Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 150

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing did not just sit there and wait for Wang Zhisong to come. After chatting with King Rong, Shao Yunan went to make honey grapefruit tea. His senior brother was eager to get it. Wang Shijing went to check Jiang Moxi’s homework. Nizi was practicing the zither and Jiang Moxi was reading next to her.

The cover of the book said ‘Mountain Climbing,’ which was an enlightenment book for children, but the actual content was ‘High School Mathematics.’ When Shao Yunan almost ran out of grapefruits in the kitchen and Wang Shijing also finished tidying up the vegetable patch in the backyard, Yan Fusheng came over to report that Wang Zhisong, Wang Dali, and Wang Chunxiu had arrived.

Wang Shijing asked Yan Fusheng to take him to the main hall at the back. He went to the kitchen and called Shao Yunan, and they went there together. When the two arrived, King Rong was already there. Wang Dali sat on the chair as if he was sitting on pins and needles. In the middle, Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu were both kneeling. Both of their eyes were red and swollen, but they were not crying. Both of them were dressed simply, but they were clean.

As soon as Wang Shijing appeared, Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu began to kowtow and cry again. “Brother… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Shao Yunan… “Call him Brother Shijing.” Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu immediately changed their tone. “Brother Shijing… Sorry… Sorry…”

Wang Chunxiu lifted her head and sobbed. “I’m sorry, Shijing, I’m sorry, Nizi, Brother Qing, I’m sorry, Sister-in-law. I never regarded Brother Shijing as my elder brother, nor did I consider Qing and Nizi as my own niece and nephew. Nizi was so young and I made her do my laundry no matter how cold it was. I even thought about selling Nizi to a rich household to earn me more dowry money. Shijing, when you came back, I was even afraid of your blinded face. I’m not worthy of being your sister, not deserving.”

After finishing her words, Wang Chunxiu covered her face and burst into tears. Wang Zhisong remained kneeling, shoulders shaking. Wang Shijing spoke solemnly. “If I hadn’t married Yunan, I wouldn’t have split up with you. The filial responsibility compelled me, otherwise, Nizi and Qing would be ruined by my real parents and siblings.” Wang Dali lowered his head, clutching his clothes tightly. Wang Zhisong’s crying intensified and Wang Chunxiu cried even louder.

“It’s too late to talk about forgiveness or not now. I don’t want to dwell on the past, but over these years, the bit of affection I had for you has already faded away. Today, Yunan called you in, not out of pity for you, but for me. He doesn’t want me to feel sad about today’s events. But, I don’t know if I will feel sorrow.”

Wang Dali wiped his eyes. Taking a deep breath, Wang Shijing continued. “Chunxiu, before I go to the capital, I will find a good family for you. I will hand the dowry money to your father. After you’re married, treat your husband well, honor your in-laws, and live well.” Wang Chunxiu looked up in surprise and Wang Dali also raised his head.

“Stop thinking about unrealistic things. Even if you marry into a wealthy family, your origin will limit how good your days will be. Will the in-laws despise you? Will your husband take another wife? Can you manage the household? Marrying into a wealthy family might seem good, but only a few commoners marrying into such homes actually find happiness.”

Wang Chunxiu cried, “Shijing, my marriage is all up to you, I’ll listen to you.” Wang Shijing looked at Wang Zhisong. “Wang Zhisong.” Wang Zhisong’s body trembled, slowly lifting his head, tears streaming down his face.

“I won’t ask if you’ve truly realized your mistakes and you don’t need to repent to me. You’ve lost your position and possibly your future. I’ll give you two choices. Stay in Xiushui Village and farm with your father or go to the border and see what being a real man is.”

Wang Zhisong gazed at Wang Shijing, the elder brother he had never truly looked at. His eyes were completely blurry. He wiped his tears and said, “I’ll go to the border.” Wang Dali shuddered but didn’t speak.

“Good. Before I go to the capital, I’ll arrange for someone to take you to Tiger Pass. I once served under Young General Dai in the military and I’ll write a letter to my old friends in the army. If you choose to go to Tiger Pass, don’t desert, endure all hardships and pain. If you come home in a dejected state, it’s better to hang yourself today than to leave a pitiable reputation.”

“I won’t desert!”

Wang Shijing didn’t look at his own father, but said to Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu, “I’ll entrust Wang Wenhe, Zhao Lizheng, and Fourth Uncle to take care of your father. You can rest assured in your marriage or your journey to the border.”

“Shijing…” Wang Dali’s trembling voice came out. Wang Shijing looked over and Wang Dali was weeping openly. Wang Shijing’s jaw tightened, but no matter how much Wang Dali regretted, he couldn’t bring himself to say ‘dad’ to Wang Shijing.

At that moment, Shao Yunan spoke up. “If you truly feel sorry for Shijing, then live well. Live to see how your son and daughter do. In the future, when you have grandchildren, teach them well. Don’t raise them like Wang Zaizheng.” Wang Dali lowered his head, wiping his eyes.

Wang Shijing continued, “You may leave.” Wang Zhisong ‘banged’ his head three times before getting up. Wang Chunxiu also banged her head three times and with teary eyes, stood up. They supported the weeping Wang Dali as they left. Once, they had thought of moving in, even had the thought of taking over the estate. Now, they could enter, but the thought of enjoying the grandeur of the mansion had disappeared.

As the two departed, King Rong shook his head. “Ah, why go through this trouble, why come here? Shijing, Yunan, you did the right thing. After all this, I believe those three will truly come to their senses. But Shijing, what kind of good family are you preparing for Wang Chunxiu? It’s not easy for her to find a good family at this point.”

Shao Yunan said, “Family background doesn’t matter, as long as they treat her well. When I sought out Shijing, he was quite poor.” Wang Shijing responded calmly, “Yes, as long as the person is good, a little poverty doesn’t matter. As long as one is not lazy, things will eventually get better.”

Shao Yunan teasingly asked, “How much dowry are you planning to provide for Wang Chunxiu?” Wang Shijing, again showing affection in front of King Rong, said, “You are in charge of our household. Whatever you say will be the amount.”

“Both of you! If you continue like this, I will have to punish you!” exclaimed King Rong. Shao Yunan replied, “My Lord, you’re not being fair. I adore Shijing because we’re a married couple. It’s normal to have affection, isn’t it? Also…. you, sir, are not unfamiliar with love.”

“King Luo Rong!” Suddenly, King Luo Rong stopped speaking, then said angrily, “I’m an elderly person! You two should be ashamed, acting like this in front of an elder!”

“We call it affection~”

“Hmph!” King Rong stood up, looking annoyed, and walked off. Shao Yunan blinked, then looked up. “Uncle Murong and Aunt Wang, they won’t lack affection, right?” Wang Shijing shook his head, “I don’t know.”


At this point, the matters concerning the Wang family were completely settled, Wang Shijing also admitted that he felt quite relieved. If Shao Yunan hadn’t taken action, he would have remained silent. However, Shao Yunan’s action removed the last burden from his heart. It was also at this moment that he freed himself from the imprisonment of blood relations, from his body to his heart, experiencing true liberation and freedom.

People in the village were curious about what Wang Dali, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu experienced at the Wang family estate. They found it hard to believe Shao Yunan’s actions and remained skeptical. Wang Zhisong had been scolded by Shao Yunan before, so could he truly change? No matter how much people probed, the three of them remained tight-lipped. Three days later, Wang Shijing sent a letter written for Wang Zhisong with Yan Fusheng.

Chen Sanli and the trading caravan heading to the border would take Wang Zhisong to Tiger Pass. Wang Zhisong was to deliver the letter to his friend in the army. If that friend was no longer there, he should directly seek out General Dai. Wang Shijing believed that with the 3,500 taels of gold, even if he wasn’t a high-ranking general, General Dai would give some support and recruit Wang Zhisong. What Wang Zhisong, a scholar, could accomplish at the border depended on his willingness to work hard and change.

Wang Chunxiu’s in-laws were already chosen from Xinji County in Guangnan Prefecture. The man was twenty-three, widowed, and had a three-year-old daughter. Although he was a widower, in his family, just him and his father lived there, and they wouldn’t be suppressed by an overpowering mother-in-law. His family ran a small grocery store.

If this had happened before, Wang Chunxiu would have objected. However, as it was difficult to find a good family in Yongxiu County, the man, though a widower, was not an impoverished man. Although he had a daughter, she would be married off later. Because of the family setup, many women didn’t like such a situation, but the man wanted a woman to take care of his daughter. Thus, a suitable match was found.

The wedding was arranged by Chen Sanli, who explained the situation honestly, saying that the girl had been naive and had done some damage to her reputation, but was fundamentally not unchaste. The man’s family accepted the explanation and were satisfied, so the engagement was joyously accepted.

As Wang Zhisong was leaving for the border and didn’t want to miss his sister’s wedding, the engagement was quickly arranged within ten days from exchanging the eight characters, presenting the gifts, and setting the wedding date. The man’s family was satisfied and the couple was to be wed a month later, with the groom’s family coming to marry the bride in Yongxiu County.

After the division of the family, Wang Dali didn’t have much money left and the money previously provided by Shao Yunan was spent by Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu on renting a house and daily expenses. Wang Shijing gave 300 taels of silver to Fourth Aunt Wang to arrange Wang Chunxiu’s dowry. Chunxiu would keep the rest of the money.

The news spread, creating a stir in Xiushui Village. Shao Yunan’s slaps for Wang Zhisong had not been in vain. To think that Wang Shijing had given Wang Chunxiu’s dowry and that Wang Zhisong was joining the military at the border. Was Wang Shijing ready to fully ‘acknowledge his roots’ again?

Wang Wenhe and Zhao Lizheng stepped in to explain. The relation was severed and would remain so. At the time of the division, Wang Shijing had been forced. If he hadn’t cut ties, he wouldn’t have been able to survive. Now, his biological father and siblings were in such a state and he couldn’t turn a blind eye. Wang Shijing was willing to intervene because Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu truly recognized their wrongdoings and were willing to turn over a new leaf, not just superficially.

When Wang Chunxiu got married, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would already be in the capital. Wang Shijing didn’t plan to stay for the wedding. He had intervened but had no intention of letting ‘others’ have any unrealistic thoughts. As for Wang Dali, Wang Shijing had a long talk with Wang Shuping, and then Wang Shuping advised Wang Dali to rent out the family’s land and retain a plot for himself.

With the rent from the clan, Wang Dali’s expenses were covered. Wang Shijing also left 500 taels of silver with Wang Shuping. If Wang Dali needed a large sum, the money would be available, but it would be kept by Wang Shuping. This could be considered as Wang Shijing’s final act of filial piety towards Wang Dali. Wang Shuping didn’t hide the truth from Wang Dali, who reacted by lowering his head and wiping his eyes.

On the day of Wang Chunxiu’s marriage, the groom’s family arrived with dozens of people and twenty chests of betrothal gifts, which was quite a grand gesture for a village girl in Xiushui Village. Wang Chunxiu’s dowry was also abundant. As she was marrying afar, Fourth Aunt Wang didn’t provide any large furniture except for essential items like clothing and bedding.

Fourth Aunt Wang, along with Shao Yunan, purchased ten acres of land in Zhoujia Village in Xinji County in Wang Chunxiu’s name. They also left 100 taels of silver for Wang Chunxiu and the rest was spent on jewelry. With the gold and silver jewelry from the betrothal gifts, Wang Chunxiu looked stunning on the day of her marriage. Before getting into the bridal sedan, she knelt down, kowtowing three times toward the Wang family estate, even though the owner had already left for the capital.

Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo did not show up, instead, Wang Zhisong carried Wang Chunxiu in the bridal sedan. The next day, Wang Zhisong bid farewell to Wang Dali, packed a simple bag, and carried a box of books before leaving Xiushui Village. His return date was unknown and whether he would ever return was uncertain. Before Wang Chunxiu’s marriage, the siblings had visited the old lady in prison, but the result wasn’t pleasant.

The Old Lady Was completely insane and demanded that Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu use money to have her released. Upon hearing that Wang Chunxiu was getting married and Wang Zhisong was going to Tiger Pass, arranged by Wang Shijing, the old lady cursed them. She accused them of being devoid of conscience while their mother suffered in prison and they enjoyed themselves. She even uttered irrelevant remarks like ‘recognizing thieves as fathers.’

Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu were completely disappointed. Having endured so much, if they still couldn’t see the reality, as Shao Yunan would say, they might as well die. When they left the prison, no one ever brought up their mother again. Now, with Wang Zhisong going a thousand miles away to the border and Wang Chunxiu marrying far off, upon their return to the village, it’s still unknown whether Old Lady Wang would still be alive. However, this is a story for another time. As for now, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan have yet to depart for the capital.


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