TOFUH – Chapter 56.1 – Finally married

He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng knelt before Jiang Zhen and kowtowed again and again. They had been as distressed as headless chickens before, but after hearing what Jiang Zhen said and thinking about what happened to him, the He brothers suddenly felt a sense that a fog dispelling before them.

Jiang Zhen was often beaten and got almost killed before, but it was not Liu Heitou who did it; it was just old Madam Jiang. Later, Jiang Zhen took care of everything, and no one dared to mess with him. If they could learn as well as Jiang Zhen, would they need to be afraid of Liu Heitou?

He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng didn’t know how to become like Jiang Zhen. After thinking about it, they simply went to find Jiang Zhen, hoping that Jiang Zhen could show them a way.

“Boss Jiang, please teach us,” He Chunsheng said again.

Jiang Zhen looked at the two men in front of him and frowned slightly. “Come here to help me with the work early tomorrow.”

After saying that, Jiang Zhen immediately went back to the Zhaos’ house.

“Work? Big Brother . . .”  He Xiasheng always listened to He Chunsheng when they did things. But this time he looked at He Chunsheng curiously. What did Jiang Zhen mean when he asked them to come to work? Did he promise to teach them?

“We’ll come early tomorrow. We need to work hard then!” He Chunsheng said to He Xiasheng.


“If we want to learn from others, we must work first. And it will still be fine if he doesn’t pay us!” He Chunsheng said. At this time, it was not only necessary to find a master to learn from but to also give a gift to show filial piety to their master during the Spring Festival.

“What about our family? If we don’t go to work, we’ll run out of food,” He Xiasheng said.

“Even when we go to work, don’t we still run out of food?” He Chunsheng sneered. He and He Xiasheng worked hard and earned less than a few silver a year. But what about their father? He dared without even blinking an eye to borrow thirty silver from others.

As it was, their father owed more than thirty silver; he borrowed from everyone he could! But other people saw that they didn’t live well, so they didn’t lend their father a lot of money. They also didn’t come to their door to demand for repayment.

He Xiasheng thought about it, but He Chunsheng said, “Don’t worry. Little brother won’t go hungry. He will also give some food to our mother. As for the two of us, we can live by digging up some wild vegetables.”

While He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were discussing this matter, Jiang Zhen had already gone home.

The eggs and the snake were all braised by Zhao Liu.

Jiang Zhen bought some soy sauce when he came back. Then Zhao Liu fell in love with braised meat in soy sauce. Recently, all the meat they ate was simply braised.

The sliced snake meat tasted very good. The bird’s eggs that were cooked first and then peeled and opened for cooking also tasted great with the soup. In addition, there was also a bowl of stewed eggs, a bowl of boiled peas, a bowl of fried garlic sprouts, and a bowl of mustard soup on the table.

A month ago, the garlic leaves were just right for eating, but since then, the garlic leaves had grown old. Garlic sprouts were growing out, and the garlic cloves below were also beginning to grow out. The tender garlic cloves were not very spicy, and if you liked them, you could make a drink with a piece of garlic.

“In the past, I didn’t eat like this even during the Spring Festival.” Zhao Liu looked at the dishes she and Zhao Jinge cooked and sighed with emotion.

“We will eat like this from now on.” Jiang Zhen smiled.

“How could that be? You should also save some money. You’d better buy more mu of land and leave it to your children in the future,” Zhao Liu said.

Although Jiang Zhen knew that Zhao Jinge was a ger and could have children, he never thought too much about it. So at this time, when he heard Zhao Liu talk about it, he didn’t take it too seriously.

It was only two days until his marriage, but Jiang Zhen still went to the field early the next morning and saw that He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were already working.

Jiang Zhen had cut down a lot of bamboo the day before; the two men cut the bamboo in sections and arranged them for the fence.

“Master,” seeing Jiang Zhen, He Chunsheng shouted, and then looked at Jiang Zhen’s expression, hoping that Jiang Zhen would reply.

“Just call me boss,” Jiang Zhen said.

He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were a little frustrated; they thought that calling him boss was somewhat disrespectful. After all, the eldest children in the family would be often called boss by their younger siblings.

But . . . when they heard Wang Haisheng call Jiang Zhen boss respectfully, they suddenly found that this title seemed to be quite imposing. He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng called out, “Boss!” just like this, and Jiang Zhen had two more people under him.

Jiang Zhen saw that they knew how to protect their younger brother, so he had a good impression of them. Now, after observing them, he found that they were not bad people. Of course, he would take in these two little brothers even if they liked cheating and playing tricks as long as they didn’t have the courage to play tricks on him. With this line of thoughts, Jiang Zhen also pointed out some things to the two men.

Jiang Zhen always felt that children should be filial to their parents, but they should not be filial to the point of stupidity. Giving money to Father He for his old age was inevitable, but He Chunsheng and his brothers shouldn’t give him money to let him continue gambling. It was not helping him; it was killing him. It was precisely because Father He had such children that he had the courage to borrow money from Liu Heitou.

On the other hand, parents should behave the same way towards their children. If the children got in any trouble, it was alright to help them. But if they had any bad habits, the parents who not only didn’t stop them but also kept giving them money . . . that was not love for their children at all. It was just harming them.

Jiang Zhen was not a talkative person, and he wouldn’t say too much on the first day, so he just said two sentences at random.

“We didn’t give him any money,” He Chunsheng said. He really didn’t give his father any money.

“You knew that your mother would give your father everything, but you still gave your mother money. Didn’t you just want to give your father money through her?” Jiang Zhen sneered.

He Chunsheng was speechless for a moment. He always thought that giving the money he earned to support his family was the right thing to do, and giving money to his mother was also the right thing to do, but now . . . Yeah, if he didn’t give the money to his mother, he would have kept it himself . . . He and his brother had been working for six or seven years, so shouldn’t they have been able to save twenty or thirty silver?

Jiang Zhen didn’t continue talking to them because Zhao Jinge arrived.

“Jinge!” When he saw Zhao Jinge, a smile appeared on Jiang Zhen’s stiff face, and he walked towards Zhao Jinge.



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