TOFUH – Chapter 24.1 – Kissing secretly

Jiang Zhen’s experience in the special forces in his previous life had made him develop a particular skill. He could always fall asleep quickly and wake up immediately after there was movement.

When he needed to, he could quickly fall in a deep sleep . . . Even if he didn’t sleep for a few days, he would wake up refreshed after a short nap.

He used this skill to accomplish many tasks excellently, and now he woke up to the first knock on the window.

But Yang Jing, who was thrown in the corner by him, was hungry, cold, and slept uncomfortably. He had no intention of waking up at all at that moment.

Getting up from the bed, Jiang Zhen quickly went to the window and opened it.

Zhao Jinge, who gently tapped on the window three times, was about to knock again when he saw that the window had just been opened. It was too dark for him to see the face of the man before him, but from the familiar scent, he knew it was Jiang Zhen.

“You . . .” Zhao Jinge wanted to ask Jiang Zhen if there was anything wrong, but before he could ask, Jiang Zhen reached out and covered his mouth.

Feeling his mouth covered by Jiang Zhen’s rough hand, Zhao Jinge blushed and forgot what he wanted to ask for a moment.

“Shhh . . .” Jiang Zhen asked Zhao Jinge to not make a sound and then he touched his face. He propped up the window and quietly went outside.

Jiang Chengxiang’s house was on the east side of the Jiang main house. When you look from the window facing east, you would see a small mulberry field. On the other side of the mulberry field resided another family. At that moment, the male master of that family was helping build Jiang Zhen’s new house, and the female master had long gone to bed with her child.

After Jiang Zhen jumped out of the window, he pulled Zhao Jinge into the mulberry field and walked north.

The gate of the Jiang family house faced south, and there was a river not far from their gate. If you walked half a mile north from the gate, you would reach a pond. There was not much to see on this side of Hexi Village except for the water in the river.

The pond behind the Jiang family house was neither big nor deep. In it water bamboo and water chestnuts were planted and many trees grew around. Some of the trees had some of their roots stuck in the pond.

Jiang Zhen pulled Zhao Jinge by the hand and lead him into a small bush formed by several trees.

This was the favorite playground of the children from the village during the daytime, but there was nothing but frogs at night.

“I’m glad you came to see me.” Jiang Zhen held Zhao Jinge’s hand and couldn’t help stroking it several times.

He didn’t feel that his actions were wrong, but he knew very well that, in the eyes of the villagers, he should not have done something like that to anyone but his partner.

The culture of this place was similar to that of ancient China. Many people had this idea that children were the property of their parents. Therefore, even if parents were no longer good to their children, they could only accept it and even had to remain filial.

Compared to stories of filial piety, like burying their son in order to serve his mother, Eldest Jiang had a good life. At least, he had been raised, hadn’t he?

No matter how much people in the village sympathized with him before, after what happened today, he was afraid that everyone would stay away from him . . . Jiang Zhen didn’t care what others thought of him, but he was a little afraid that Zhao Jinge would hate him.

Fortunately, Zhao Jinge didn’t.

Jiang Zhen was very happy, but Zhao Jinge was now full of guilt. “I . . . I’m sorry.”

He was worried for his parents, worried that the villagers would drive his family out, that the yamen officer would make trouble for his family. When Jiang Zhen was fighting against the whole village, he only dared to come to see him at night . . . Zhao Jinge felt extremely ashamed.

“What do you have to feel sorry about?” Hearing Zhao Jinge’s apology, Jiang Zhen couldn’t help but laugh. He and Zhao Jinge really have to stay low during this ambiguous period. He just took his small hand. He couldn’t let Zhao Jinge’s family suffer because of him, could he?

He was not afraid of being excluded or being taken revenge at, but it was impossible not to care about Zhao Jinge and his parents. And now, he had no ability to protect them at all.

Zhao Jinge did not feel relieved at Jiang Zhen’s words but felt even guiltier. The meaning expressed by Jiang Zhen a few days ago was obvious enough. Although he was embarrassed to respond and didn’t say anything to Jiang Zhen, they actually had a tacit understanding. But now that Jiang Zhen was in trouble, he could not advance or retreat with Jiang Zhen. 

“I’ll talk with my parents. We can move away. . .” Zhao Jinge suddenly came up with a way.

However, before he had finished speaking, he was gagged by something. . . But this time, it was not a hand, it was Jiang Zhen’s mouth!

Zhao Jinge was stunned. His whole person trembled lightly, and the trembling grew stronger and stronger.

Jiang Zhen unexpectedly kissed him. How can Jiang Zhen kiss me! 

This can only be done after you get married. It’s—Even if you get married, you don’t have to kiss!

“Are you okay?” Jiang Zhen patted Zhao Jinge with worry. The kiss he gave him just now could be considered to be very pure. He didn’t even put in his tongue, only their lips were touching. As a result, Zhao Jinge was so stiff, he (JZ) couldn’t even think about using his tongue, and he was also shaking like this . . .

Becoming like this after just a little kiss, after entering the bridal chamber, Zhao Jinge would not just faint, would he?

At that moment, Zhao Jinge finally regained his mind and also restrained his own subconscious trembling. He was always scared that, after growing old, he would never be close to anyone . . .

What’s more, Jiang Zhen agreed to move out?

“Jinge, you don’t have to move. But for the time being, we can’t let others know that we’re together.” Jiang Zhen patted Zhao Jinge on the shoulder. In ancient times, xenophobia was very serious. Moving to another place could make their situation even worse . . . What’s more, Zhao Jinge’s parents had lived here for most of their lives, and they certainly wouldn’t want to move out.

As an adult man, he couldn’t let his wife go wandering around and suffer with him. Of course, if he had a few hundred silver coins, he would take them away immediately.

“What?” Zhao Jinge, who was kissed a while ago, was still in a trance.

“I beat the Jiang family and fought with a yamen officer today. They will definitely retaliate against me. I can stand up to them when I am alone, but I would be afraid If you were with me . . .” Jiang Zhen held Zhao Jinge’s hand and kept petting it. “I would be afraid that you and our parents would not live comfortably.”

When Jiang Zhen said the first sentence, Zhao Jinge listened carefully and agreed with him. As a result, when Jiang Zhen’s mouth opened again, he said “our parents.”

Zhao Jinge become confused again.

“So it’s better not to let other people know about our relationship for the time being. But you can rest assured, in a few days, I can make sure no one will dare to bully the people around me,” said Jiang Zhen, but then added that he couldn’t guarantee making a lot of money and doing great things in the future. But gathering several subordinates and becoming a bully in the countryside, who no one will dare to bully, shouldn’t be a problem, he thought.

Zhao Jinge was motionless. Jiang Zhen didn’t know if he had heard even one word he said.

When Jiang Zhen saw this situation, he held Zhao Jinge’s face and kissed him on the mouth again. He thought it was necessary for him to kiss Zhao Jinge more to make him get used to it. After all, every time he kissed and touched his wife, his wife stood stiff like wood, didn’t he? 

Jiang Zhen held Zhao Jinge and said a lot of things before he let Zhao Jinge, who was obviously a little dizzy, go back. When the two separated, he also said, “Rest assured, Jinge, I’ll live very close to you in the future. Then we can see each other every day.”

The Jiang’s shabby house was half a mile away from the Zhao family’s house, which was about 250 meters away, making it no problem for him to climb into Zhao Jinge’s window every night.

Zhao Jinge didn’t speak. He was dizzy at the moment and was even too confused to understand his own thoughts.

Jiang Zhen not only didn’t answer him but also molested him. It should make him angry, but in fact, he wasn’t angry but a little happy.

It seems a little shameless of him to think so . . . But he was just so happy.

Zhao Jinge walked slowly, and it was not until he got near his home that he sobered up. He and Jiang Zhen. . . In the future, they should hide so that no one could see them together.

He didn’t want to do this in his selfish heart, but when he thought of his parents, he knew it was the only way for now.

The Jiang family had many members and even more relatives. They couldn’t take Jiang Zhen, and may even not dare to touch him, but his parents . . . In recent years, his father’s health had been getting worse and worse, and his mother’s health had never been good. If something happened to them because of his relationship with Jiang Zhen, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Zhao Jinge returned to his room and lay down.

He always used to fall asleep immediately, but right then, he stayed up all night.

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