Figure Skating: I’m More Suited for the Olympics – Chapter 65 Dance

Since the judging scandal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, the International Skating Union replaced the scoring system with the current one. The total score is a combination of technical and presentation scores, with PCS (Program Component Score), commonly known as the presentation score and officially referred to as the Program Components, consisting of five components:

Skating Skills




Interpretation of the Music

Performance/Execution is based on whether the skater’s performance was clean, the presence of errors, and the degree of those errors. Music Interpretation happens to be Zhang Jue’s strong suit.

Choreography has been distinctly included in the scoring items, signifying the acknowledgment of the importance of choreographers by the International Skating Union. A well-structured and richly themed program is crucial, as merely executing jumps like in “Two Tigers” won’t secure an athlete the world champion title.

As the former leading figure in the skating world from the United Kingdom, Francis Miller was known for his casual lifestyle typical among Western athletes—more inclined to casual dating than serious relationships. However, two years ago, he unexpectedly found true love, only to discover that his beloved was unfaithful, juggling six relationships, one of which involved a boxer.

As a result, Francis ended up in the hospital for several months, courtesy of his romantic rival.

Foreign medical care is quite expensive, so after being discharged, Francis found himself broke. Facing the hefty medical bills, he decided to leave the dating scene, commit to commercial performances, and earn money by choreographing. After several years of hard work, he became the world’s best choreographer in 2022.

In the 2022 Winter Olympics, he choreographed the free skate for both the men’s and women’s singles champions.

Nowadays, Francis is still a second-tier choreographer who has just been awakened by life. Most of the dancers he choreographs for are young competitors. Although the program quality is good, the expressive abilities of the kids are limited. As a result, Francis hasn’t had a standout work as a choreographer until now.

With good program quality and affordable prices, isn’t it just a typical cost-effective option? Due to Madam Mia’s style not fitting “Dance of the Great River,” Zhang Jue thought for a long time before selecting Francis Miller.

As a recognized top performer in the youth category, there were many choreographers willing to collaborate with Zhang Jue. However, with Madam Mia, a former ballet prima donna, and the national team accustomed to working with internationally renowned choreographers, none of the other choreographers considered him.

When Francis was approached, he was surprised. However, who wouldn’t be willing to take advantage of such an opportunity? Francis gladly accepted the offer and then found himself annoyed by Zhang Jue’s fussiness during the choreography.

In 2022, Francis was hailed as the “choreography god.” Zhang Jue knew Francis Miller’s choreographic potential was high, so he pushed him hard, making various demands without hesitation. Several times, Francis felt on the verge of losing his temper.

However, Zhang Junbao’s arms were too thick. Francis, a delicate and helpless figure skater, could only look at this uncle’s physique, drooling and shrinking his courage to the size of a peanut, saying: “Okay, okay, I’ll redo it.” He had no resistance.

In the end, it’s unclear if he was captivated by Zhang Junbao’s physique or frightened by his arms. So, it’s not hard to understand why when he saw Zhang Jue stumbling on the floor, his first reaction was to laugh. After all, during the choreography with Zhang Jue, his hairline had receded by at least 2 millimeters.

Despite the complaints, the relationship between choreographers and athletes, like coaches and athletes, is mutually beneficial. Zhang Jue has already achieved success with Zhang Junbao and Shen Liu. As a performer, he also contributed to Madam. Mia. This year, Madam. Mia received more requests from domestic athletes to choreograph, showing an increase compared to previous years.

If Zhang Jue brings back several championships with Francis’s programs, his business will undoubtedly improve. After much thought, he bit the bullet, swiped his credit card, and bought a plane ticket to Fukuoka to watch Zhang Jue’s performance.

Due to the Grand Prix Final, nearby hotels were fully booked. In order to find a place to stay, he had to spend extra money. Finally, he settled for a room 2 kilometers away from the competition venue, and because of this, he was running out of money even for meals.

After Zhang Jue finished the water Liu Mengcheng handed him, the impact from the wasabi subsided. He then realized Francis came to freeload off his meal.

Seeing Francis’s expectant eyes, Zhang Jue fetched more sushi and vegetable salad for him. Francis happily sat there and enjoyed the food.

Shiratsuka Masako held a bowl of porridge, sitting beside Zhang Jue: “Tama, is this performer who prepared your free skate choreography?”

Zhang Jue nodded: “Yes.”

Shiratsuka Masako leaned closer to his ear and whispered: “Since you don’t have a suitable free skate choreography, why not ask me and Hayato? We know several top choreographers, such as the lady who finished fourth in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. She also skated ‘Dance of the Great River.'”

The 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics was known for the fierce competition in ice dancing. The results were unpredictable, and even though the champions were from the 1994 Olympic winners, it didn’t mean the others were weak.

Zhang Jue replied in a low voice: “I know Ms. Hilin’s choreography is excellent, but she’s too busy this season. I checked; she has to choreograph 12 programs this season!”

With so many projects on hand, Zhang Jue, not being a senior athlete in the adult category, doubted if Ms. Hilin would put in her best effort for his program. It was better to choose Francis, a potential talent.

In this regard, Zhang Jue also had experience. In his previous life, when he participated in a talent show, there was a segment where mentors guided each group in creating songs. The mentor was undoubtedly a big name in the industry, but they didn’t put their heart into Zhang Jue’s group, and the final result wasn’t as good as the song he wrote alone. It was unnecessary.

Xu Chuo hired Ms. Hilin for choreography this season, and it was rumored to be expensive.

Francis was still eating, praising the Japanese rice and sushi. White leaf mound, the host skater, listened with a smile.

Japanese people always thought their rice was delicious. As a Northeasterner, Zhang Jue, who believed Northeast rice was the best, didn’t argue and chose to remain silent.

Yin Meijing also came over, watching Francis eat in surprise. “You eat so much at night, aren’t you afraid of gaining weight?”

Francis replied carelessly: “It’s okay; I have a body that doesn’t gain weight. I can eat whatever I want.”

Zhang Jue and Yin Meijing, with a tendency to gain weight easily, looked at each other with envy.

Both of them, once they let loose on eating, would become as round as balloons. Zhang Jue, a light and agile type of male singles skater relying on speed, and Yin Meijing, the ice dance partner who needed to be lifted, had to be strict with themselves in terms of eating.

Liu Mengcheng asked about Francis’s choreography fees.

Due to financial constraints, he and Yin Meijing found choreographers this season who were not well-known. Although not expensive, their skill level was mediocre. In the end, they modified the program themselves to create the current “A Step Away” and “Romeo and Juliet,” but in many aspects, they still couldn’t match their competitors’ programs.

So, even if they worked hard this season, they could, at best, get a bronze medal on the award podium. The program limited their potential.

Since the premiere of Zhang Jue’s “Dance of the Great River,” figure skating professionals have highly praised the program. If the price is right, Liu Mengcheng will consider collaborating with him as a choreographer for the next season.

Francis vaguely nodded: “I’ve also choreographed for other ice dance couples, but they are all in the youth category, and their performance is not great. Tomorrow, I’ll bring copies of their programs for you to see.”

Before going to bed, Zhang Jue went to Zhang Junbao’s room and found his uncle looking annoyed.

He gave a meaningful look to Shen Liu.

What’s going on?

Shen Liu shrugged and sighed.

Alright, Zhang Jue understood.

He obediently went behind Zhang Junbao, placed his small hands on his uncle’s shoulders, and tried to press down.

Press, I’m pressing! Press again… can’t press.

Uncle’s muscles were too solid. Zhang Jue could barely give him a shoulder squeeze. Zhang Jue sneered and had to resort to giving his uncle a shoulder rub instead.

Shen Liu almost burst out laughing. Not to mention Zhang Jue, even he would need considerable effort to give Zhang Junbao a shoulder massage. However, Zhang Jue’s method indeed worked. Zhang Junbao’s furrowed brows relaxed, and after a few minutes, he signaled Zhang Jue to stop and went to prepare warm milk for his nephew.

“Little Jue, drink your milk before going to bed.”

After saying this, he turned to Shen Liu with a smile: “When he was young, his parents at home were busy, so there was a time when I fed him. This silly boy, after learning to speak called me ‘mom’ and loved shouting everywhere. From his grandmother to me, I’ve been called by him countless times.”

Zhang Jue was caught off guard.

Shen Liu’s eyes flickered subtly, not revealing what he was thinking. He casually responded: “Well, it turns out little Jue used to consider anyone with milk as his mom.”

Zhang Jue jumped: “I certainly did not!”

The next day, it was finally time for the junior men’s free skate.

Zhang Jue’s competition was the first one in the afternoon, starting after 4:00 PM. Being the first in the short program, he was still the last athlete to perform.

The child changed into his costume and stood in the corridor, practicing jumps on dry land.

When Francis came in and watched his jumping technique, he was surprised.

“Hey, I didn’t expect that although he jumps so gracefully on the ice, when he does land jumps, he looks like a little cannon. He’s got a lot of power.”

Zhang Junbao smiled proudly: “I didn’t arrange so much strength training for him for nothing.”

“I see.”

Francis nodded, opened his backpack, and took out scattered items like curlers and a makeup kit.

“You know, I’ve long been unable to tolerate that he, despite being so handsome, always competes with a bare face. After all, he’s skating our Irish ‘Dance of the Great River.’ Now that he has some free time, can I enhance his appearance a bit?”

Zhang Jue was taken aback.

He then remembered, that this person, ten years later, was not only a renowned choreographer but also a beauty blogger with over a million subscribers on YouTube….


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