After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 52.2 – Extra 1

He had taken showers in the men’s bathhouse before and had seen other men’s bodies. What’s the big deal!?

Besides, Yan Xueshan was so upright, there was no hint of anything ambiguous! It was precisely because he was so open that there was no need to be coy!

Arthur stood there as if in self-punishment, facing the open storage locker, silently using the towel to press against his nose, and trying to regulate his breathing.

Damn! Don’t let your heart beat so fast! Be calm, brother!

You didn’t even jump like this when you almost got beaten to death. Are you trying to explode?

Suddenly, he heard footsteps.

Without thinking, he looked over, and it was Yan Xueshan. He came out again.

The two of them looked at each other.

Yan Xueshan wasn’t embarrassed, but Arthur was embarrassed beyond words.

Yan Xueshan noticed there was blood on his towel, so he walked over and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

In a serious tone, he said, “You should quickly see the military doctor and get checked. It might be intracranial bleeding due to overloading in combat. Don’t take a shower for now; otherwise, you might pass out when you’re under the water.”

Arthur didn’t know where to look with his eyes. “Ah, ah, okay, okay.”

“Why did you come out?”

Yan Xueshan said, “I forgot my shampoo. You go see a doctor.”

How could Arthur have the nerve to tell him the real reason? He had to go to the doctor in disgrace.

The test results turned out to be flawless and he was in good health. After a delay of more than an hour, Arthur finished his shower and returned to the dormitory.

Yan Xueshan was wearing sports attire, a T-vest with gym shorts, loose but with little cloth.

Just as Arthur entered the room, Yan Xueshan was doing the cat pose stretch. His legs were bent, kneeling on the ground, and his arms stretched upward and forward. His back was gently arching, his buttocks slightly lifted, and his upper body was pressed against the floor.

When he stood up, a breathtaking curve emerged from his waist and hips. He did it very standardly, just like a cat stretching lazily.

Arthur felt his nose heating up again.

He quickly covered it.

Fortunately, there was no nosebleed this time.

With his head feeling hot, he asked nervously, “Ah? Are you exercising?”

Yan Xueshan stopped and sat on the yoga mat. “Don’t you do stretching exercises? Otherwise, you might wake up tomorrow with sore muscles. As a qualified Master Sergeant, you have to learn to take care of your body.”

Arthur replied, “Yes, you’re right.”

He looked at Yan Xueshan’s face and felt like a fool. Now, no matter what Yan Xueshan said, he only had one thought—whatever Yan Xueshan said was correct.

That night, he finally gathered the courage to talk to Yan Xueshan.

Nervously, he asked, “Can I talk to you? After all, we’ll be partners for a long time. For the sake of our synchronization rate, I think we should get to know each other, don’t you think?”

He thought Yan Xueshan wouldn’t pay attention to him, but Yan Xueshan directly asked, “What do you want to know? Ask.”

Unexpectedly, Yan Xueshan was easy to talk to, making Arthur stuck.

Yan Xueshan paused and then started speaking, like a robot reporting its own parameters. “My name is Yan Xueshan. I’m 26 years old, born on June 6, 2170, in the Galactic Calendar. I graduated from the Imperial Military University’s Mecha Department. Primary gender male, secondary gender beta, blood type AB, height 178 cm, weight 68 kg…”

Arthur was dazed but quickly concentrated and recorded all the data in his electronic notebook.

Yan Xueshan finished in one breath and asked, “Understood?”

Arthur was struggling to write down the data diligently on his electronic notepad and said dizzily, “Got, got it.”

By the time he had finished organizing it all, Yan Xueshan was already asleep.

Then Arthur realized-

All this data was on Yan Xueshan’s profile, ah! What the hell was he noting down!

Clearly, he wanted to know more personal things about Yan Xueshan, but somehow, he had been led by Yan Xueshan.

Not long after, another issue troubled Arthur.

How should he address Yan Xueshan?

First, he ruled out calling him by his name, as that would be impolite. ‘Xueshan’ was also not possible; it was too intimate. Terms like ‘Senior’ or ‘Senior Brother’ were also not quite right; they were at most college graduates and didn’t have a teacher-student relationship.

To get along well with Yan Xueshan, he first needed to come up with a good address.

Arthur researched hard. He found out who Yan Xueshan’s college teacher was and inquired about his experiences in college. Using this information, he tried to get closer to Yan Xueshan and it worked better than before.

Now, Yan Xueshan would talk to him occasionally.

Still, even after two or three months, Yan Xueshan’s attitude remained indifferent.

Before applying to become Yan Xueshan’s partner, Arthur had heard about this, but he didn’t know the specifics.

It seems that the rumors were true.

Arthur was initially a bit frustrated, feeling like there was no way to win Yan Xueshan’s favor. However, he slowly discovered that Yan Xueshan wasn’t just cold to him; Yan Xueshan was cold to everyone!

Without exception!

This made him feel much better.

Moreover, he didn’t think Yan Xueshan was as heartless to his partners as people said.

Although Yan Xueshan didn’t care about him personally, he did offer some guidance in operating the mechas. He even suggested training together after finding out that Arthur secretly trained by himself.

He was diligent and responsible at work.

Yan Xueshan even shared with him some professional techniques he had personally researched.

You should know that not every Master Sergeant was willing to share their secret skills with others. When Yan Xueshan was explaining these techniques to him, Arthur even felt a bit trance-like, as if it wasn’t entirely real.

Yan Xueshan looked at him with clear eyes and patiently asked, “Do you understand?” His gaze seemed to say, ‘It’s okay if you don’t get it; I’ll explain it again.’

Although there was no intention or desire in his gaze, Arthur felt like his soul was slowly sinking into those transparent, black crystal-like eyes. He shook his head, realizing there might be a misunderstanding. Nodding, he said, “I understand.

“But, I don’t know why you’re telling me this,” Arthur said.

Yan Xueshan looked puzzled and tilted his head slightly, asking, “Can’t I tell you?”

He seemed like a child who loved to share, giving some candies he liked to Arthur. Just adorable.

Arthur couldn’t look away, and the feeling of his heart pounding uncontrollably returned. He said, “It’s not that you can’t. Are these precious exclusive techniques something you can casually share?”

Yan Xueshan nodded. “It can be. It’s not casual either. You are a very talented child. I’m only telling you because I think you can do it.”


Arthur blushed.

He felt like his soul was an inflated balloon, swelling with the wind of superiority. Actually, he had taken a deep breath, opened his eyes wide, and stared at Yan Xueshan without blinking.

Especially with Yan Xueshan’s usual attitude, it was the most encouraging.

Actually, Arthur had never been very confident in himself. After all, he chose to study mechas halfway through his studies, and he used to hate them. He put everything on the line because of the idea of avenging his sister.

No one ever praised him for being talented.

His biological father, the President of the Federation and a retired high-level Melee Master Sergeant laughed at him after watching his melee mecha training, saying it was better for him not to learn.

At school, he was recognized as the most hardworking student of his year, but he still couldn’t get into the top three. He even heard his classmates pitying him behind his back, saying, “Arthur is so diligent, yet he can’t make it to the top three. Talent can be so cruel.”

Teachers sometimes mentioned how his sister learned a set of movements in a short time, and he, on the other hand, made the teacher sigh after just one attempt at a basic movement. He had to practice every basic movement countless times to master it.

He believed he wasn’t a talented person, but he still wanted to become a Mech Master Sergeant.

His luck was also relatively good, and he had survived safely on the battlefield until now.

This was the first time in his life that someone praised him.

Yan Xueshan: “What are you looking at me like that for?”

Arthur came back to his senses and sincerely said, “It’s the first time someone has said I’m talented.”

“You really are talented,” Yan Xueshan said again.

Feeling like he had been attacked with another compliment, Arthur was unable to calm down. His face turned even redder as he said, “Actually, I was only third in class when I graduated from the school, and I barely passed the A-level examination.”

Yan Xueshan was surprised, saying, “Is that so? I think your current level is solidly above A-level. For a child as old as you to already be an A-ranked Master Sergeant is impressive.”

Yan Xueshan looked him in the eyes and said seriously, “I couldn’t even get an A-rank Master Scholar License when I was 19.”

Arthur didn’t react at first. He was stunned by Yan Xueshan’s praise, but then he realized that when Yan Xueshan was 19, he had just touched a real mecha. After some rough training in the army, he gained the admiration of the instructors, who recommended him for a free university education. Just three years later, he graduated with double A’s in Melee and Long Range Mechas!
Yan Xueshan rationally analyzed: “There are many possibilities for not ranking first when graduating. Each Master Sergeant type is different. Some are more academic, while others are more practical. I think you are likely the practical type. You perform much better on the battlefield than during training.”

Arthur thought, ‘since you said that, then I really believe it.’

He was determined to become a powerful Master Sergeant, but had been driven by the idea of revenge, while thinking he didn’t have any talent.

He felt more confident in commanding.

Yan Xueshan admired him and said, “Your foundation is solid, and your physical fitness is basically at the limit for a human. You’ve worked very hard. I’m happy to teach you my techniques.

“When your skills improve, our partnership will become stronger. I hope we can apply together for the new S-level mechas from the research institute.”

Arthur was excited. His face flushed, as he said, “Yes! Yes! Just you teaching me like this, isn’t it a bit too much?” 

Yan Xueshan hadn’t even had time to speak when Arthur looked at him with bright eyes and asked eagerly and shyly, “Since you’re teaching me like this, can I call you ‘Master’?”

“Ah?” Yan Xueshan was taken aback.

Immediately, Arthur looked at him with a pitiful expression, like a puppy with drooping ears, and asked, “Is that not allowed?”

“Well…” Yan Xueshan was flustered. “It’s not that it’s not allowed.”

He didn’t really mind.

From that day on, Arthur became even more enthusiastic towards him, sticking to him like a loyal puppy. They were almost inseparable, and he affectionately called Yan Xueshan: “Master.”

Yan Xueshan had never come into contact with someone with such a sunny disposition.

In the past, his partners were all older, around 25 years old, with several years of experience in the military. They treated each other with mutual respect.

Yan Xueshan wasn’t quite used to it, but Arthur said to him, “Master, I think calling you that might improve our matching rate.”

After some thought, Yan Xueshan realized that it made sense. As time went on, he gradually got used to this way of interacting.

He was able to take the title, ‘Master’ in stride.

Little by little, everyone in their unit knew that Yan Xueshan had a lively and cheerful apprentice.

In the stern and serious military, Arthur was like a ray of sunshine, brightening up Yan Xueshan’s days. He even offered to wash Yan Xueshan’s clothes and socks, but Yan Xueshan felt it was a bit like oppressing a junior, so he declined.

Back when he first joined the military and during his time in military college, he encountered seniors who maliciously asked him to do chores, but he had refused all of them. This had led to him getting reprimanded for getting into fights.

As a result, it left him with some bad memories.

He didn’t want others to treat him like that, and by the same token, he wouldn’t treat others like that either.

Even if it was Arthur who had to recognize him as his Master, he would still respect his young disciple.

Yan Xueshan also believed that he hadn’t misjudged Arthur’s character.

In countless real battles, Arthur’s strength grew at an astonishing rate. He was like a sponge, tirelessly absorbing combat experience, constantly leveling up. No one could predict how far he would grow.

Yan Xueshan himself was a workaholic, so when they were together, it wasn’t just 1 + 1 equals 2.

Unconsciously, they seemed to climb the ranks in the sharpshooter list within the military. They were only ranked below the twin siblings with the last name Lan, who were part of the Heavenly God Candidate Program, and the duo known as the geniuses, Zhi Shu and Klitsch

Due to their high coherency rate, they eventually became the first pair of S-level twin mechas pilots for Artemis and Zhulong.

The moon goddess in ancient Greek mythology and the sun god in Chinese mythology.

On the day of their approval, their original unit was filled with excitement.

The officers specifically held an internal party to celebrate this achievement, praising their outstanding performance and encouraging other Master Sergeants to strive for progress and learn from them.

It was Arthur and Yan Xueshan’s first time attending such a party together since becoming partners.

Arthur awkwardly took a sip of alcohol.

When it was Yan Xueshan’s turn, he directly said, “Apologies, but I won’t drink for the sake of maintaining my sniping state.”

The officer smiled and said, “Oh, oh, sorry, I forgot. You can just have juice.”

Arthur blushed, realizing that drinking alcohol wasn’t a good idea. He had gotten carried away.

He quietly put down his glass, then he looked at Yan Xueshan.

Yan Xueshan was holding a glass of coconut milk, sitting in a corner seat, sipping it through a straw. His cheeks puffed out slightly when he drank, then puckered back in, like a little hamster.

Arthur found him adorable.

The music started.

The dance floor was cleared in the middle of the party, and men and women entered the dance floor with their dance partners to start dancing.

Music and dance were always an art that healed the human soul.

Only at times like this could everyone briefly forget the cruelties of war and enjoy the present happiness without thinking about whether tomorrow would turn them into floating corpses in space forever.

Arthur hesitated for a moment about whether to invite Yan Xueshan to dance, but someone came to his side and asked if he wanted to dance together.

While politely declining, Arthur caught a glimpse of someone else inviting Yan Xueshan!

Arthur’s heart skipped a beat.

He had always wondered how someone as attractive and talented as Yan Xueshan could be single. At 26 years old, he must have been in several relationships with his charm.

Yet currently, as far as he observed, Yan Xueshan seemed to be single.

Arthur was lost in thought while gazing at Yan Xueshan and didn’t notice that the person who invited him suddenly frowned. Arthur hurriedly said, “Sorry, I think I should dance with my partner.”

The person replied, “Ah, it’s okay,” while muttering under his breath, “His pheromones suddenly turned sour.”

Arthur didn’t catch that and rushed over to Yan Xueshan.

Taking a step forward, he discreetly made his way through the crowd surrounding Yan Xueshan and put on his signature sunny smile, saying, “What are you talking about? You look so cheerful.”


Yan Xueshan maintained a poker face and truthfully replied, “It’s not like we were having a really cheerful conversation. Just regular small talk.”

Arthur felt relieved.

Yan Xueshan continued, “He invited me to dance.”

Instantly, a surge of anger flared up within Arthur, but he forced himself to maintain his smile. He knew that this jerk had bad intentions! Did Yan Xueshan accept the invitation?

Who does he think he is?!

Clearly, Arthur was taller and more handsome! Yan Xueshan should dance with him instead!

Yan Xueshan added, “I declined.”

Arthur’s anger instantly subsided. “Oh.”

Turning his head again, the person who invited Yan Xueshan had already left dejectedly without them noticing.

Arthur snarked to himself, ‘It’s a good thing you know your place. You don’t deserve to dance with Yan Xueshan!’

Arthur asked, “Can I invite you to dance then?”

Yan Xueshan hesitated for a moment, then shook his head. “No. I don’t know how to dance.”

He doesn’t know how to dance? How cute!

Arthur thought for a moment and said, “That’s okay, I can teach you.”

Yan Xueshan firmly refused. “No. It’s getting late, and I’m full. I want to rest. If you want to dance, find someone else.”

With that, he placed his plate and cup back, stood up, and reminded him, “If you come back late, remember to be quiet so you don’t disturb me.”

However, from this moment on, Arthur became aware of a rather personal matter.

Yan Xueshan’s love life.

It was a question he didn’t dare to bring up on his own.

It kept him up at night, thinking: Has Yan Xueshan been in a relationship before? How many times? Was it with a man or a woman? An alpha or a beta? What was their profession? Were they introverted or extroverted?

Most importantly, if he were to be a potential partner, would Yan Xueshan be interested in him?

Regardless of whether Yan Xueshan would be interested in him or not…


He had to clear out any other suitors who approached Yan Xueshan, so that there was no one else but him in Yan Xueshan’s optional range.


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