Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 18.2

After a long time, Wang Wenhe said directly, “When Wang Shijing and his wife come back, let them know to come to see me.” Wang Shuping wanted to continue to persuade Wang Wenhe, but Wang Wenhe waved his hand letting him know to get out, so he fell silent. Helplessly Wang Shuping got out, hoping that his father could figure out that Wang Zhisong was really not a reliable person.

Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, and their group come back almost an hour later than Zhao Yuande. When they came back, the ox cart was full of things again. Sun Erjiang and Wang Xing, who were sitting in the cart, were holding clay pots in their arms. As soon as they returned, the village exploded again. Wang Shijing indifferently drove the cart to the doorstep of his home first, unloaded the cart together with Shao Yunan, Wang Xing, and Sun Erjiang, and gave Sun Erjiang and Wang Xing each a packet of snacks as a token of appreciation.

Someone had already come to call Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, both Zhao Lizheng and Wang clan patriarch called them over. After Wang Shijing finished moving his things, he asked Sun Erjiang to help him run to Erguzi’s house to give money for using the donkey. Then leaving Shao Yunan in the house he went out alone.

Shao Yunan was still thinking about his tea and mountain goods. He spoke a lot in the afternoon, but didn’t drink any water so his voice became hoarse. He believed that Wang Shijing would not let him suffer, so he felt assured even when he went alone. Wang Shijing did not go to the clan patriarch’s house first, but brought a piece of meat to Zhao Lizheng’s house first. If it wasn’t for Zhao Lizheng’s protection, he and Shao Yunan wouldn’t have a house and he didn’t even know how scared his two children would be.

When he arrived at Zhao Lizheng’s house he saw that the Sun clan patriarch was also there. Wang Shijing didn’t avoid them and just handed over the meat and said how grateful he was to Zhao Lizheng for helping them take care of the two children and for troubling Zhao Yuande today. Zhao Lizheng said nothing, while Wang Shijing directly put the meat on the ground after entering the room.

Hearing their father’s voice, the two children who had been scared all day ran out. Wang Nizi jumped into her father’s arms and began to cry while Wang Qing had a tense expression and red eyes. Wang Shijing hugged the two children and looked at Zhao He who followed him out and said, “I will need to trouble sister-in-law to send them home first, Yunan is at home.”

“What’s the trouble?” Zhao He went over and held the two children. “Uncle will send you back, let your father stay here to talk.” The two children came out of their father’s arms and left quietly. Since their father and little father came back, they were no longer afraid. 

The only people left in the house now were, Zhao Lizheng, Sun Zefu, Wang Shijing, and Zhao Yuande, while Zhao Yuanqing took refuge outside. Zhao Lizheng went straight to the point. “Shijing, for today’s matter I will not blame you or Yunan. It’s all due to your mother’s nonsense. I will not hide it  from you. Your mother’s intention was to make you give her all the money from selling the stones, as well as the rest of the stones, without giving you a way out. In the past, you weren’t separated from your family, so it was difficult for everyone to interfere. But now you have separated and the county magistrate is willing to make decisions for you. From now on, you and Yunan will live a good life and if your mother wants to make any more trouble, you can come to me.”

Zhao Lizheng’s words made his attitude clear, which made Wang Shijing’s heart very complicated. If it wasn’t for his wife’s drama today, it was hard to say what Zhao Lizheng’s attitude would have been, but no matter what, Zhao Lizheng now sided with him. 

Patriarch Sun said, “You should not blame your patriarch. Your Wang clan has a talented student. He is naturally more hopeful towards him. It’s just that he is so focused on helping Wang Zhisong become successful and bring glory to the Wang clan that he forgot to think about whether Wang Zhisong has a good heart. Zhao Yuande told me what happened in the county school and I think your wife’s words are right. If he treats his own brother, niece and nephew like this, how can he benefit the people of Xiushui Village and your Wang clan?”

With a sigh, the Sun patriarch said, “Wang Zhisong was punished with three months of reflection at home, so I am afraid that you clan patriarch might hold a grudge. But Wang Shuping is a bright man. You should try to talk with him more often. With him on your side, your clan patriarch will soon figure it out.” Wang Shijing stood up and respectfully saluted. “Thank you, Uncle Sun. Thank you, Uncle Zhao.” 

The attitude of Zhao Lizheng and the Sun patriarch at least showed that the patriarchs of two of the three big families in the village were now on his side. Wang Shijing thought it probably had to do something with the jade plate  Shao Yunan gave to the county magistrate. But with two patriarch’s support, one of whom was Zhao Lizheng, he and Shao Yunan might at least live much better in the village, so even if someone talked about filial piety, it wouldn’t affect them much.   

Zhao Lizheng said, “Go to your clan patriarch and don’t leave me that piece of meat. Take it.” Wang Shijing said, “I’m afraid the patriarch is not in the mood to eat meat now. I’ll bring him meat in a few days when he is no longer so angry.”

His words amused Zhao Lizheng and patriarch Sun. Wang Shijing, in the hearts of the village people was like his father, Wang Dali… a sullen gourd. But now that he was able to say such words, Zhao Lizheng and patriarch Sun could clearly see it was due to Shao Yunan’s influence. In fact, they were also betting that Shao Yunan will have a good influence on Wang Shijing, Xiushui Village,ill and their people. 

Without delaying too long at Zhao Lizheng’s house, Wang Shijing went to Wang Wenhe’s house. As soon as he entered the house and saw the patriarch’s face, Wang Shijing’s heart was clear. Only Wang Wenhe and Wang Shiping were in the Wang family’s hall. Wang Shuping’s attitude was still good, as soon as Wang Shijing came in, Wang Shuping greeted him and asked him to sit down, but Wang Wenhe said, “Shijing, what good will it do you if your wife makes a scene like this? I know you are angry with your mother, but you can’t let your wife ruin Wang Zhisong’s reputation like this. He will take the examination for scholars, candidates, and even top students in the future!” 


“Stop speaking!”

Wang Wenhe glared at Wang Shuping, and then looked at Wang Shijing in annoyance. “With me and Zhao Lizheng, what are you afraid of? Don’t you know that your mother is a troublemaker? Why bother with her? Now, your second brother and sister-in-law are in jail, and Wang Zhisong’s reputation is ruined, you are the eldest brother. Even if you are separated from the family, you are still of the same blood! Are you sure you don’t want your parents and brothers anymore?”

“Dad!” Wang Shuping was more anxious than Wang Shijing. But Wang Wenhe just shouted angrily. “Get out!” Wang Shuping took a deep breath and could only persuade Wang Shijing, who was silent. “Wang Shijing, my father is angry, why don’t you go back first.” Wang Wenhe slapped the table. “What!? I still have more to say to him!”

Wang Shijing spoke. “My parents and my brother didn’t want me first.” When he said this, Wang Wenhe choked for a moment, so Wang Shijing continued. “Five years ago, you were the patriarch, but I still couldn’t escape from the two years of forced labor. Three years ago, you were also the patriarch, and I was still forced to join military service. When Song was at home you were also the patriarch, but she was forced out by my mother and that good sister-in-law. When I came back, you were still the patriarch but I was forced to marry and leave the house. Patriarch, if Yunan had not gone to the county school today to look for Wang Zhisong, what did you plan to do?”

Wang Wenhe was speechless, even Wang Shuping did not expect Wang Shijing to say such words. Then Wang Shijing said on his behalf, “You will definitely still listen to my mother. Even if you don’t say that I should hand over all the money, she would take at least half of it and I wouldn’t be able to keep that stone either.” Wang Wenhe’s lips trembled, he could not argue since he originally intended to do so. 

Wang Shijing clenched his fist. “I am a member of the Wang clan, but I can’t rely on my own clan, so I can only think of my own way out. My own mother and brother do not give me a way to live, so I can only earn my own way to live. If you think I’ve done something wrong, you can remove me from the clan geology. Anyway, I’m the only one from my family in the geology. Even if I am a member of the clan, what is the difference between me and people without a clan? I can’t even protect my own wife and children!” 

Wang Shijing pointed to his own eyes. “If I had reacted a beat slower, this knife would have cut through my neck. Wang Tianyan’s life is fate, but my life is not fate. Wang Zhisong’s life is fate, but mine isn’t. My life in the clan is not even worth five taels of silver. Anyway Shao Yunan also separated from his family, so I might as well give him peace and separate, so I will have nothing more to do with the Wang clan!” 

Leaving this last sentence, Wang Shijing turned around and left, walking resolutely and decisively.

“Wang Shijing.” Wang Shuping chased after him. But at the door without giving Wang Shuping a chance to persuade him, Wang Shijing said directly, “Brother Shuping, tell the patriarch that I, Wang Shijing, have no regrets about what happened today! What I said at the gate of the county school was also not due to anger. I, Wang Shijing, will have nothing to do with the clan anymore. I remember everything the clan has done to me and to my two children.”

After saying that, Wang Shijing walked away, leaving behind Wang Shuping, who was speechless. Looking at his resolute back, Wang Shuping could not help but shiver.


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