Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 47.2

In the kitchen, Shao Yunan and Wang Nizi were enjoying themselves. Shao Yunan held a stone hammer in his hand and every time he raised it, Wang Nizi would turn the steamed glutinous rice in the stone mortar. Neither of them moved too fast, but Wang Nizi was laughing and smiling, while Wang Qing was reading in his room. He now knew many words, plus his little father gave him lessons and told him stories every day, so Wang Qing had already started to read the enlightenment books written with notes by teacher Guan and teacher Chen.

Wang Shijing was at the new house, as he gave Tang Genshu and Zhou Tianbao full authority over the fields. Zhou Tianbao was silly, but he has no problem with farming. With Tang Genshu leading him, the two of them had no difficulty with taking care of Wang Shijing’s 30 acres of land. Wang Shijing’s land was also near the mountain spring, so watering it was very easy. 

The two of them just needed to hoe the weeds and regularly water it, with a pay of 30 copper coins a day for their work. With the help of the Sun clan’s patriarch and Zhao Lizheng, coupled with the regular pay from Wang Shijing, Tang Genshu could now not only ensure his family’s livelihood, but also save money for his brother’s private schooling and could even buy some land in two years.

Someone knocked on the door and Shao Yunan put down the stone hammer to open the door. Zhao He, together with his son Zhao Congbo, was outside the door. The two of them were holding a clay pot in their hands. Shao Yunan let them in and said with a smile, “I’m making mochi. Brother He, please help me if it’s okay.”

“Mochi? What kind of rare food are you making again? It’s fine, Zhao Congbo and I came to see Wang Qing and Wang Nizi. We also brought you some red dates, ginger ham, and hawthorn jam, so you can see if it’s okay.”

“Then you can help me make mochi and we will eat together at my house at noon. Later, ask little Congbo to call brother Yuande, and Zhao Yuanqing and his wife over.”

“Alright.” Zhao He was not polite to Shao Yunan and directly followed him to the kitchen. Shao Yunan let Wang Nizi wash her hands, while Zhao Cangbo politely greeted “uncle Shao.” After Wang Nizi finished washing her hands, he went with her to another room with her, while Shao Yunan let Wang Qing make red dates and wolfberry chrysanthemum tea to entertain the guests.

Zhao He washed his hands and asked Shao Yunan what he wanted him to do, then he took the stone hammer from Shao Yunan’s hands and let Shao Yunan turn the glutinous rice, since he was stronger than Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan looked over at the mochi and asked, “When will you be ready to make the red date jam and hawthorn jam?”

Zhao He said, “We’ll start next month, since we have already signed the contract with boss Xu. I came here today to let you check how good it is.” Shao Yunan asked, “We will try it with the mochi when they are ready. Has your clan been distributed?”

“Yes, but after Father and Yuande stepped in and no one dares to make trouble. Father told me to concentrate on making the jam and said I shouldn’t worry about anything else. My father and Little Father are helping me now, too.” Zhao He showed a rare smile as he whispered, “Father and mother gave Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing 10% of the profit each, which could be considered their family’s private property. Father said that after the New Year, he will let Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing separate.”

“Since the family had a business now, father became afraid that the two brothers would develop a conflict over time, so it’s better to separate while the family is still harmonious. Father and mother will stay with me and Yuande, while Zhao Yuanqing will live alone with his wife. Zhao Yuanqing also agreed. Father said that after separation, Yuande and I can still have our own private property, as he and mother will not ask about it.” 

“He also said that he and mother would cover Cangbo and Yuanqing’s childrens’ study expenses. Then it would not only be the tuition fee, but also the money for future examinations. Shao Yunan gave a thumbs up. “Uncle and Aunt Zhao are very wise, your life in the future will be only more comfortable.”

Zhao He said gratefully, “It’s all because of you. If you hadn’t taught me how to make jam, my father and mother would still be complaining that I only gave birth to Cangbo.” With a relieved smile, Zhao He said, “In the past, I was also anxious. I wanted to give Zhao Yuande more children, but I just couldn’t get pregnant. After giving birth to Cangbo, master Sun said it would be difficult for me to conceive in the future. But I am content now. Cangbo is good and Yuande is good to me, so I am satisfied. His parents now also treat me like their own son, so I have no regrets.”

Shao Yunan laughed, “That’s because Uncle Zhao and Aunt Zhao realized that only when there is harmony in the family, that everything can flourish. Neither you nor Li Caijuan are people who care about things. Brother Yuande and Yuanqing are not only brothers, but also good friends and having children can’t be forced. Instead of looking forward to having more grandchildren, it’s better to cultivate your existing grandson. I think little Cangbo is a pretty good child. Wang Qing and Nizi both said that Zhao Congbo never bullied them and while other children in the village would bully them, Zhao Cangbo would stop it if he saw it.”

Zhao He laughed, “You still say that Cangbo is a child, but how old are you?” Suddenly stopping smiling, Zhao He asked with concern, “You and Shijing should have already consummated, right?”

Since they were both men, Shao Yunan did not feel any embarrassment as he nodded. “Well, we’ve only been together in the last few days. Shijing didn’t want to and said it would be better to wait for two more years since he was afraid that it would take a toll on my body. But after little Qing’s accident, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Anyway we should pay attention to it in the future.”

Zhao He was more than 10 years older than Shao Yuanan, so he said with some concern, “Yes, you should pay attention. A male wife is not the same as a female wife. Having too much pleasure too early is prone to damage the body, which is why female wives are still preferred in the world. You can get Master Sun to give you a pair of pills to use afterwards.
You’re still young and Shijing’s concerns are right. Yuande and I also did not officially consummate our marriage until we were eighteen. If I hadn’t insisted on taking the pregnancy fruit right after the consummation of the marriage, it might have taken us two more years to have a child. Did Shijing say when he wanted you to take the pregnancy fruit?”

Shao Yunan reply was very much the same: “I’ve agreed with Shijing to not have children. It’s enough to have Wang Qing and Wang Nizi at home.

Zhao He frowned, “Shijing didn’t want to?”

“It’s me that doesn’t want it. I don’t like pain.”

“…” Zhao He didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t like big bellies either.”

“Children are also very noisy. Since Wang Qing and Nizi are already big and know how to behave, it’s good.” Zhao He was defeated. “Just talk it over between you two.”

As they were talking, Zhao Congbo came out of the room and ran into the kitchen, coyly saying to Shao Yunan, “Uncle Yunan, Qing said he had some books from the dean of the county school, with the dean’s commentary on them, can you lend me them to copy? I promise to not damage them.”

Zhao He froze, but Shao Yunan just smiled, “Those books are still too difficult for Qing to read, so rather than leaving them here, you can take them back and bring them back when you’re done.” After saying that, he immediately thought of something. “Little Cangbo, why don’t you come to my house every afternoon to copy them? Or let little Qing go to your place? He is now reading some of the books, but he still doesn’t know all the words. Since you already learned them, why don’t you teach him while you refresh it?”

Zhao Congbo immediately nodded. “I’ll come to Uncle An’s house to copy. The books that Qing is reading now also have notes from the county schoolmaster, so I would like to also read them and learn from them.” After saying that, he bit his lips as if he had some difficulty.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Congbo stumbled for a moment before he spoke, “Uncle Yunan, can you let Wang Yan also copy?” He said anxiously. “He studies better than me, so he can also help Qing better.”

Shao Yunan was helpless, “Children should not think so much. What can’t be done? Every afternoon you and Wang Yan should come over to copy the books. You can also help me with teaching Qing and I will cook some delicious food for you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Yunan. I’m going to tell Wang Yan!” Zhao Congbo turned around and ran. Zhao He shouted after him, “By the way, go tell your father, your uncle, and your second aunt to come over for dinner tonight.”

“Ai!” Zhao Congbo was already running as he yelled back, while Zhao He looked back at Shao Yunan and said gratefully, “Yunan, thank you so much.”

“Don’t always be so polite. Come on, hurry up and make mochi. You can also prepare them for Cangbo after learning how, so he can take some with him when he studies as a snack and pad his stomach.”

“Okay.” Zhao He was not polite, as he started to seriously learn how to make the mochi.

The beaten glutinous rice was pulled into pieces, flattened in the palm, wrapped with boiled red bean paste, kneaded, slightly flattened, then covered with white sesame seeds. Zhao He ate it and immediately fell in love with it. Shao Yunan brought a plate to Wang Qing and Wang  Nizi, while scooping out some of the pea paste for Zhao He to take back. This glutinous rice cake should be made immediately after the glutinous rice has finished steaming, otherwise, it would taste much worse.

Zhao Congbo came back, followed by Wang Yan, who acted very shy. Shao Yunan greeted the two children and brought another plate of mochi into the room. The two children ate it without stopping, so Shao Yunan hurriedly urged them to eat less, since it would fill their stomachs.


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