Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 37.2

The visitor looked kindly at Wang Qing: “Little brother, is this Wang Shijing’s house?” He heard this boy talking to his father before. Wang Qing nodded, but didn’t let him in. “My father is busy, please come back later.”

“I’m shopkeeper Xu from Yizhang Xuan restaurant. I’m here to talk to your father and your little father. They are at home, Right ?”

“Yes, they are.” Wang Qing turned around, hoping that his father and his little father would hurry. The closed door opened and Wang Shijing came out first. Upon seeing him, shopkeeper Xu’s eyes lit up. “Brother Shijing.” Going directly from “Brother Wang” to “Brother Shijing”.

“Mr. Xu.” Wang Qing stepped aside, while shopkeeper Xu came inside with big steps. “Qing, go make a cup of chrysanthemum tea.” Wang Qing ran into the kitchen to make the tea, while Wang Shijing took shopkeeper Xu into Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s room saying, “Nizi, greet uncle Xu.”

“Greetings uncle Xu.” Wang Nizi was not as timid as before, so she greeted them as she put away the books and other things from her and her brother’s table. While Wang Shijing helped her put away the pen and ink, he said, “Yunan will come over later.” He didn’t say what Shao Yunan was busy with.

Shopkeeper Xu also did not ask any additional questions. He just looked around the humble house, smiled and asked, “I heard that brother Shijing and little brother are building a new house, when are you moving?”

“I think it will be the end of November.” Shopkeeper Xu went to the bed, sat with his legs crossed, and looked at the charming tea set placed on top of the mahogany chest on the bed.

Wang Qing came in holding a tray with two cups of chrysanthemum tea. Wang Shijing asked Wang Qing to call Shao Yunan, while he held one tea cup himself and put the other one in front of shopkeeper Xu. Then Wang Qing went out, closing the door after himself.

Shopkeeper Xu picked up the white porcelain tea cup and took a sip, then he put down the cup and said, “The chrysanthemum tea in Yongning Hall is selling very well, but brother Shijing’s tea still tastes better.” Wang Shijing generously said, “Yunan likes to make these things, so he makes our chrysanthemum tea at home.”

At this time, someone pushed the door and entered. Shao Yunan was neatly dressed, after using the spiritual spring water to remove the redness and swelling on his lips. After he came in, he said embarrassingly, “I made Shopkeeper Xu wait for a long time.”

“It wasn’t that long.” Shopkeeper Xu’s smile became bigger. “Little Brother Shao had something to do at home.”

“Hahaha, you are so busy that you wouldn’t come to my home if you had nothing to do.” Shopkeeper Xu froze for a moment before he laughed. “Little Brother Shao always says some amazing things.” Shao Yunan sat on the bed and asked, “What’s wrong, Mr. Xu?”

Boss Xu stopped smiling and pointed to the tea cups in front of him. “I came here for this chrysanthemum tea.”

“Ah? What’s wrong with the chrysanthemum tea?” Shao Yunan pretended to be confused. Of course, he was also a bit confused by shopkeeper Xu’s intention. Shopkeeper Xu said, “Yongning Hall is not my boss’s store, but now that Yongning Hall’s chrysanthemum tea has been sold in Chinan Prefecture. it’s hard to even get a pound. My boss is very anxious, but I know that this tea also comes from the hands of Little Brother Shao and since my boss is in the capital and it’s not convenient for him to come, I came to personally meet Little Brother Shao. He also asked me to personally ask Little Brother Shao for help.”

Shao Yunan was immediately embarrassed. “Shopkeeper Xu, this chrysanthemum tea is really something I didn’t expect you would want. The reason I sold the production method of the ham and chrysanthemum tea to other families is because my family is too small, so it would be too hard for two people to make it in large quantities. Also my family needs to settle down in this village as fast as possible. Shopkeeper Xu also knows my family situation.”

“Shijing also wanted to help Zhao Lizheng and Patriarch Sun, so I sold the production method for the chrysanthemum tea to Patriarch Sun. They already went to Yongning Hall, because Grandpa Sun and the boss of Yongning Hall are on good terms. Since both sides have exchanged medicinal materials for a long time, it would really not be good for me to intervene.”

Shopkeeper Xu said, “I know the Sun family and Yongning Hall’s boss are friends, but I don’t know if it is stated in the Sun family’s contract with Yongning Hall that the chrysanthemum tea can only be sold to Yongning Hall?”

Shao Yunan shook his head. “I have not asked about it. Why don’t I ask Shijing to call Patriarch Sun over so you can talk face to face? If it isn’t possible, we can think of another way. Since this matter is really inconvenient for me to intervene in.” Shopkeeper Xu immediately said, “Then I’ll trouble Brother Shijing.”

While Wang Shijing went to the Sun patriarch, shopkeeper Xu asked, “Little Brother Shao, the Zhao family gathered a lot of red dates and hawthorn but have not done anything with them yet. Is there perhaps any dissatisfaction with the purchase price of our restaurant? They just need to ask, otherwise we can’t know what they think.”

Shao Yunan just smiled. “Boss Xu is thinking too much. The red dates will taste sweeter and more delicious after drying for longer. Hawthorn can also be preserved for a long period of time. Since the busy farming season has just ended, Uncle Zhao Lizheng’s family is just able to catch its breath. Shopkeeper Xu must also want to sell ham at a higher price, right?”

“Of course.” Is there any fresh fruit to eat during the New Year?”

“Of course not.”

“The red dates are warming and nourishing, so a cup of red date water would be good for warming the heart in cold weather. Also if you add some ginger, women can drink it to warm their stomachs. Hawthorn is also sweet and sour, so it would make a delicious dessert in winter. Hawthorn jam can not only be eaten alone, but also made into sweet soup. If shopkeeper Xu waits a few days, he will have a gimmick to show. So the price might as well double, compared to goat milk jam and peach jam. If you take it out now to sell, you will certainly earn less, uncle Zhao Lizheng would also earn less. These things are precious, right?”

Shopkeeper Xu listened to him with a bright gaze as he patted the table. “Little Brother Shao, you not going into a business is really a big loss.” Shao Yunan smilingly said, “If I don’t go into business, shopkeeper Xu will have one less competitor, right? Since I have such a good friendship with shopkeeper Xu, it’s a pity to become a rival. So I will just keep to my land and mountain.”

“Little Brother Shao is really modest.” Shopkeeper Xu laughed, learning a bit more about Shao Yunan’s heart. It seemed that he still thought of this person too simply. Shao Yunan restrained his smile and said, “This little brother also has something that he wants to tell Shopkeeper Xu. My Shijing has two relatives, both of whom are very nice people. Since it is already the end of the busy farming season, they also want to do some small business to earn some money. I would like to ask if they can set up a small stall in front of Yizhang Xuan restaurant with some rare snacks, which will also attract customers to Yizhang Xuan restaurant.” Shopkeeper Xu asked, “What kind of snacks would it be?”

“Boss Xu must not have eaten it before. When it’s ready, I will ask them to send some to Yizhang Xuan restaurant.”

“That’s good. No matter if it’s rare or not, if Little Brother Shao asks, I will trust you. There is no need to set up a stall at the entrance, just set up in my Yizhang Xuan restaurant, paying a small rent every month, but not more than one silver.”

Shao Yunan laughed. “Rent and other things can be discussed later. If you think it’s good, we can work together. Brother Shijing’s two relatives are from the Wang clan, so if I didn’t want them to be able to do this business alone, I wouldn’t bother shopkeeper Xu. If you think the taste is good, I will give you the recipe so you can add it to Yizhang Xuan’s restaurant menu.”

Shopkeeper Xu was overjoyed. “Little Brother Shao, if I didn’t come today, I wonder if I would have figured out what you are capable of. If it’s really good, I don’t want to be given this recipe, I will buy it.”

Shao Yunan waved his hand indifferently. “If I think of a way to make money, I will be exhausted to death. I like to earn money, but I also need to learn to enjoy life. People should not be slaves to money. I don’t need to sell dish recipes to make money, so I might as well give you a few for the sake of our friendship. So if I have trouble with you in the future, will it be possible that you will still collect money from me?”

“Hahaha, Little Brother Shao is really righteous! Not being a slave to money! Only Little Brother Shao can say such a thing.” Shopkeeper Xu was very happy in his heart, regardless of whether the chrysanthemum tea matter could be negotiated depended on his personal ability, but these dish recipes for sure would be worth a lot of money, so he did not come in vain. Shopkeeper Xu also became even more determined to make friends with Shao Yunan. He appreciated Shao Yunan more and more, and would certainly inform his big boss of this matter.


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