Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 216

Snowflakes fell, turning the entire capital into a silver wonderland. This heavy snow had persisted for three days, causing disasters in many parts of Yan Kingdom. However, spurred by the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s donation of 100,000 taels of silver for disaster relief, the Empress’s relief fund allocated 500,000 taels, and donations from various regions amounted to a total of 3,720,000 taels of silver. The first batch of 1,500,000 taels had already been distributed, with Brother Murong responsible for the allocation. Part of this disaster relief fund was given directly to the affected people as cash, while the rest was converted into relief supplies. Now, the reputation of the Loyal and Brave Marquis as a great philanthropist had spread far and wide across Great State of Yan Kingdom.

In ancient times, the concept of charity didn’t exist as we know it today, although many people were known as “kind individuals.” Shao Yunan was different. In his “previous life,” he was passionate about charity and public welfare. In this “life,” with money at his disposal and having gradually integrated into this country, he strongly supported Wang Shijing’s charitable efforts. It could be said that the Loyal and Brave Marquis and his husband were the biggest supporters of the Empress’s relief fund.

However, for many people in the capital, the snow mainly caused travel inconveniences. Despite this, the area outside Auction House was still bustling. Since the “Hundred Days of Fury,” Dasi Kingdom, Xianlu Kingdom, and the Great Mountain Tribe had officially allied with Great State of Yan Kingdom and signed numerous trade agreements. Dasi Kingdom traded patterned iron for Yan Kingdom’s tea and fruit milk wine, though if they knew what Yan Kingdom intended to do with the patterned iron, they would never have agreed to the deal. The three countries established “embassies” in the capital of Yan Kingdom as liaison points for their interactions. The term “embassy” was suggested by Shao Yunan.

Today, ambassadors from the three countries, prominent families of the capital, and other businessmen from the three nations who had been waiting in the capital all gathered here for the second opening of Yunlong Auction House. After eight months of silence, Yunlong Auction House finally stirred.

In Room One, Wang Shijing, Brother Murong, Princess Wu Uzhen, and Dai Zhanxiao had already taken their seats. It was too cold and snowy outside, so Shao Yunan stayed home to rest during his pregnancy. As one of the behind-the-scenes owners of Yunlong Auction House, Wang Shijing represented the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence. The Empress, also unable to attend for the same reason, was accompanied by Emperor Yongming in the palace. King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu stayed at the mansion. On such a cold day, Guo Zimu preferred not to go out, and with their wedding approaching, there was much to prepare. Brother Murong had just finished his temporary duties and was invited by Wang Shijing to relax. After King Luo Rong’s wedding, he would have to leave the capital for disaster relief.
It was Dai Zhanxiao and Princess Wu Uzhen’s first time attending an auction, and they were very curious. Dai Zhanxiao was there purely for fun, with nothing in particular to buy since Shao Yunan had already given him the main auction items.

Princess Wu Uzhen and Dai Zhanxiao had grown much closer to the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s household and King Luo Rong mansion after fighting against the Hugar together. Princess Wu Uzhen, a heroine among women, and Dai Zhanxiao, a great general of Yan Kingdom, interacted without any of the usual awkwardness between men and women, more like brothers, which made Su Chenyi quite anxious.

After the embassy for the Great Mountain Tribe was built, Princess Wu Uzhen moved out of the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence. She voluntarily stayed in the capital of Great State of Yan Kingdom to serve as an ambassador. Though she was highly capable and skilled in martial arts, she was still a woman and would eventually need to marry. Princess Wu Uzhen had three younger brothers, and with her father’s health restored, they had enough time to grow up, so she didn’t need to stay in the Great Mountain Tribe. However, Shao Yunan and Guo Zimu knew her true reason for staying: she didn’t want to be rushed into marriage. At 17, many suitors sought her hand, but Princess Wu Uzhen had no intentions of becoming a tool for anyone’s power gain and chose to avoid it by staying away. Her father, unable to force her, had given his reluctant consent after she procured a “miracle medicine” for him.

The auction house was already full, with all private rooms occupied. As the time arrived, the doors closed, and Jiang Kangchen appeared. The Wu family’s downfall hadn’t affected Jiang Kangchen, who was now a favored figure in the capital and a confidant of the Empress. The Empress had entrusted him with full responsibility for the auction house. The only surviving member of the Wu family, Wu Jian, was still recovering at the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence. Although he had awakened, he couldn’t yet get out of bed and remained silent about his family’s fate.

The success of Yunlong Auction House’s first auction revealed business opportunities for merchants from the four nations. This time, the items up for auction were several times more valuable, including patterned iron from Das Kingdom. The incident with the Huhar delegation had intimidated the three nations, making Das Kingdom’s people exceptionally well-behaved within Yan Kingdom’s borders.

Wang Shijing had no intention of buying anything, his main task was to oversee the event. Each item auctioned was highly sought after, but when the highlight items appeared, the atmosphere turned explosive. Tea and fruit milk wine claimed to be “nurtured by the essence of a celestial mountain,” were believed to have health and beauty benefits. Though their effects couldn’t compare to mythical fruits or waters, consistent consumption reportedly healed minor illnesses in days, helped the seriously ill recover in months, and even improved skin conditions like acne. Such stories had increased the value of green tea to 1,000 taels of silver per tael, and fruit milk wine to 1,000 taels per jin, making them unattainable for most. The Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence, because of its wealth, could sustain such high security levels, second only to the palace and surpassing the General’s residence. The old general had transferred 100 guards, and Wang Shijing hired 300 retired soldiers. With money to support them and the genius Jiang Moxi setting traps, the residence was impregnable, guarded by three mythical beasts, ensuring even the best thieves couldn’t penetrate it.

Jiang Kangning first auctioned fruit milk wine, starting at 10,000 taels for a five-jin jar. As soon as he spoke, bids flew. Princess Wu Uzhen and Dai Zhanxiao watched, stunned by the bidders’ frenzy. In the end, the first jar sold for 78,000 taels, 18,000 more than at the previous auction.

Twenty jars of fruit milk wine sold for an average of 80,000 taels each. Next was Xiushui Keemun red tea, making its market debut. There was no standard quality; all were “special grades” from the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence. Before the auction, Jiang Kangchen brewed a pot for tasting. The unique flavor alone stirred eager anticipation.

“Xiushui Keemun red tea, a specialty of the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence, harvested once a year. It can be stored for three years, growing more fragrant with time. The starting bid is 500 taels per tael, with a minimum increment of 20 taels.”
Princess Wu Uzhen gasped, recalling the half-jin of Keemun tea Wang Shijing had gifted her. Selling at such high prices left her stunned. Though wealthy, the pricing system shocked her.

Even the wealthy Princess Wu Uzhen was startled, let alone Dai Zhanxiao, who felt like a pauper compared to his brother Shao Yunan. He glanced at the composed Wang Shijing, realizing why the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence could so easily donate vast sums—they truly were wealthy!

The Keemun tea auctioned by Shao Yunan had been treated with spiritual spring water. The tea he grew in his own space was reserved for personal use and close friends. He no longer sold items from his space due to their extraordinary effects, preferring to stay low-key.

Eight jin of Keemun tea fetched a total of 970,000 taels. Next, Jiang Kangchen presented the premium Da Hong Pao tea.

“Da Hong Pao, the king of red teas, with effects surpassing Keemun tea and a unique taste. Due to its rarity, no samples will be provided. Starting bid is 1,000 taels per tael, with a minimum increment of 100 taels.” Pausing, Jiang Kangchen continued: “Before bidding, I must remind everyone. Only two jin of Da Hong Pao will be auctioned today, and it is extremely rare even within Yan Kingdom, with only a few trees found near Loyal and Brave Village. Now, let the bidding begin!”

Dai Zhanxiao wiped his forehead: “Loyal and Brave Marquis, maybe I should return the Da Hong Pao Shao Yunan gave me.”Brother Murong cleared his throat: “Yes, I think I’ll return mine too.”

Princess Wu Uzhen was about to speak when Wang Shijing interjected: “Even if you return it to me, I can’t sell it. Those are truly precious items, nurtured with the essence of three years’ cultivation.” In reality, they came entirely from the special space.

Gulp, gulp, gulp—three people swallowed. Dai Zhanxiao and young master Murong simultaneously looked at Princess Wu Uzhen, who immediately raised her hand and swore: “I swear on my father’s name, I won’t tell a soul!”

Dai Zhanxiao and young master Murong nodded in satisfaction.

The two jin of Da Hong Pao sold for 800,000 taels of silver, making Princess Wu Uzhen feel dizzy, even though it wasn’t her money being spent.

“Crazy, they’re all crazy.” Young master Murong couldn’t find the words to describe it.

Dai Zhanxiao kept rubbing his arms and face. If Shao Yunan weren’t his brother, even as the Cavalry General, he wouldn’t afford to drink it! He was drinking gold and silver!

The bidders, with their faces flushed and necks bulging, acted as if the money were mere pebbles picked up off the street. Wang Shijing was very pleased with the auction, while Dai Zhanxiao debated whether to bring the Da Hong Pao, Keemun red tea, and fruit milk wine given by his brother back to Tiger Pass, fearing he’d be robbed along the way.

Wang Shijing was extremely pleased, and the Empress waiting for news in the palace was even more so. Emperor Yongming was delighted, envisioning a prosperous national treasury. The Empress had already decided that Yunlong Group would pay a portion of its yearly earnings to the state. Next year, red wine and green tea would be promoted as special products of Yan Kingdom, generating substantial tax revenue for the treasury. Emperor Yongming also accepted Shao Yunan’s proposal to establish state-owned tea and wine factories in Yongxiu County, with the profits directly going into the treasury.

A series of commercial initiatives had been launched. Standing by the window in Jingyou Palace, Emperor Yongming felt a surge of pride.

“Good snow foretells a prosperous year. Though this year’s snow is heavy, I can already see next year’s bounty.”

The Empress stood beside him, smiling.
At the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s residence, King Luo Rong accompanied Guo Zimu, attentively watching Elder Cen and Elder Weng battle on the chessboard, a steaming cup of Da Hong Pao tea in hand. Elder Cen and his wife now lived at the Marquis’s residence, and with the heavy snowfall, Elder Weng was staying there too. The two elders had endless topics to discuss and many books from Shao Yunan yet to decipher.

Guo Zimu and Shao Yunan were in the latter’s room discussing matters. Originally busy with wedding preparations at the residence, Guo Zimu had come over with King Luo Rong upon receiving news from the Marquis’s residence. In the room, Guo Zimu stared at the outfit on the bed, momentarily speechless. Shao Yunan, smiling, asked: “Do you like it?”

Guo Zimu, dazed, nodded instinctively: “It’s…beautiful.”

“I designed it with Nizi. We started making it as soon as your wedding date with King Luo Rong was set. I was worried it wouldn’t be ready in time. I commandeered all the palace embroiderers and all the embroiderers from our weaving workshop, totaling 121 people.”

Shao Yunan placed a hand on Guo Zimu’s shoulder, his gaze unwavering.

“Brother Guo, not only must you marry in grand style, but everyone must know you are King Luo Rong wife, making them envious of him for the rest of their lives.”
Guo Zimu slowly turned his head, his breath unsteady.

Shao Yunan’s belly gently nudged him: “Dare to show your face on that day?”

Guo Zimu’s breath caught for a moment, then he nodded vigorously: “I dare!”

“Come try it on, we need to fix any issues.”

Guo Zimu wiped his eyes and began to try on the outfit.

King Luo Rong had no idea what kind of surprise Shao Yunan had in store for him. When summoned to try on his outfit, he put down his teacup and followed. King Luo Rong’s wedding attire was conventional, and Shao Yunan didn’t show him Guo Zimu’s. Curious, King Luo Rong was brushed off with: “There are still many adjustments needed.”

Shao Yunan was focused on making Guo Zimu’s wedding flawless and grand, shaking heaven and earth, yet didn’t anticipate strong disapproval and protests from another person. This led to Yunlong Clothing becoming the most luxurious brand in the capital’s high society, bar none!



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