After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 31.1

Although the Blue Reaper had been lit up and took away two lives, no one present, whether friend or foe, except Arthur, knew the exact location of Yan Xueshan.

This was one of the characteristics of the Artemis. It had the Federation’s top anti-scanner system, so you could find it only with optical mode. Even in optical mode, Yan Xueshan’s operation skills were superb, with ghostly movements making him difficult to capture or see.

Arthur said, “Master, let’s scare them.”

Yan Xueshan asked, “How do you want to scare them?”

A minute later, on the public channel, Arthur said, “This is Arthur von Felix from the Fourth Legion of the Federation Army. I will give you one last chance, please consider surrendering within the time limit. Those who are interested can fly away on their own and pull out the energy bolts.

“I swear in the name of the Father of Mechas, that as long as you surrender, you will only be punished lightly. These who behave well and perform meritorious service will be able to  obtain Federation citizenship.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard of my reputation for strict military discipline and compliance with the Bill of Rights. I would never mistreat prisoners.”


Even during the war, the Imperial prisoners of war that Arthur captured were treated well and many of them were later transferred under his command.

Arthur asked a soldier to enter the public channel, and let him speak:

“Hello folks. I used to be a platoon leader of the First Corps of the Old Imperial Army named Wang Wu. The Federal Army treated me very well after they captured me. Here, there are no stereotypical domineering aristocrats, only equal and respectful comrades.

“The Imperial Army has long been destroyed. What you are doing is like hitting a stone with an egg, so you might as well stop and return to the light.”

After he finished speaking Arthur coughed lightly.


There was no movement.

The words just fell as a sniper ray lit up.

In a hidden corner another mecha was sniped.


Another mecha fell.


At this time there was finally movement from the other side.

Two mecha flew out, but when they were about to pull out their own energy bolts they were split by a lightsaber from behind. This split was extremely hard, directly splitting the cockpit, instantly spreading out beads of blood, making the scene unusually bloody.

In the public channel, a strange cold male voice rang out, “Whoever dares to defect to the enemy, will die now. Greetings, Admiral Arthur.

“I am the military commander of the Imperial Army’s 7th Corps. Don’t use any tricks. If you want to fight, just fight, don’t humiliate my people anymore.”

Arthur sighed softly and said to Yan Xueshan on the private channel, “Master, let’s be serious. Let’s respect them a little.”

Yan Xueshan calmly said, “There is no time when I am not serious.”

Arthur smiled. “Yes.”

Theoretically speaking, individual ability was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you can’t  deal with an ordinary high-ranking master by sending another master of the same level, then you could always just send a larger group to bully the smaller team with numbers.

It could also be called despicable, but was never a fair game.

Yan Xueshan and Arthur, however, weren’t ordinary soldiers, as the cooperation between the two of them was very terrifying.

Since the other party wanted respect, they should show their full strength without reservation.

As the red light pushed through, intertwined with the blue rays that protected his side, without showing any mercy, they destroyed a hundred-strong squad of divisional sergeants on the enemy side.

Under the crushing strength of the Master Mecha Sergeants, the enemy had almost no ability to fight back. Only the leader of this little squad could still move. Since he was a Melee Division Sergeant, he exchanged ten moves with Arthur before he was killed by him.

Once he died, the rest of the remaining division soldiers surrendered their weapons.

It was the end of the battle.

Back at the base, Arthur remembered an old story for some reason.

He had a college friend, no, a former friend. The two of them joined the army together but got assigned to different units. Then the whereabouts of his friend became unknown until he was recorded as dead by the military.

Unexpectedly, they met on the battlefield. It turned out that his friend was captured by the Imperial Army and defected to the enemy.

It wasn’t until he was defeated and almost killed that he hurriedly revealed his identity to Arthur.

The friendship of youth was the most precious. After all, it was an old friend who endured hard training with him. Arthur hesitated in his action a moment, urgently trying to reverse his operation command. Shifting the angle of the lightsaber blade so that it should move to the side, it just grazed the other side’s mecha shoulder. The mecha’s arm was removed.

The choice between life and death on the battlefield was often decided by a split second decision. It was in that instant that the opposing side’s weapon pierced the heart of Zhulong – to the cabin where Arthur was.

He almost died.

He would have really died if Yan Xueshan hadn’t been behind him to calmly and effectively kill his old classmate with a single move.

Arthur was just 20 years old at the time and had trouble accepting the fact that his old friend had defected to the enemy and turned against him, just to be killed on the spot right in front of him. When he got out of the mecha, he saw the splashed blood on the surface of his mecha, making him almost have a nervous breakdown.

Yan Xueshan knew the cause and just spoke coldly, “I don’t care who the opponent is or what relationship they have with you. The enemy is the enemy. On the battlefield, it’s either you live or you die. Killing the enemy is our duty. If you can’t calm down, then I will apply for a new division sergeant.”

This made Arthur calm down suddenly.

Many people envied him for growing his skills so extremely fast, thinking that he was born with a strong heart.

In fact, this wasn’t the case. Every time he wavered even slightly, Yan Xueshan would be like a block of ice that steadily pressed down on him, allowing him to quickly calm down and face reality.

He knew that standing behind him was the best sniper sergeant in the entire federation, so he could only devote himself to fight more fearlessly.

It was great being able to fight with Yan Xueshan.

Arthur happily said to him on the private channel, “Master, your sniping is still as good as ever. My skills haven’t regressed either, right?”

Yan Xueshan objectively evaluated him. “Not bad. Since the opponent was average, it wasn’t enough to show your level. Why did you fly around so much?”

Arthur: “I’m happy.”

The huge red Zhulong suddenly began to turn in circles, and because of this, everyone realized that the ghostly Artemis appeared at some point and was in the center of the circle.

As a sniper mecha, the Artemis was made to be easy to conceal and hide, so it wouldn’t be hit, but could still move fast. It was built much smaller than the average mecha, making it look petite and exquisite next to the large Zhulong.

In the spaceship next to them, newcomers who saw this situation secretly muttered.


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