After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 45.2

He asked in the intercom channel, “When did you specialize in melee combat??”

Yan Xueshan replied suspiciously, “I have always known it.”

The audience became excited.

[Hahahahaha, You’ve gotten yourself in trouble for looking down on others!]

[Finally someone will heal him! ]

[Please hit him hard.]

After all, Lan Zephyr was also an experienced melee fighter, so he was able to adjust his mental state quickly. He immediately withdrew his careless attitude, stopped talking nonsense, and seriously responded to gain the upper hand.

Otherwise, how humiliating would it be?

When Yan Xueshan fought, he fought with him without using any weapons.

Ares’ Master Sergeant, Ulysses, hadn’t been fully convinced of what Arthur had said, and tsked. “You really didn’t lie. Yan Xueshan’s melee combat is very good.”

Arthur was extremely proud. “Yes. “

 Arthur remembered when he first partnered with Yan Xueshan. He knew that his level wasn’t enough, so every time he left the battlefield, he would watch his battle videos repeatedly, looking for what could be improved, and racking his brains to find some other ways.

He couldn’t rely on his luck every time right?

At first, he was very embarrassed to be discovered by Yan Xueshan. He was afraid that Yan Xueshan would think that he was young and weak, and picked times when Yan Xueshan wasn’t in the dormitory to secretly watch the videos.

Sometimes he would wait until after Yan Xueshan fell asleep and hid under the quilt to watch them.

He thought he wasn’t discovered.

Then, suddenly one day, he yawned during practice.

Yan Xueshan turned around and said, “I hope you don’t stay up late anymore. I don’t know if you are watching movies or something, but it affects your training.” After feeling so ashamed, and after some hesitation, he explained himself.

“I wasn’t playing. I was reviewing my battle videos and doing a self improvement analysis for myself.”

Yan Xueshan: “Oh, I misunderstood you. I’m sorry.”

After that, “But I still think it’s not good to affect your rest time. Since it also affects my rest by association.”

Arthur said in embarrassment, “I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again, or I can do it outside the room, okay?”

Yan Xueshan proposed a third option. “You can ask me directly, and I will help you. It will also save time if we watch it together. However, only before my bedtime.”

Arthur: “Huh? But, but….”

Yan Xueshan: “But what?”

Arthur: “But, I pilot a melee mecha.”

“I can also drive a melee mecha.” Yan Xueshan said lightly, but after he finished speaking, he fell into deep thought and muttered, “No, I really can’t guarantee that my melee level is higher than yours… or as good as yours.”

“Let’s have a try and see.”

They didn’t pilot the S-class mecha, but used the most common training mecha in the base at that time to fight against each other.

Arthur had always been quite confident in himself, but he was pressed and beaten by Yan Xueshan. Yan Xueshan was strong because he had a good grasp of the rhythm.

Probably because of his mental disease, he could be calmer than ordinary people when sniping, and he would also never panic when fighting in melee.

Inexplicably, Yan Xueshan also recalled this incident.

He still remembered that when Arthur got out of the cockpit, he took off his helmet with sweat all over his head, staring at him with hot eyes. Without blinking, not discouraged at all, he asked excitedly, “Can you teach me?”

It was asked with a mixture of admiration and amazement, without a trace of jealousy, like a child who loved to learn.

Yan Xueshan nodded. “Yes.”

Arthur pursed his lips, and asked extremely shyly, “Then, can I call you Master?”

It was a novel title, Yan Xueshan thought.

It was the first time he met a partner like this, and he vaguely felt that this time was really different from before.

Yan Xueshan became more and more familiar with the controls and gradually gained an overwhelming upper hand.

The comment section also became more excited:

[I didn’t expect the Sniper God’s melee combat to be so powerful too ……]

​​[Can’t a sniper who can’t melee be a sniper? 】

【Wooooooooooooo I can’t see his face. I can’t see his face at all right now, but he’s so handsome! Why are you already married?]

 Even Yan Xueshan, who still felt like he had time, whispered to himself, “Well, Arthur is a little better than you.”

Lan Zephyr hadn’t taken the comments very seriously at first, but hearing Yan Xueshan’s words was like injecting chicken blood into his veins. “Damn! You can kill someone but not humiliate them! I was going easy on you but you took it seriously.”

He suddenly broke out.

Yan Xueshan dodged and in a moment, he was about to crash into him. He didn’t respond with an attack like before, but suddenly pulled out a short-range gun with his backhand and fired several shots.

Lan Zephyr managed to adapt to the previous fighting rhythm, but after it turned 180 degrees, the situation made him feel so uncomfortable that he wanted to vomit blood. Fortunately, he reacted quick enough and retreated quickly to avoid it.

The short cannons were powerful up close, but they had limited distance, making the energy dissipate sharply.

However, at the same time he retreated, Yan Xueshan raised his spear as if he expected him to retreat in his direction.

What is this for? All the spectators and the Master Sergeant thought.

Before the light from the short-range cannon dissipated, the spear in his hand was already thrown out.

It was like the light of a sniper rifle, hitting the opponent’s cockpit with precision.

Through and through.

If this was a real battle, Lan Zephyr would be catapulted from the cockpit to escape.

Ulysses was speechless. “Can it be done like this?”

With a dignified expression that was filled with desire for competition, Klitsch said in admiration, “What a natural Master Warrior.”


Only then did everyone realize that Yan Xueshan seemed to have planned to perform this set of combos from the very beginning.

Or was it not deliberately designed and was a matter of fighting instinct?

No one knew for sure.

Yan Xueshan himself was very calm.

Like a shot Eagle, Poseidon fell straight down and smashed into the city with a loud bang. With him at the center, the surrounding buildings collapsed like dominoes, while Yan Xueshan piloting Ares still stood beside the shining and beautiful Christmas tree that was still standing in the dust of the explosion.

He glanced at the time


The battle ended in 18 minutes and 26 seconds.

He said, “It’s over. Arthur, let’s go home.”

Arthur got up and said, “Sorry, my wife called me. I’m going first. We’re newlyweds, and we’re living together now.”

The crowd was speechless.

Does this need to be emphasized? Would you be uncomfortable if you didn’t show off??


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