TOFUH – Chapter 87.2 – Unexpectedly Pregnant

With that, Jiang Zhen smoothly grabbed Zhao Jinge’s strong thighs and went to touch the middle part of Zhao Jinge’s legs.

Zhao Jinge: “. . .”

Zhao Jinge had gotten used to being harassed by Jiang Zhen from time to time and quickly came back to his senses, then began to do sit-ups very quickly.

Zhao Jinge did it so fast that the bed board made a loud noise, and Wang Haisheng and the He brothers who stayed next door became uneasy.

This noise . . . Boss was very intense ah!

“I kind of miss my wife . . . Do you guys think I should bring him along with me next time?” Wang Haisheng couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

He Chunsheng didn’t speak. Wang Haisheng at least had a wife, but he didn’t even have a fiancée!

“The women and gers who were rescued are very nice, but the boss doesn’t allow us to touch them . . . ” He Xiasheng commented.

Ever since he saw Liu Qianqian, he was infatuated, but Jiang Zhen did not allow his men to touch them. In the end, he helplessly watched as Liu Qianqian went to follow that fat Luo man.

In fact, it was not only He Xiasheng but also He Chunsheng and Wang Haisheng who became infatuated and they couldn’t help feeling worked up.

“If I go to find another woman, my wife will definitely be unhappy. Don’t let him confuse you by being quiet all day long. If I just say a few more words to others, he will get upset.” Wang Haisheng said, “He used to be very pretty, so this time, when I will have money, I will buy him some rouge and powder. If he dresses up well, he will definitely feel more beautiful.”

Hearing Wang Haisheng say that, He Chunsheng looked at him and didn’t care about those women and gers anymore.

It was better for him to go back and marry the one he liked.

The three of them were talking when the constant sounds from the next door suddenly came to an end.

“So soon?” Wang Haisheng couldn’t help saying it was a bit short . . .

He Chunsheng glared at Wang Haisheng. This person dared to criticize their boss, wasn’t it a death wish?

But it seemed a little fast . . .

Even when he used his own hand, he would still last a little longer . . . .

He Chunsheng and the others were still wondering about a certain aspect of Jiang Zhen’s abilities, but Jiang Zhen was now looking at Zhao Jinge worriedly.

Zhao Jinge had been doing sit-ups well, when suddenly, his whole body curled up, saying that he had a severe stomachache.

“Jinge, are you alright?” Jiang Zhen asked anxiously.

Zhao Jinge was speechless for a moment. Seeing his appearance, Jiang Zhen immediately jumped up and knocked on the door of Wang Haisheng and others.

“Wang Haisheng, get up quickly!”

“Boss?” Wang Haisheng got up and looked at Jiang Zhen in bewilderment. What happened?

“Zhao Jinge suddenly had a stomachache. You and He Chunsheng should keep an eye on him. I’ll go to the main ship and find a doctor,” Jiang Zhen said.

So it was a stomachache that made them suddenly stop? It was summer now, so there was no need to wear any clothes. Wang Haisheng and He Chunsheng quickly got up and went to the cabin where Jiang Zhen was staying.

Zhao Jinge was lying on the bed, sweating, his face a little red, and holding his stomach sheepishly . . . They looked away together.

“I’m fine. I just thought I had a cramp.”

By that time, Zhao Jinge already recovered. He had a sudden stomachache just now, but he was already all right.

“It’s better to see a doctor.” Jiang Zhen said, cramps should not come from the stomach, right?

“I’m really fine.”

Zhao Jinge sat up. He only felt a flash of pain, there was no need to get the doctor at night.

He used to work in the countryside, and when he had a headache or something, when did he ever need to get a doctor?

He did not feel inclined to see the doctor, merely taking it as a sign that he had eaten too much before exercising, so his stomach and intestines couldn’t stand it. However, although Jiang Zhen did not force Zhao Jinge to get a doctor, he did not dare to let Zhao Jinge do any more exercise and went early to bed with him.

But as it turned out, when he woke up, something happened again. Early the next morning, as soon as Zhao Jinge got up, he threw up.

Every time he had felt nauseous before, it only resulted in dry heaving, which would get better after a few moments, but this time, he actually vomited – throwing up not only all the food he ate last night but even the bitter bile in the end.

He was obviously very miserable with tears streaming down, and he looked very embarrassed. Startled, Jiang Zhen turned and ran out to find a doctor.

Dr. Hu was so tangled up these days that he was about to pull out his beard.

He had been practicing medicine for decades and thought he was good at it. But he was unexpectedly beaten by a rough man from the countryside a few days ago.

Those who were injured in the battle with the pirates but had not died at that time, later died one after another because of a fever, and he had treated most of them . . . He has treated more people than Jiang Zhen!

Dr. Hu had done his best to take care of the wounded, but in the end, he got such a result, which was unacceptable.

How did this happen? Jiang Zhen unexpectedly saved ten of the people he declared unsavable . . . those ten men were now in good health, and it was obvious that they would not be dying anytime soon.

Was Jiang Zhen really better than him?

When Dr. Hu thought about the doubts he had these days and the popularity Jiang Zhen had received, he was furious but also a little frustrated and embarrassed. He wasn’t a kind-hearted and benevolent person who helped the world, and he usually had some small intentions, but after receiving the money, he still always tried his best to save people, but in the end, he ended up being compared to that Jiang Zhen!

That Jiang Zhen didn’t even know anything about medicine, he just came up with a small trick, so how come he’s suddenly respected?

Doctor Hu pulled another handful of his beard and then had to admit that Jiang Zhen’s method was really useful.

Master Zheng had asked him to cooperate with Jiang Zhen to study this new method, and when it was completed, he would receive a reward, but . . . He was ashamed to face Jiang Zhen.

When he got up early in the morning, Dr. Hu sighed at first, and as a result, as soon as he sighed, the door to his cabin was pounded and from the outside came Jiang Zhen’s voice. “Dr. Hu! Dr. Hu!”

Doctor Hu stood up and stepped forward to open the door. Then hiding his excitement, he asked, “What’s the matter?” Why was Jiang Zhen looking for him? No matter what, he was able to make contact with Jiang Zhen anyway!

“Doctor Hu, my wife is vomiting too much. Go and check him.” Jiang Zhen pulled Dr. Hu and turned around to leave.

After throwing up for a while, Zhao Jinge was a bit confused when he saw Jiang Zhen running away. Was it because of the bad smell that Jiang Zhen ran away?

Although he felt it was excusable, Zhao Jinge was still a little sad. Then, while not knowing what was going on, he threw up more and more.

After vomiting, Zhao Jinge’s entire body felt like it was empty. He was thinking of exercising before, but now, he couldn’t move a muscle.

It was useless to be like this . . . Zhao Jinge wiped his face with a handkerchief and tried to pour out what had vomited in the bucket. As a result, he could not help retching again when he saw it.

Just in that moment, Jiang Zhen finally brought Dr. Hu over.

At that moment, Dr. Hu’s feet could not stop shaking. Jiang Zhen, who thought he was walking too slowly, had picked him up and then ran from the main ship to this ship along the thin wooden plank!

Although the crew were used to walking up and down the planks connecting the two ships all day, Dr. Hu was usually afraid to walk on it, and he was even more frightened at being carried.

Damn you, Jiang Zhen!

After Dr. Hu was put down, he couldn’t recover for a while, but Jiang Zhen urged him again, “Dr. Hu, hurry up and check Zhao Jinge.”

“All right, all right. Isn’t he just vomiting? What can I do for this? He must have eaten something bad,” Doctor Hu said.

The crew often drank water that wasn’t boiled and was careless with what they ate on the ship, so it became normal for them to throw up.

“No, Jinge has been throwing up for some time, and he even vomited bile today!” Jiang Zhen was anxious. If only it was a stomachache. If . . . it were psychological problems, he shouldn’t throw up so much!

Was it serious? Dr. Hu was also a little worried too and reached for Zhao Jinge’s wrist.

“Besides vomiting, what other symptoms did he have recently?” Dr. Hu’s expression suddenly became a little strange.

“He couldn’t eat greasy food lately . . . By the way, he also ate several kilos of sweet cakes in one breath yesterday. Is that because of this?” Jiang Zhen asked again.

Dr. Hu’s expression became even weirder.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Zhen became worried. Zhao Jinge also became particularly nervous. Was there something wrong with him?

“About two months pregnant. Vomiting is a normal reaction,” Dr. Hu said and then added, “Don’t worry. He’s as strong as an ox. There’s nothing wrong with him.”

Such a sturdy pregnant ger was rare.


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