Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 120.1

Wang Shijing expressed satisfaction with the honey grapefruit tea after returning in the evening, but he personally didn’t like sweets. Chen Sanli would definitely be willing to do this business. Not to mention how much money he could earn, just the fact that he could establish a relationship with Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing would be enough to satisfy him. 

Wang Shijing told Shao Yunan that he had broken Wei Hongzheng’s limbs, and Shao Yunan expressed satisfaction.  He was not worried at all about Marquis Hengyuan coming after them. Whether Marquis Hengyuan could retain his title was still uncertain. 

The Emperor may be unable to act against these influential families temporarily due to the circumstances, but if his bottom line was touched, this monarch with the power of life and death would definitely not hesitate. With Emperor Yongming’s devoted personality, it would be suicidal for him to live long after cursing. Not to mention the insulting words spoken by Wei Hongzheng.

The next day, when Wang Shijing went to the tea factory, he brought the honey grapefruit tea that Shao Yunan wanted to send to the capital with him. Shao Yunan made a total of 40 small jars, kept 5 for themselves, gave 3 jars to Jiang Kangning, and sent the remaining 32 jars to the capital. Among the 32 jars, 8 were specially ordered to be sent to the Empress for his consumption. They only made 8 small jars of grapefruit tea with the fully diluted spiritual spring water so its ‘effect’ should be sufficient.

Jiang Kangning called for An Yi, who immediately offered to personally deliver the goods to the capital, when he heard that the two young masters had something good to send. He recorded which jars were for the palace, which ones were for the master, and which ones were for elder Cen. 

An Yi quickly packed the honey grapefruit tea and headed straight to the dock. These things might seem ordinary, but they were also quite precious. Even though Dai Jiang was returning to the capital today, Wang Shijing didn’t think about having him bring the tea back.

Wang Qing didn’t go to the academy and the three children studied in the morning. Wang Qing studied the knowledge from the academy while Jiang Moxi pursued independent learning, reading whatever books he wanted and doing whatever crafts he liked. Shao Yunan let him do as he pleased. Nizi practiced the zither in the music room, often accompanied by Jiang Moxi. After she finished practicing the zither, she would go to find Wang Qing. 

After taking a nap, the three children went to the tea-making room in the backyard. They claimed they were helping their Little Father, but they actually went to the space to plant the seeds they were interested in and help their Little Father (Uncle An) take care of the seedlings of more than a dozen fruits, including grapes, watermelons, cantaloupes, lychees, and more. Except for the grapes and watermelons, all the other fruit seedlings were requested by them. For this, Shao Yunan specially allocated a piece of land for them to play with.

In the evening, Wang Shijing returned with the fish fry that Shao Yunan wanted and the fish he had promised to bring for the children. Shao Yunan put half of the fish fry into the space, claiming that the children would take care of the other half themselves, but it was just a cover-up for the missing half of the fish fry. As for the large fish he brought back, Shao Yunan, as expected, made a mouth-watering water-boiled fish dish. 

Wang Shijing had brought a grass carp, which was perfect for making boiled fish slices. Jiang Moxi had eaten fish before, but he had no memory of it, and even if he did, it was likely filled with a fishy smell. Wang Qing and Nizi had never eaten fish before. After finishing the meal, the three children looked at their father (Uncle Shijing) with eyes full of longing. But it was Jiang Moxi who was the most direct. “Fish!”

Wang Shijing could only say that he would look for a way to get fish tomorrow. People here don’t eat fish and there’s no one selling it. There were no fish dishes in the restaurants either. They could either catch fish in the river or try their luck by the riverbank, hoping to come across someone who caught some. 

The fish in the space will take at least half a month to grow, so Shao Yunan could only give Wang Shijing a helpless look. However, Wang Shijing was not annoyed. The children love to eat fish and he loves it too. It’s just a grass carp, after all. If necessary, he would personally go to the river to catch some.

In the evening, after washing away the dirt, Wang Shijing lay comfortably on the bed, enjoying a massage from his wife. Shao Yunan sat on his waist, patting and massaging his back without any specific pattern.



“Chen Sanli is very interested in your honey grapefruit tea and asked if he could partner with us in this business. I told him about your plan.”

“What did he say.”

“He said it was no problem at all. He had eaten the jam made by Zhao Lizheng’s family and trusted our workmanship. He said the profits would be seven for us and three for him.”

“He seems to be good at dealing with people.”

“He knows that our big boss is the Emperor and the Empress. Otherwise, as a wealthy man from Yongxiu and with his elder brother being a prefectural governor, there’s no need for him to treat us with such courtesy.”

Shao Yunan said, “But based on Chen Dong’s persona, Chen Sanli shouldn’t be a bad person. However, it’s hard to guarantee that a good bamboo can sprout from a bad one.”

Wang Shijing closed his eyes and lazily said, “The eldest brother said we can cooperate with him. His elder brother, the prefectural governor, is a supporter of the Emperor and not part of a conservative faction of the noble families.”

After reading many modern books in the space, Wang Shijing had developed a slight taste for politics. Shao Yunan said, “That’s good. Now we’re tied together with the Emperor, so we must fully support him and not create a powerful opponent through our cooperation. You should go and sign the contract with him. As for the profit, let’s stick to the previous agreement of a 50-50 split. We’ll split our share with the Li family in the same way, giving three parts to the elder brother and the rest to the Yunlong Group. What do you think?”

Wang Shijing still lazily asked, “Wife, don’t you want it?”

“That small amount of money is not worth it. I’m interested in Chen Sanli’s route to Dasi Kingdom, that’s where the big money is.” Wang Shijing chuckled, “Alright, I’ll listen to my wife. I’ll go talk to him tomorrow. He has definitely never met someone as generous as my wife.”

Shao Yunan leaned down and whispered in Wang Shijing’s ear. “It depends on the situation. When it comes to money, I’m always generous. But if someone wants you, I’ll definitely be stingy.”

Wang Shijing didn’t like hearing that. He pulled his wife to his side and pressed him down.

“Wife…” he whispered.

“You want to do it?” He asked

“I’ve been longing for it!”



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