Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 65.1

While the three men were speaking, Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were quiet. Wang Qing brought the tea to the Eldest Uncle and Uncle Jiang, while also looking curiously at Jiang Moxi, who had not spoken since entering the house. Shao Yunan looked at him and then at Jiang Moxi, before he asked, “Big Brother Kangchen, did you agree to leave Moxi with me?”

The light smile on Jiang Kangchen’s face disappeared as he pursued his lips and nodded his head. With a strong sense of reluctance, he spoke. “He has no children his age to accompany him at home and I am busy with business now.” After a moment of silence he added, “The capital is also too ‘noisy’, perhaps here with you, he can really get better. With you and Kangning here, I will also feel at ease.”

In his heart, Jiang Kangchen was full of hope that Shao Yunan could help his son. For the sake of his son he could suffer anything and was willing to do anything, not to mention just sending his son to his uncle’s side.

Shao Yunan beckoned Wang Qing and Nizi to come over and the two children immediately came to their Little Father. Shao Yunan then introduced them. “Qing, Nizi, this is your uncle Jiang’s son, named Jiang Moxi. He is eight years old and from now on will live in our house. You can call him Big Brother.”

The two children immediately said in unison, “Big Brother!” But Jiang Moxi didn’t respond and just stared at the wooden toy in his hand. Shao Yunan then said, “Big Brother doesn’t like to talk, so you two should talk to him more when you have nothing to do. Big Brother is not ignoring you, but his soul is trapped. He can hear you talking to him, but he can’t respond to you.”

The two children nodded in unison. Under the education and influence of their Little Father, they were not ignorant, not knowing anything like before. They could also naturally see that this brother was sick. Wang Qing and Nizi’s memory of Big Brother was only of Wang ZaiZheng but now that there was one more Big Brother in their family, they were looking forward to it.

Jiang Kangchen’s eyes reddened for a moment and his voice turned a little mute as he spoke. “Yunan, Big Brother will trouble you.” He stroked Wang Qing and Nizi’s heads. “Uncle will also need to trouble you to take care of him. You should not blame him for not talking to you. He is not well.”

Wang Qing, “Uncle Jiang, Nizi and I will take good care of Big Brother. Don’t worry.”

Nizi, “I will play with Big Brother and I will play the zither for Big Brother every day from now on.”

“Good, good, thank you.” Jiang Kangchen choked a sob. His ex-husband and child were a pain that could never be erased from his heart.

Seeing this, Shao Yunan hurriedly adjusted the atmosphere. “Big Brother Kangchen, when you return to the capital, I will let brother Moxi live with brother Qing.”


Wang Shijing came back, followed by Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu, the noodles were ready, Wang Shijing came in and said, “Big Brother Kangchen, Big Brother, I’ve settled the people you brought. Their noodles have also been sent over.” Jiang Kangchen, “I’m sorry to bother you. They can make their own food here, so there is no need to trouble yourself, or cater to them in particular.”

Jiang Kangning also said: “They are Jiang’s family servants (slaves), no need to treat them as guests. Shijing, Yunan, you are also wealthy people now. The rules that should be taught, should still be taught.” As soon as Guo Ziyu heard this, he said, “Yunan, Shijing leave it to me and Zimu.”

Jiang Kangning said, “If Ziyu is going to stay, he might as well be a housekeeper.” He then looked at Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. “It’s time to add more people to your house. With the status you two have now, you can’t always get help from the village people. The family’s servants, lackeys, maidservants, Qing’s servant, and Nizi’s maidservant should all be prepared, as well as guards for the mansion.” 

“You should prepare them early. It’s also best to buy people with life-long slave deeds. Yunan, since you are Shijing’s ‘wife’, you should learn to manage the inner house and choose what people to hire. You should learn it from Elder Brother. Nizi should also be taught early. Although you live in the village, you shouldn’t think of yourself as a villager. “

Wang Shijing immediately said, “What Eldest Brother said is also what I planned to do. I planned to go to the county town to buy some people after the New Year. Since the house is so big, there is really not enough manpower.”

Jiang Kangchen said, “Nizi, as a little girl, should learn some ladies manners. When we return to the capital, I will find Lord An to see if we can find a palace maidservant to teach Nizi.” Shao Yunan spoke from his heart. “ Wouldn’t it be too high profile for Nizi? Nizi is already learning zither from Madam Cen and now this…”

Jiang Kangchen said, “It’s better to ask for someone special to teach her. The two of you are not just tea and wine merchants. You will definitely go to the capital in the future and there are many rules in the capital. If they learn them early, they will not lose their place in front of the young masters and ladies. You won’t let Qing and Nizi stay in Xiushui Village and Yongxiu County for the rest of their lives, will you?

Shao Yunan knew that the two men in front of him were doing them a favor, so he listened to Jiang Kangchen and Jiang Kangning. Nodding his head, he said, “Since I don’t know much about it, I’ll listen to my two brothers.” Then he looked at Guo Ziyu, “If Brother Guo doesn’t mind, you can try to be a housekeeper first.” Guo Ziyu, who naturally didn’t mind, immediately said, “This is my blessing.”

Wang Shijing spoke out, “Let’s eat first.” Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu went out, and since it was time for Wang Qing and Nizi to go to bed, Wang Shijing told them to go to sleep first.

Jiang Kangchen put his son down and led him to eat as Jiang Kangning got up and said to Shao Yunan, “The Guo brothers’ status has changed to slave status. You signed the deed of sale with the two of them. Its already settled in the household registration department. When you release them from the slaver deed, they can settle in Xiushui Village, but they can’t change to normal civilians within three years after turning to slave status.”

“This should be fine, they don’t want to go back anyway, so Big Brother doesn’t have to worry about it.”

“It was all done by Master Cen’s student. I didn’t do anything. Before coming here, Master Cen gave me their slave status paperwork. You signed the deed of sale with them and gave me the deed. After the Yamen opened, I asked the household registration department to settle it. After it finishes you should also take a copy to the village head to record it as well.”

“Okay.” Wang Shijing sat down and asked, “Is the scoundrel still there?” Jiang Kangning said, “He seems to be already dead. He seemed to have provoked the wrong people and was killed on the street. The Rong Governor was also implicated and was demoted, but I don’t know where he went afterwards.”

Shao Yunan immediately said, “Evil has its own retribution. He wasn’t able to have a peaceful death.” 

Jiang Kangning said, “When the emperor finally has money, those corrupt officials should be careful.”

Shao Yunan said, “Let’s not talk about it anymore. After eating, you guys should rest early.”

After that, no one spoke anymore. Jiang Moxi also ate by himself. After setting his meal, Jiang Kangchen didn’t need to take special care of him and could also eat. Jiang Kangning was really hungry. Although he still ate in an elegant manner, it was in big mouthfuls. He especially liked the tea eggs and spicy cabbage (Kimchi) made by Shao Yunan, just like Jiang Kangchen. Jiang Moxi held the wooden toy in his left hand, while his right hand held the chopsticks, continuing to eat, one bite at a time.

After eating a large bowl of noodles, Jiang Kangning said, “This spicy cabbage is really delicious. I’ll take some with me when the magistrate opens.”

“I pickled a large jar, since I know you like to eat it. Jiang Kangchen should also take some back, I will give you the recipe, see wherever you can make and sell it.”



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