TOFUH – Chapter 60.2 – Wedding night

After lunch, Jiang Ping and the others left. Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge helped Zhao Fugui and their mother clean up the house, and then they left to take a bath . . .

“Mom, Dad, we won’t eat tonight. You don’t have to call us,” Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Fugui and his wife, and then just when Zhao Fugui and his wife wanted to ask why he didn’t want to eat, he had already dragged Zhao Jinge into their new house.

Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu: “. . .” Both of them had been sleeping together secretly. Why are they in such a hurry?

If Jiang Zhen knew what Zhao Fugui and his wife thought, he would have felt very wronged. He really hadn’t eaten Zhao Jinge completely yet! God knew how long he had been waiting for their wedding to do that!

When they got married, Jiang Zhen was very calm, but now . . . he was a bit nervous.

Zhao Jinge was the opposite. Last night, when he slept alone in Jiang Zhen’s room, he was so nervous that he almost stayed up all night worrying about this and that. When he got married today, he felt even dizzier. At some point, he felt that he couldn’t even breathe . . . especially when Jiang Zhen lifted his red veil and he saw Jiang Zhen in front of him. At that moment, he only felt that his heart was about to jump out from his chest!

That was his biggest dream, and today, it had come true. It was a pity that the later development was not what he had imagined, meaning, this development made Zhao Jinge break away from his original emotion.

At the moment, Zhao Jinge was no longer nervous, only a feeling of satisfaction lingered in his heart, and he was a little embarrassed when he asked, “Why won’t we eat dinner?”

“Jinge, don’t you see what time it is?” Jiang Zhen sighed.

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon. But they just had lunch not long ago, so they wouldn’t be able to eat dinner so soon. In this case, let’s go to bed early!

Zhao Jinge looked at the sun outside, and his mouth curved up slightly . . . At this time, he used to work for Zhao Dahu’s family.

Zhao Jinge had already taken a bath, and his body smelled of bath beans. Jiang Zhen hugged him and kissed him.

When they weren’t married, Zhao Jinge always felt that it was not good to do these things, and he was very shy. He often stiffened up uncontrollably, but now his mood had changed a lot.

He was married to Jiang Zhen. He could be intimate with Jiang Zhen and even . . . He was already ugly. At this moment, Jiang Zhen wouldn’t feel uncomfortable holding something hard or anything else . . .

Zhao Jinge took the initiative to touch Jiang Zhen’s body.

Jiang Zhen only felt that the places where he was touched became numb, and he could not wait to jump him. However, Zhao Jinge suddenly said, “Jiang Zhen, I didn’t expect that you could read. You are so powerful!”

Hmm.” Jiang Zhen was busy taking off his clothes.

“Can you teach me how to read?” Zhao Jinge asked. “I may be a little stupid, but can you teach me?” 

Jiang Zhen was very powerful. Zhao Jinge hoped that he could become a bit stronger too so as to not be unworthy of Jiang Zhen.

“As long as you take care of me!” Jiang Zhen said. 

He didn’t want to talk about it on their wedding night! Jiang Zhen felt that he was healthy, but for the first time, he realized he was still a bit miserable. But that was mainly because it was his first time . . . The second time, his performance was very good.

After tossing around like this for a long time, it had turned dark. Jiang Zhen held Zhao Jinge in his arms and slept for a while. In the middle of the night, he woke him up again. “Jinge, do you want to eat something?”

“Um,” Zhao Jinge answered, and Jiang Zhen got up quietly and went to the kitchen to get some leftovers.

When they had enough to eat and drink, Jiang Zhen brought him to his third time.

Before, Jiang Zhen felt that it was very comfortable to use his own hands, but since then, he thought that using his hands was nothing. It was really fun to use the real gun!

Zhao Jinge’s body looked exactly the same as that of an ordinary man, but there was also some difference. After all, he was a ger; his pelvic bones were bigger than that of a normal man, which made his waist look thinner. Zhao Jinge had big buttocks and a particularly good figure. At the same time, because he was a ger, his body was also particularly suitable for receiving.

Jiang Zhen had specially bought a box of ointment for lubrication, but in the end, he didn’t need it at all.

Jiang Zhen couldn’t wait to have another round with Zhao Jinge, but he was already a bit tired, and Zhao Jinge also needed to rest . . . Holding Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen fell asleep with some reluctance. 

When Jiang Zhen fell asleep, Zhao Jinge touched his stomach and couldn’t fall asleep. Zhao Jinge was not young after all, and he knew, more or less, about the things that took place in bed. Zhao Liu had also told him some things in a secretive manner. According to Zhao Liu, it was very painful, and he had to put up with it, but . . . Even though it was a bit painful, he was also very happy.

Zhao Jinge felt a little embarrassed but was very happy . . . He hugged Jiang Zhen and kissed him, then he slowly fell asleep.

Zhao Jinge was already in good health and took good care of himself these days. He got up early the next morning and went to prepare breakfast for Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen, who originally wanted to be affectionate with him, didn’t hold him back. He just wondered if he hadn’t worked hard enough last night.

In fact, Jiang Zhen did work hard enough last night, and some parts of Zhao Jinge were a bit sore, but he had always been a person who could bear pain. In the past, while he was cutting rice stalks, he accidentally cut his fingers, but he continued to work without a change of expression. What did it matter if his ass hurt a little bit now? He used to have diarrhea before, and it hurt just like this.

Seeing that her son had gotten up, Zhao Liu asked Zhao Jinge to cook with her.

Yesterday, they couldn’t finish the rice cooked at noon, so this morning, Zhao Liu simply used the cold rice to make fried rice with eggs.

Putting some oil in the pot, she stir-fried the beaten eggs and then put them on the rice. . . Ever since she had grown to particularly love soy sauce, Zhao Liu finally decided to not put salt but soy sauce seasoning instead. Of course, there was also a reason for this. Salt was very clumpy in this era. When cooking fried rice, if they really needed to put salt in, they had to dissolve it in water. Otherwise, it would not be fried rice with eggs, but fried rice with salt. If that was the case, it was better to put soy sauce directly.

After the meal was ready, Zhao Jinge first filled Jiang Zhen’s bowl with eggs. Seeing that Jiang Zhen had not come out of their house yet, he went to the house directly with the bowl.

He was so happy to marry Jiang Zhen that he was always thinking about doing things for Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen did not get up. On one hand, he was thinking about what to do today, and on the other hand, his breakfast was not ready yet.

When he lived alone, he was a very diligent person. He got up early in the morning to cook and could sew clothes for himself, but now that someone was serving him, he became lazy. Of course, he still rushed to do the heavy work at home.

Before, Jiang Zhen always thought it was okay to be lazy for a while, but now . . . on the second day of their new marriage, his ger brought their meal to bed and gave him something to eat . . . Forget it.

“I’ll go out and eat,” Jiang Zhen said.

“Well, there is still meat in the kitchen. Shall I heat it up for you?” Zhao Jinge asked.

“Alright,” Jiang Zhen agreed.

With hot fried rice in his stomach, he was immediately in high spirits. After eating, Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge and said, “Jinge, come with me to the county town.”

“Alright. I’ll help you with the goods,” Zhao Jinge said.

He already knew that Jiang Zhen was going to deliver the porcelain to the county town that day. Although he didn’t know how to talk business, he was still strong enough to help him move the goods.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” Honey, you will make me look useless!

Jiang Zhen insisted on not letting Zhao Jinge work. He took Wang Haisheng and the He brothers, who came early in the morning, and soon moved all the porcelain to the boat. Then they all rowed to the county town.

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