Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 51.1

Shao Yunan just arrived at the door of the Yamen when he was brought in. It was clear at a glance that it had been ordered by Jiang Kangning. He went directly to the residence of the county magistrate, which was behind the Yamen. just as he entered the main hall and before he could enter the door he heard Jiang Kangning ask, “Are the people settled?”

“Big brother.” Smiling, Shao Yunan walked to Wang Shijing’s side and sat down, saying, “I left them to shopkeeper Xu. I also entrusted them to the village’s fourth uncle. If Shijing and I stay till late, they will go back to the village with Fourth Uncle and the others first.”

Jiang Kangning said, “Shijing told me. When you get back, you should still find out what kind of trouble follows them. Don’t wait for trouble to come to you. Now it’s not the same as in the time of the late emperor. If it’s really a powerful bully, I can step in and deal with him.”

“Then I will trouble big brother. When we go back I will ask for clarification.” Jiang Kangning nodded and changed the subject. “Shijing said that he would wait for you to come back before opening the wine. Do it quickly.”

Shao Yunan stood up, “Brother Jing, have you taken the wine decanter?” Wang Shijing answered, “I took it. I put the rest in the store over there first. The boss there said that when everything is ready, he will send it all together. He also already made five tea sets, so he also brought them over.”


Wang Shijing came over and washed out the wine decanter first and then took it to the stove to dry. While Jiang Kangning asked to bring ‘wine decanter’ over, curious about what it was. Wang Shijing brought a barrel of wine to the table and Shao Yunan used the wine dispenser to open the wine, while Jiang Kangning said, “This wine barrel is special. What is this wine decanter for?”

Shao Yunan explained, “After the fruit wine is poured out, you have to decanter it to get a better taste. The wine decanter is for that.”

“Oh.” Jiang Kangning was enlightened. After receiving some wine, Shao Yunan took the decanter to Jiang Kangning. “Brother, you smell it first.”

Jiang Kangning smelled it and Shao Yunan said, “Shijing and I have never tasted this wine, so we are curious what it would taste like. Let’s see how long it will take this wine to decanter.”

“I’m in no hurry.” Jiang Kangning actually was in a hurry. The wine was purple-red and just from looking at it, it hooked his tongue. Smelling it also made him want to take a sip right away, Jiang Kangning was already confident in the wine made by Shao Yunan before even tasting it.

Shao Yunan then asked Wang Shijing to smell it too, Wang Shijing nodded, it smelled very good. Thinking about so many barrels and bottles of wine in the space, he swallowed his saliva. He gotta hurry and sort out the stuff in the space!

Jiang Kangning asked in passing, “Recently there are two more snacks in the county town. Are these village people related to you?” Shao Yunan didn’t hide it. “Well, those two people have a good relationship with my family and helped Shijing a lot, so it’s a reward for their good deeds.”

Jiang Kangning said, “Then you have to cook a meal for me someday. I can’t always ask the government officials to buy it for me.”

“Ah, what’s wrong with that?” As the three of them waited for the wine to decanter, Shao Yunan first prepared Longjing tea to drink. Jiang Kangning followed along and let Shao Yunan guide him on the preparation method. All five sets of tea that Wang Shijing brought were handed over to Jiang Kangning. Since he was going to the capital to talk business and pull gods into the partnership, presenting just tea was not too professional and it would be better to do it together with tea sets.

“Big brother, these leftover tea dregs should also not be thrown away. You can boil eggs, melon seeds, and other things to make refreshments, as long as you add a certain amount of seasoning and dry it in the sun so they can absorb the smell. Since they are all good tea dregs, it’s a pity to simply throw them away.”

“Just write me a recipe and I’ll directly bring it along.”


It takes 5 minutes to 2 hours to decanter wine. Shao Yunan smelled the wine, but the smell was still not enough, so he wrote up tea refreshments. Jiang Kangning was going to do a good job in this tea business and since the tea drugs could still be used, he should make good use of it.

Shao Yunan wrote down the recipes for several kinds of refreshments and then smelled the wine again. It was already ready to drink. Wang Shijing immediately brought three porcelain cups. Shao Yunan filled the cups halfway and said, “Brother, if you can meet the emperor directly, you must let the emperor soak the Longjing and pour the wine into a crystal glass.”


“The water for making this tea should also be on point. The sweeter the better.”

“Good.” Jiang Kangning smelled the wine again and it was really a little different from when it was first poured, but only people who knew the wine could smell it. Shao Yunan was really mysterious. But Jiang Kangning did not ask about it and just smelled the wine again before drinking it carefully.

“Hmm!” As soon as the goat milk wine entered his mouth, it immediately stimulated his taste buds, making Jiang Kangning very surprised. Swallowing this sip, he shouted, “It’s really good wine! I have never tasted such a good fruit wine before! Even the tribute wine can’t compare.”

On the side Wang Shijing was already pouring a second cup. Shao Yunan also tasted a mouthful but was not satisfied. “If it was replaced by grapes, it would be even more delicious. Big brother, how is it? With this wine we can do some great business, right?”

“Absolutely!” Jiang Kangning looked at Wang Shijing and said, “Shijing, don’t take a sip! Such good wine is spoiled by your casual drinking!”

“Haha…” Shao Yunan laughed and hurriedly reminded him, “This wine is of low strength, but it can still go to the head.”

“it tastes good!” Wang Shijing was suddenly a little reluctant to sell all the wine in his house. This wine has to be given away and sold for money. After the two drank second cups, Shao Yunan refused to let them drink more, as he only drank one cup himself. Jiang Kangning licked his lips, took his eyes off the wine barrel with difficulty, and said to Shao Yunan, “Do you happen to want to come with me to Dean Cen’s place today? He had already taken the bait and still clung to the hook, refusing to let it go. Yesterday he came and asked me where to buy this tea. I think the matter of Qing going to White Moon Academy will be fine.”

Shao Yunan was very happy. “I was afraid that Dean Cen would not take the bait.”

“Bring him a barrel of wine and I promise you he will beg you to send Qing there.”

“Haha.” Shao Yunan brought a barrel of wine, a set of tea, a wine decanter, half a kilo of each of the four grades of tea, and six golden silk royal chrysanthemums. The tea leaves were very light and half a kilo of tea according to the way it is measured here was only a very large sachet. This was what Jiang Kangning told them to do. After all this tea had not yet started to sell, so its quantity was very limited. Even if you wanted to do someone a favor, a portion should still be limited. Even Jiang Kangning himself calculated tea while making it.

The three went to Dean Cen’s house in Jiang Kangning’s carriage. Dean Cen didn’t go to the county school or White Moon Academy everyday and when the days grew cold, he would spend most days at home. Jiang Kangning’s carriage stopped outside the main entrance of Dean Cen’s house and as soon as Jiang Kangning got out of the carriage, the servant boy from Dean Cen’s family hurriedly opened the door. Jiang Kangning asked the servant boy to carry the wine, while he went directly in together with Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. Wang Shijing carried the basket on his back, which contained the other things he had brought.

Hearing that Jiang Kangning had arrived, Dean Cen hurriedly came out of his house, gnashing his teeth as if he was coming to meet his enemy. When he saw Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing following behind Jiang Kangning, Dean Cen was furious. “Little Shao, I knew it must be somehow related to you!”

“Dean.” Shao Yunan smiled. Wang Shijing also followed his greeting, “Lord dean.”

Jiang Kangning whispered to Dean Cen, “Old Cen, let’s go inside first. Not many people know about this stuff, so I don’t want people to spread it yet.”

“Hmph.” Dean Cen’s white beard moved as he brought the three of them inside his house.”

When they entered the house, Dean Cen saw the two servant boys carrying a barrel of wine in, making his expression look a lot better. Jiang Kangning told the servant boys to be on standby and not to come in. They should also not disturb them without order. The two boys quickly retired. President Cen did not blame Jiang Kangning for the hustle and bustle, as he just looked more serious.


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