Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 116.1

For the children, happiness is very simple. After the scare, the three children now only had happiness left. Little Father’s paradise had so much delicious food. Not to mention the snacks that dazzled their eyes, even the vegetables and fruits they had never seen before, made them not want to go outside.

The children now knew about the space, so Shao Yunan no longer needed to be discreet. In fact, it could be considered fate. From now on, he and Shijing no longer had to avoid eating the vegetables and fruits from the space in front of the children, feeling guilty while eating. Now the whole family could sit together to eat. 

He cooked lunch in the space using ingredients that are not available outside. The three children ate with great satisfaction and as he watched them. Satisfied expressions were on their faces. Seeing that they were not even willing to leave a drop of soup in their bowls, his heart softened.

“In the future, Little Father will often bring you to eat in the space and we will try to bring the vegetables and fruits from the space outside to grow. Then our whole family can openly enjoy them. But you must remember to keep it a secret.”

Nizi… “I won’t tell.”

Wang Qing… “I don’t know what Little Father has.”

Jiang Moxi shook his head. “I don’t know either.”

“You’re all so well-behaved!” After tidying up, Wang Shijing asked, “Do you want to stay in the space or go outside?”

Surprisingly, all three children said in unison that they wanted to go outside. They came to pick tea, not to play. Although the space was fascinating, they still wanted to be together with Father (Uncle Shijing) and Little Father (Uncle Yunan).

With no one else around, Shao Yunan packed apples, pears, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, and cucumbers, as well as snacks like biscuits and chocolates, and took the four of them out of the space. The area outside the space was a mess. Wang Shijing assigned a task. “The three of you clean up this place and after you finish, you can rest and have the food and water as you please. If you’re not tired, you can pick tea leaves.”

“Okay!” It didn’t matter how well the three children cleaned up. Wang Shijing rolled up his sleeves and climbed the tree again.

“Roar!” Everyone turned their heads. “…”

Shao Yunan… “Shit! It’s these tigers again, right?!”

It was already dark when Wang Shijing and family came down from the mountain. When they returned to the Wang residence, everyone was startled.

“Shijing, Yunan, what happened to you?” Auntie Zhou wiped the faces of the three children, who were covered in dirt from head to toe. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were also no exception. Shao Yunan remained silent and the three children also stayed quiet. Wang Shijing explained, “We didn’t see the path clearly and fell into a ditch. It wasn’t deep, just muddy.”

Upon hearing this, Auntie Zhou said, “It’s better not to take Nizi and the others up the mountain in the future. People say there are large animals in our mountains. What if something happens?”

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi lowered their heads, afraid that Grandma Zhou might notice something. Jiang Moxi had always been a bit cool and he wasn’t afraid of being caught, but even he avoided Grandma Zhou’s gaze. Wang Shijing said, “We didn’t go deep into the mountains, just stayed on the outskirts. We wouldn’t encounter anything. The children enjoy playing, so we let them have some fun.”

Shao Yunan spoke, “Auntie Zhou, we’re going to take a bath. Please tell Housekeeper Yan to bring dinner to my and Shijing’s room. We’re tired after a long day and don’t feel like going out to eat.”

“Alright. Go ahead.”

Shao Yunan immediately took the three children and left while Wang Shijing, without complaint, took the harvested items to the tea processing room in the backyard.

Once everything was prepared, Wang Shijing returned to the house and saw that Shao Yunan had already finished washing up. He was wearing a robe with his hair loose, indicating that he had just dried it.

“Shijing, let’s eat first. You can wash up afterward.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing washed his hands, wiped his face, and sat at the table. Shao Yunan hadn’t eaten either, but he still waited for Wang Shijing to start eating. Just as they took a few bites, they heard Wang Qing’s voice from outside. “Father, Little Father!”

Wang Shijing got up and went outside. When he returned, Wang Qing, Wang Nizi, and Jiang Moxi were following behind him, with Nizi still holding Jiang Moxi’s hand. Shao Yunan asked: “Did you finish eating?”

Wang Qing replied, “Not yet. We wanted to eat with Father and Little Father. Brother Miao Yuan and Brother Su will bring our dinner over later.”

“Come and have some buns first.” The three children sat down and Shao Yunan gave each of them a large meat bun. Wang Qing looked at his father and said, “Father, can I take another day off tomorrow? I still want to go up the mountain.” Jiang Moxi also said, “Up the mountain.” Wang Nizi… “Father, Little Father, I want to go tomorrow too.”

Shao Yunan glanced at Wang Shijing, signaling him to decide as he hungrily ate the bun. Wang Shijing remained silent and Wang Qing pleaded, “Father, just one more day off. We can finish picking the tea on the mountain tomorrow, right? I’ll go to school the day after tomorrow.” Nizi chimed in, “Father, let Big Brother go.” Jiang Moxi said, “Let him go.”

Wang Shijing said, “You can go. But once you start attending the academy, you have to study seriously. If the teachers at the academy say you’re not taking it seriously, Father will never take you to the mountain again.”

“I promise to study seriously!” Wang Qing was delighted that he could go to the mountain with his brother tomorrow, and Nizi was also happy. Jiang Moxi licked his lips and whispered, “Chocolate.”

Shao Yunan pinched Jiang Moxi’s nose and said, “We’ll have it tomorrow. There are many people in the house, so be careful when you’re outside, understand?” Jiang Moxi nodded vigorously. He understood and didn’t say anything more.

This day was full of excitement, mystery, and happiness for the three children. The things in the space were so delicious! Especially for Jiang Moxi, who was a little glutton. The tasty treats in the space were extremely tempting to him.

In the room, Jiang Moxi lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Wang Qing finished reading his book, put it down, took off his clothes, and got into bed. He turned his head to look at his older brother, who was lost in thought, and asked, “What are you thinking, Big Brother? We have to get up early tomorrow.” Jiang Moxi replied, “Ship.”


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