those who are popular, New Year was the busiest time. There were invitations from TV stations, parties and annual meetings of companies.

Since the release of “Rebirth”, Ye Cang has become a popular star, and his studio has received many invitations early.

Ye Cang accepted several invitations appropriate for him, but set aside the time around New Year.

When the recording of the small party was finished, Ye Cang stayed at home and did not go out.

Shen Huai gave the studio staff a vacation, and Ye Cang sent a big red envelope to everyone. When they saw the amount in their red envelopes, the staff were overjoyed, and the whole studio was jubilant.

When all the staff left, Shen Huai arranged his things and was about to close the door when he saw Ye Cang leaning against the door with a red envelope in his hand.

“Agent, this is yours. I have prepared the biggest red envelope for you!”

Shen Huai smiled and shook his head, “I’m not short of money.”

“It’s not about money.” Ye Cang came over and firmly stuffed the red envelope in his arms. “It’s about the intention. You are my greatest hero, how can you lose your share?”

Shen Huai had no choice but to take the red envelope and put it in his pocket.

Ye Cang hurriedly said, “Don’t you want to take a look?”

Seeing his cautious appearance, Shen Huai took out the red envelope from his pocket. “How much did you give, so mysterious…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw a bank card falling out of the red envelope.

Ye Cang said happily, “According to my rules, the salary has to be handed over to my wife. This card is all I have, and now I give it all to you!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang: “You can’t refuse! You promised me!”

Shen Huai looked at the bank card in his hand and thought it weighed more than a thousand pounds. In terms of property, he might be worth many times more than this one card, but the significance behind it cannot be compared.

What Ye Cang did was to give all he had to him.

Shen Huai was so touched that he even forgot to care about Ye Cang calling him wife.

Ye Cang was so stunned, that he took an inch and could still carry on, “Wife, let’s go home!”

Shen Huai staggered out of the studio with him. After getting in the car, Shen Huai remembered something, “Why don’t you go back first, I’m going to pick up Sister Mei from the airport.”

Ye Cang was stunned. “Sister Mei is back?”

Shen Huai nodded, “The recording finished a long time ago, but some scenes had to be added, so she could not come back until today.”

Ye Cang thought that the two of them could finally get to spend some time together, so he couldn’t help saying, “Why didn’t she come back one day later?”

Shen Huai: “…”

At the airport, because Ye Cang’s face was so well-known now, Shen Huai just let him wait in the car and went to pick up Chu Mei Bo himself.

Shen Huai was waiting at the exit and before long Chu Mei Bo’s plane arrived, and a flow of people poured out to the exit. Even though Chu Mei Bo was  wearing ordinary clothes, she still stood out in the crowd with many people watching her secretly and even taking photos of her.

Shen Huai went forward, took her luggage from her hand and took her to the parking lot.

Chu Mei Bo seemed to be in good spirits. She glanced at Shen Huai, suddenly asking, “What happened today? You seem to be in a good mood?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Elder Sister Mei’s eyesight was too sharp, sometimes it really bothered him.

Chu Mei Bo saw that he didn’t speak. “Oh!” Then she said, “What did Junior Ye do?”

Shen Huai had no choice but to change the subject, “Sister Mei, it will be New Year soon. Will you come and have a group dinner with us?”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and said, “Well, I have no problem with that, as long as Ye Cang doesn’t think my light bulb is too bright.”

Shen Huai: “…”

When the two of them returned to the car, Ye Cang was playing happily on his phone. When he saw them, he immediately turned off his cell phone and graciously took the luggage from Shen Huai’s hands. “I’ll do it. Go and drive.”

Sitting in the back seat, Chu Mei Bo’s eyes swept over them, but she just smiled and said nothing. On the way back, there was a lot of traffic, and there was lively and festive music on both sides of the street.

Ye Cang was infected by this atmosphere and proposed to buy New Year’s goods together. Chu Mei Bo unexpectedly raised her hand in approval. Shen Huai originally wanted to object, but seeing both of them he could only follow them to the supermarket.

Initially Shen Huai was worried that Ye Cang would be recognized. When they entered the supermarket, he found out that he was worried for nothing. The supermarket was crowded and bustling, all kinds of people came out to buy New Year’s goods. The goods on the shelves were swept almost empty, just like after a robbery. No one thought that there would be a big star among them.

When the three of them finally bought their New Year’s products and walked out of the supermarket, they had all broken out in sweat.

Back in the villa, Chu Mei Bo went back to have a rest, but Ye Cang didn’t stop, pulling Shen Huai to make couplets and hang Fai Chun (

Shen Huai realized something at this time, and didn’t try to stop him.

Because this villa was bought by Shen Huai, when the two of them lived here they usually didn’t notice  it, but during Chinese New Year, it appeared particularly deserted.

Ye Cang had decorated the courtyard with colorful lanterns early in the morning. When they were turned on in the evening, it added a bit of a lively atmosphere.

Chu Mei Bo changed into a new set of clothes. When she went out, she discovered it was already snowing.

She stood in a daze for a moment when she suddenly remembered that a year ago, she stood alone on the roof of the theater, the floating snowflakes fell on the ground through her body, as she looked at the bright lights of the city like she was abandoned by the whole world. It was not easy.

She stretched out her fingers, and a cold snowflake fell on her fingertips. However, the coolness made her really feel that she was alive.

Just then, Chu Mei Bo suddenly heard Ye Cang’s voice coming from Shen Huai’s courtyard, “Sister Mei, what are you doing there, come in!”

Chu Mei Bo came back to her senses and smiled. The loneliness on her face suddenly disappeared without a trace. “Coming!”

When she walked in the villa, she immediately felt warmth, completely dispelling the previous chill. The loneliness caused by New Year disappeared without a trace.

There was a lively program running on TV. Ye Cang was setting dishes and cups, while Shen Huai was bringing the hot dishes to the table. The two of them still quarrelled from time to time, which made them full of life.

Chu Mei Bo changed in her slippers and went to help.

During the meal, Shen Huai raised his glass of wine, “This first glass of wine is for both of you to celebrate your return to the world, the first New Year, and I wish you all an even better next year.”

Ye Cang’s and Chu Mei Bo’s mood was very complicated. This year had a really great significance for both of them.

The glasses of the three of them touched crisply. Ye Cang picked up the wine bottle to fill them up again.

“This second glass of wine is a toast to the former Ye Cang and Chu Chu.”

Ye Cang didn’t say much, as the three of them poured the wine on the ground in a solemn manner.

“The third drink, I toast to you,” Chu Mei Bo said. “Thank you, Shen Huai!”

After drinking the wine, Ye Cang’s mood finally got much better. He hurriedly called the two to eat, and told several embarrassing stories about Chinese New Year from the past to stir up the atmosphere.

Chu Mei Bo also relaxed a lot and said cheerfully, “I still remember that when I was a child, my family was strictly controlled. Only during New Year could they relax a little bit. Mummy would make sugar corns for me every year. My brothers and sisters and I would eat them every time when the adults weren’t paying attention. Who would have known that one year, I would eat the syrup just cooked by mom and burn my tongue. I couldn’t speak until the end of the year, which made me a joke for the whole year… “

Ye Cang and Shen Huai didn’t expect that someone as strong and steady as Sister Mei, would have done such embarrassing things in her childhood.

Just then, Shen Huai’s face suddenly changed and he spit out a coin from his mouth.

Seeing this, Chu Mei Bo said with a smile, “It seems that our agent will be the luckiest one among us next year! Maybe we will sign a few more strong ‘newcomers’. “

Ye Cang: “…” As soon as he heard what Chu Mei Bo said, he suddenly felt a deep sense of crisis.

Shen Huai took the coin, saying helplessly, “Thank you for your auspicious words.”

While watching the New Year’s Gala, the three of them were laughing and eating the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Considering that he had to keep watch at night, Shen Huai had prepared a lot of melon seeds, snacks and a deck of cards.

The three of them directly sat together and began to play fight the landlord. At the beginning, everyone was very enthusiastic. As long as there was no paper, Sister Mei was the impeccable Sister Mei.

However, after 11:00, Chu Mei Bo could not help feeling sleepy. Since she had drunk wine before, she directly fell asleep on the sofa with cards in her hand.

Shen Huai had no choice but to take out a blanket from the room and cover her with it.

By the time he finished, Ye Cang had disappeared.

Shen Huai glanced in the direction of the yard, and after taking two bottles of beer from the refrigerator, he went out. 

Ye Cang was sitting in the courtyard. The snow had already stopped falling, but the ground was covered in a thick layer of snow. There was a sharp cold smell in the air, which outlined Ye Cang’s back.

A while ago, something was wrong with Ye Cang. Shen Huai had noticed it and went over to hand Ye Cang a bottle of beer.

Ye Cang looked at him with surprise.

Shen Huai had already sat next to him, maintaining the action of handing over the beer, but did not look at him. “Today is Chinese New Year, you are allowed to indulge for one night.”

When Ye Cang saw that he was puckering his lips, he knew he was clearly concerned about him, but he still had to pull something he didn’t have which was just lovely. He took the beer and took a big sip after opening it. Then he said, “Yes!”

Shen Huai also pulled open his beer and took a small sip.

Ye Cang said, “When I was alive, I was lively and had a lot of friends. Every year on Chinese New Year I would invite a lot of my friends to my home. In the years after my death many of them still came to see me.

Although they couldn’t see me, it still made me very happy. But as the years went by, fewer and fewer people came. They all had new families and new friends, so they gradually stopped coming.”

Ye Cang chuckled and took a big sip of beer, murmuring.

“Huai, in fact, if I hadn’t met you, I might have disappeared from this world.”

Shen Huai frowned, but didn’t know how to comfort him, just touched him with his beer bottle.

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of bells, and colorful fireworks exploded in the night sky.

Both of them were attracted by the sound and looked over.

Only then did Shen Huai realize, “It’s midnight.”

He was about to say something to Ye Cang, when he saw Ye Cang turning his face, with what seemed to be a bright light in his eyes. “Huai, I think it’s good to be alive, because I needed to meet you.”

He leaned over and kissed the corners of Shen Huai’s lips affectionately.

“Huai, happy New Year!”

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