Turn On The Love System – Chapter 4.1 – Goodbye

On the way back, Chen probed Wei Shicheng intentionally or unintentionally. Wei Shicheng just laughed and did not answer. But when Chen asked him for a next time visit, Wei Shicheng agreed, which made Chen feel that the possibility of success was very high.

Wei Shicheng couldn’t not understand this routine. He couldn’t remember how many people wanted to give him such a gift. In short, Chen was not the first and would not be the last.

Wei Shicheng felt that he should let it go. Thinking of that delicate and charming peach blossom face, he thought that he might be a good relaxation object. Even if it was not for him but for his rare skill in playing guqin, it was enough to attract his attention.

Hu Wenshan went into the classroom and put down his painting box and said, “The financial department has started collecting tuition fees for the next quarter. The final deadline is right now. Is there anyone who still has not paid? Raise your hands, so I will have a good idea.”

There were several students who raised their hands, not because they couldn’t afford it, but they waited until the deadline. Hu Wenshan waited for a while, but saw that Tao Yuan had not raised his hand. He couldn’t help asking, “Du Qingyu, did you pay the tuition fee?”

“Yes,” Tao Yuan answered. President Chen tipped him more than enough to pay for his tuition. Although he knew that very rich people were always generous for their face’s sake, they would not be generous to that extent if they had no other purpose. After all, no one’s money fall from the sky. Rich people also had their own hurdles to withstand. President Chen gave him tip to make him serve Wei Shicheng.

“You paid?” Hu Wenshan felt that it was obviously unexpected, but he had to pretend to be calm. What he had prepared was useless now. He could only suppress in back to his stomach and confirm once more, “Did you really pay it?”

“Teacher, why don’t you call the finance department and confirm with them?” Tao Yuan said expressionlessly.

“If you paid, you can just say it. What’s with your mouth?” Hu Wenshan showed an angry appearance to hide his abnormal behavior.

“Didn’t you say that?” Tao Yuan looked puzzled, then looked at the camera and said, “Because the teacher asked repeatedly, I suggested that the teacher confirm it. If this is back talk, it seems that, as a student, there is no right to speak.”

Hu Wenshan followed his eyes and also looked at the camera. This camera was not only monitored by schools, but also by parents’ committees, the education bureau, the civil educational associations, and many other organizations and institutions. In the case of a conflict between the teacher and the student, it is possible to judge who is at fault.

Nowadays, society is very concerned about human rights. It is necessary for students to respect teachers, but teachers should also respect students.

Because he was obviously unreasonable, even if he was not willing, he could only bear his tone and pretend that nothing had happened, then he began to teach the students.

Xu Shaoyan was also surprised because Liu Xiujie had asked someone to check and found out he had not played the guqin in the teahouse anymore. But Xu Shaoyan became puzzled. From where did his money to pay tuition fees come from. He thought it was most likely that his father had left him some savings.

Xu Shaoyan bit his lip, reluctantly thinking that when Du Qingyu ran out of his savings, he would come to beg him for money one day.

After class, Tao Yuan went home and cook dinner for Du Yi, and then gave him some money in case he might work late tonight. He promised him to call him if something happened.

He took a bath, changed his clothes, and went out. Tao Yuan was willing to wait in the teahouse lounge. He had a hunch that what should happen would happen tonight. Although he was still a little uncomfortable in his heart, he told himself that everything was in order to complete the task, as if he was acting in a play. There was nothing unacceptable, as professional actors he should try any role.

To make perfect love in order to make the peach blossom bloom, he must be with Wei Shicheng for a lifetime. Anyway, it will be done sooner or later. It was only difference between doing it now or doing it later.

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