TOFUH – Chapter 100.1 – Buying Jiang Xiaomei


The reason why old lady Jiang dared to make trouble in the Zhao family house was because Jiang Zhen was not there. It had been more than four months since Jiang Zhen took his people to the capital and had not come back yet, so people in Hexi started to speculate and spread rumors, such as Jiang Zhen might not come back and so on.

This was the rumor old lady Jiang had told many people, hoping that it would come true. She was the most miserable one after seeing that Jiang Zhen was doing so well. How could a son she had given up, whom she despised, end up having such a good life?

Old lady Jiang hated Jiang Zhen and wished that he would die outside, but she was also afraid of him because he had taught her a lesson many times. Now, seeing that Jiang Zhen was pushing the crowd aside and coming towards her, he made her feel so scared that she wanted to turn around and run away.

Behind old lady Jiang, other members of the Jiang family responded in a similar way. They only dared to come make trouble when Jiang Zhen was away, but how could they continue now that Jiang Zhen coincidentally came back?

Many relatives and friends of the Jiang family were busy lowering their heads and wanted to hide among the villagers so that Jiang Zhen would not discover them. Jiang Chengwen and Butcher Jiang had no place to hide, so their expressions were full of guilt and fear.

“What were you talking about?” Jiang Zhen stepped forward and grabbed the clothes on old lady Jiang’s chest and looked down at her with a cold expression.

He did not hear what the man had said before, but he heard the last few words, and when he got past the crowd, he saw the slap mark on Zhao Liu’s face. To Jiang Zhen, Zhao Liu was much closer to him than that old lady Jiang. So right then he was really disgusted with this old lady.

“I . . .” Old lady Jiang was speechless for a moment.

People around her were very sympathetic toward old lady Jiang. How could she be so unlucky to speak ill of others and be caught red-handed?

Even if Zhao Jinge really couldn’t have a baby, Jiang Zhen cared about Zhao Jinge very much, so even if it was true, it was intolerable for others to criticize!

“Jiang Zhen, do you have something to say?” village head Jiang Ping subconsciously advised and then kept looking behind Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen came back, so his son should also be back, right? Where was his son? To be honest, he didn’t want to fight here at all. He just wanted to go back and see his son . . .

“Jiang Zhen, your mother only said a few words of truth. It was all for your own good!”

Just then another person came forward; it was the second uncle of the Jiang family who stood up for Butcher Jiang and old lady Jiang but was beaten up by Jiang Zhen. The second uncle of the Jiang family had already changed his tone and did not dare to yell at Jiang Zhen nor order him to kneel down. However, he still relied on his old age to reason with Jiang Zhen and make some profit.

He felt that, as Jiang Zhen’s elder, he should teach Jiang Zhen well . . . Not to mention that Jiang Zhen was very successful now, so it was better to let Jiang Zhen return to the Jiang family and not let him be taken advantage of by the Zhao family.

Not to mention the money Jiang Zhen made outside, just the chickens and ducks raised by the Zhao family alone—if only those chickens and ducks were raised by the Jiang family, wouldn’t it be nice? He, as the second uncle, would receive filial piety at least.

As soon as the second uncle of the Jiang family uttered these words, the people present looked at him, and some people began to sympathize with him as well.

However, the second uncle of the Jiang family did not sympathize; he always felt that Jiang Zhen had taken the initiative to join the Zhao family to repay Zhao Jinge’s kindness and to gamble with Butcher Jiang who did not want him . . .

“Just looking at Zhao Jinge’s body, you can already tell that it will not be easy to have children. Everyone in the village knows it, so your mother was only telling the truth.”

“Jiang Zhen, you still need to think of your own future. People always need children to inherit their families . . .”

Before the second uncle of the Jiang family could finish speaking, Zhao Liu rushed up and said, “You old bastard!” Zhao Liu, who had always been timid and could not scold people, was extremely ferocious at this moment, so the second uncle’s face was scratched and four bloodstains were made.

Before, when she was unjustly accused and slapped by old lady Jiang, Zhao Liu only felt fear; however, what was said just now really stabbed her in the heart.

Even though Jiang Zhen married into their Zhao family, he was so capable that she and Zhao Fugui couldn’t stop him if he wanted to find other women to give birth to his children. If Zhao Jinge could not give birth to his children, they should let him have children with someone else . . . In that case, how miserable would her Jinge be in the future? Just thinking about it made Zhao Liu sad, making her suddenly very fierce.

“What are you doing! I’m just telling the truth!” the second uncle of the Jiang family said hurriedly. “Oh, oh, oh!”

When his children saw this, they could only go up and stop Zhao Liu. “Zhao Liu, stop fighting . . .”

“You son of a bitch!” Zhao Fugui, who just squeezed into the crowd, saw this scene and was afraid that his wife would be beaten, so he hurried over to help Zhao Liu.

“Mother!” Zhao Jinge also ran over, because of the child in his belly, he arrived a little late and was now very confused about the situation.

“You old bastard, you old bastard! Who says my Jinge can’t—” Zhao Liu stubbornly swallowed the last part of the sentence while almost choking up.

Seeing Zhao Liu like that, everyone began to sympathize with her again. It was useless for her to celebrate having a good life at the moment when, in the future, her position would be uncertain.

If Jiang Zhen was poor and incompetent, the Zhao family would naturally be able to hold on to him, but unfortunately, Jiang Zhen had the ability to leave the Zhao family in the future in order to have a child surnamed Jiang, and there was nothing the Zhao family could do to stop him. Everyone was thinking this way.

Seeing so much chaos, Zhao Jinge, who finally ran forward, was about to be squeezed out by the crowd.

“Zhao Jinge!” Jiang Zhen shouted, his expression ugly. Letting go of old lady Jiang, he hurriedly grabbed Zhao Jinge.

There was a sudden silence, and everyone looked at Jiang Zhen cautiously . . . Why did Jiang Zhen suddenly yell at Zhao Jinge? His expression looked so ugly.

Does he dislike Zhao Jinge?

Even Zhao Liu couldn’t help thinking like that and looked at Jiang Zhen worriedly.

“Can’t you be careful? You have a baby in your stomach!” Jiang Zhen said. Even if Zhao Jinge was in good health, he couldn’t be troubled.

As soon as Jiang Zhen said this, the villagers were immediately subdued. What did they just hear? Zhao Jinge had a baby in his belly? Everyone looked at Zhao Jinge’s stomach and found that . . . it was a little big.

“Mother, Jinge is pregnant. You can’t be surprised. Stop hitting people and take care of him for now.” Jiang Zhen pulled Zhao Liu back.

Zhao Liu was stunned. “Oh . . .”

It wasn’t until that moment that Zhao Fugui came back to his senses and finally knew why Jiang Zhen didn’t let his son carry anything. He obviously didn’t make any money, but he still dressed his son in fur clothes.

He immediately said to Zhao Jinge, “What a shame! You’re pregnant. Why are you running!”

He kept a straight face at first, but in the middle of his speech, his face no longer looked tense, and he couldn’t help laughing as he looked at Zhao Jinge’s belly.

The Hexi villagers suddenly became a little jealous of the Zhao family. How could the Zhao family be so lucky? What’s more, Zhao Jinge was married for less than half a year, right? But his belly was already sticking out, so he should have become pregnant soon after he got married. Who said that Zhao Jinge could not have a baby? He was obviously very fertile.

Fortunately, Zhao Jinge didn’t marry into the Li family at the beginning. Otherwise, they would have to support more children!

Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu looked at Zhao Jinge, and Jiang Zhen looked directly at the village head Jiang Ping. “Village head, what on earth is going on today?”

Jiang Ping, who was busy looking for his son, was called on, so he said, “There are some things . . .” He explained the whole story in a concise and comprehensive way, but when he finished, he still couldn’t find his son in the crowd.

“All right. Jiang family slandered my mother for hiding Jiang Xiaomiao and tried to attack her?” Jiang Zhen looked at the Jiang family with a sneer and directly slapped Jiang Chengwen and Chengxiang. “You have a lot of courage!”

Jiang Chengwen’s and Jiang Chengxiang’s faces became swollen from this slap, but this time, they did not dare to resist at all.

“It’s a misunderstanding. You have the right to be angry, but your sister was already found, so we will go . . . ,” Butcher Jiang said as he was going to leave with his family.

He didn’t want to fight with Jiang Zhen. After all, every time there was a conflict, there was no benefit for him at all. Moreover, the people who came to “marry” Jiang Xiaomiao were coming, so he had to deal with this matter urgently.

“You want to go after this kind of misunderstanding? What you want is too simple!” Jiang Zhen sneered.

“What do you want?” Butcher Jiang asked.

“Didn’t you say that we hid Jiang Xiaomei? Since you have already said so, I will feel sorry not to hide her in my house!” Jiang Zhen said and then immediately looked at Jiang Xiaomei. “Come here!”

Jiang Xiaomei became a little confused. Ever since she knew that her parents had arranged such a marriage, Jiang Xiaomei has been in great pain. She had always wanted to marry a good family and lead a good life; however, this time, not only could she not lead a good life, but she would also fall into a pit.

Of course, she was not willing to marry, but what could she do when her parents ordered the matchmaker to say that she agreed?

After crying for two days while waiting to be taken away . . . Jiang Xiaomei ran away from her home as soon as she could. But she didn’t get very far, and she knew that this route would not work . . . She was a woman, so where could she go? If she were to become careless, she might even be sold to a dirty place! The more she thought about it, the worse she felt, so she ran to the woods by the river where she used to play as a child and cried. Until she was found, Jiang Xiaomei didn’t know that her mother had gone to the Zhao family house to make trouble. She was a little embarrassed, so she came over in a hurry.

To tell the truth, Jiang Xiaomei really wanted to ask the Zhao family for help, but she felt that it was not feasible immediately after thinking about it. If Jiang Zhen was there, she could go to Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen would definitely save her, but the key was that Jiang Zhen was not there at the moment. There was only an old men and old lady in Zhao family, so it was useless for her to ask for help


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