TOFUH – Chapter 82.1 – Becoming admired

 Zhao Jinge went out with his dirty clothes in a wooden bucket. Seeing him go far away, Jiang Zhen opened the food box and first ate a chopstick of fried bacon with shiitake mushrooms and then a chopstick of soy sauce meat.

After several hours of busy work, Jiang Zhen went to sleep after drinking only a bowl of gruel. Jiang Zhen was very hungry, and the oil-free soybean sprouts and white rice just did not make him happy.

Whether it was bacon or soy sauce, it was delicious, but instead of eating all the meat, Jiang Zhen put it back into the food box and took it to see the wounded who had been stitched by himself.

The wounded needed to live in a dry and ventilated place and after Jiang Zhen mentioned this to Zheng Yi, Zheng Yi gave up the windowed cabin he used to eat in before to accommodate the seriously injured, while those with minor injuries were placed in the upper cabins of several other ships.

As soon as Jiang Zhen approached the cabin where the seriously injured were living, he found that there were many people around the door, and when they saw him, they all looked in awe.

Some of these people were Jiang Zhen men and some of them ware unknown to Jiang Zhen, but at the same time no matter who know Jiang Zhen before or not, now when they looked at Jiang Zhen they have worship in their gaze.

“Boss!” Several of Jiang Zhen men shouted loudly, holding their heads high and looking smug, while others looked at them with envy on their faces.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Zhen was a little confused when he saw the situation.

“Boss, after we moved people here, two died!”

“Boss, the rest seem to be getting better!”

“Boss, do you have the ability to bring the dead back to life?”




Several of Jiang Zhen men looked at him eagerly.

Two more dead? Jiang Zhen helped stitch up the wound this morning to 19 people in total. Several people have died before and with two dead now, there were only  thirteen people left alive.

For Jiang Zhen, this mortality rate was very high, but for others….

Thirteen of those who had been determined to be certain to die had survived to this day!

You know, those lesser injuries that Dr. Hu had helped to treat, give medicine and bandages their wounds three has died during Jiang Zhen sleep!

Jiang Zhen…was really too amazing.

Many people on the main ship didn’t like Jiang Zhen before, but now… thinking that Jiang Zhen might be able to save their lives at a critical moment, they become very enthusiastic about Jiang Zhen.

And to think that Jiang Zhen was capable of fighting off those bandits… If they didn’t worship Jiang Zhen, who else could they worship?

“Jiang Zhen, stitching up the wounds with a needle can really help to save them?” Just as Jiang Zhen was surrounded by people, Zheng Yi also came inside.

Zheng Yi also had a rest for a while. Now he just woke up and specifically came over to check on Jiang Zhen after hearing from his servant boy that he was up. At this moment, he was looking at Jiang Zhen with great interest.

“That will reduce the bleeding.” Jiang Zhen said, “These people may have a fever next and may not make it through, but at least they won’t die from blood loss.”

“How did you come up with that?” Zheng Yi looked at Jiang Zhen curiously. What Jiang Zhen did was very simple, which was just sewing up the wound with a needle and thread, it could be said that everyone could do it, but the idea, however, was definitely absolutely novel.

“ Master Zheng, didn’t actually come up with this method, but I’ve seen others use it.” Jiang Zhen said, “When people raise chickens, some of them get bigger and bigger and they will eventually die. After such chickens are killed, you will find a big bag of water in their stomachs. Because the chicken is sick. Everyone will think that such a chicken should be killed and eaten as soon as possible. My mother also thought the same, but I thought if the chicken is sick is shouldn’t be eaten and I wanted to throw it away.”

“And then?” Zheng Yi asked.

“But my mother couldn’t bear to throw it away, so she poked a hole in the chicken’s belly with a knife, squeezed out the water from the chicken belly and sewed the chicken belly with a needle and thread. Then… this chicken lived.” Jiang Zhen said.

What he said was indeed true.

Zhao Liu raised so many chickens and ducks that there were always some sick ones, and one of them was about to die from hydroperitoneum.

Zhao Liu was afraid of wasting it and wanted to kill it for her family to eat, but Jiang Zhen didn’t want to eat the sick chickens, so he told Zhao Liu to either give it away or threw it away.

But Zhao Liu didn’t want to do it, she heard that the chicken with this disease could survive as long as the water in their stomach was released… Then she stabbed the chicken and let the water out of its belly.

When Jiang Zhen saw it at that time, he mentioned in passing that they could sew the chicken belly with a needle and thread, which Zhao Liu really did. Then the chicken really survived….

“If this method work for chickens, it should also work for people. I don’t know anything about medicine, I just think that if the wound is too big it’s easy to bleed, but if I sew it up, it won’t bleed.” Jiang Zhen said again.

“You’ve got a good idea!” Zheng Yi exclaimed, in normal times, this method wasn’t very useful, but during the war….

If such a method was given to those military generals and handed over to military doctors, there would surely be many more survivors from the battlefield!

Zheng Yi was already starting to think about how he was going to use this method to profit for himself.

Of course, he will not treat Jiang Zhen badly.

“Thank you Young master Zheng for your praise.” Jiang Zhen said.

“Let’s go in and take a look.” Zheng Yi said again and brought Jiang Zhen with him into the cabin.

There were more than a dozen people lying in the cabin, a few of them were drowsy, but most of them were awake, and the one under Jiang Zhen who had a thigh injury was awake.

These people were badly injured, but looked to be in a good spirit, he one with the best spirit inside was the one whose abdomen had a big hole, Fang Ping.

This Fang Ping initially asked Jiang Zhen to stitch his stomach, because he didn’t want his intestines to fall out, but unexpectedly, he didn’t die after sewing.

Not only did he not die, but a few of the people around him with particularly serious injuries did no die either. Wang Haisheng, who was responsible for taking care of them, had been praising Jiang Zhen in front of them.

It was at this time that he realized that Jiang Zhen was so powerful, that he was not only amazing in combat, but he had also saved Wang Haisheng dying wife.

In this case, can Jiang Zhen also save him?

When Fang Ping thought that Jiang Zhen could save himself, he immediately felt that he was getting more and more energetic and stronger.

He will survive and he will go back and have a son with his wife!

“Our boss didn’t get the hang of it before and was very silent, then he got the hang of it and he became as strong as a bull and powerful. Before I went out with him, nd encounter bandits, and he captured all the bandits on both boats by himself!” As soon as Jiang Zhen entered, he heard Wang Haisheng praising himself, “And this time, he took us to the ship where the bandit leader was very easily and captured the bandit leader and we haven’t suffered any casualties!”

When Wang Haisheng told the story when he first encountered the bandits with Jiang Zhen, he blurred over the fact that there weren’t many bandits on those two boats in total so that those people around him thought that Jiang Zhen had killed the water bandits on the two ships and then this time… their gaze were all filled with yearning.

“Jiang Zhen is too strong!”

“No wonder even higher can beat a bunch of people.”

“It is nice got you guys to follow him.”



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