Figure Skating: I’m More Suited for the Olympics – Chapter 59 Mood

According to the usual practice in previous years, the junior division’s segment competitions always concluded earlier than the senior division. So, after Zhang Jue secured two gold medals, he could confidently wait to watch the senior division’s segment competitions.

Thanks to the sports section in H Province, they not only broadcast popular mainstream events but also aired figure skating segment competitions. Although they focused on the more popular senior division, it still spared Zhang Jue from a lot of hassle to catch up with the events.

The final segment of the Figure Skating Grand Prix for the senior division was held in Quebec, Canada. Given Canada’s strength in ice dancing, the organizers intentionally scheduled the ice dance competition after pairs, men’s singles, and women’s singles to attract more attention. The competition started at 8 PM local time, which was 9 AM in China due to the 13-hour time difference.

In the warm-up room, an Asian couple sat in a corner. The female partner sat cross-legged on the floor, while the male partner sat on a folding stool, skillfully styling her hair into a bun.

They wore costumes that weren’t overly elaborate. The male partner donned a simple black and purple costume reminiscent of a medieval European young man, while the female partner wore a light pink knee-length chiffon skirt. Both of them had outstanding features, especially the male partner, who had a tall figure and a handsome face. Even in the world of figure skating filled with beautiful athletes, he stood out as a rare handsome young man.

Whether intentionally or not, passing athletes would occasionally cast glances at them. Some whispered to their companions: “That boy is really a pity,” but they paid no attention to those looks.

After securing the last cherry blossom hairpin in pink, Liu Mengcheng nodded in satisfaction: “Done.”

Yin Meijing turned around and smiled: “Brother Mengcheng, do I look good like this?”

Liu Mengcheng affirmed: “You look good. Baiyechu has a good eye.”

Baiyechu Meizuo was also one of the rising stars in the junior division, representing the same country as them. Of course, she had already moved up to the senior division and participated in the Canadian segment.

Thanks to the kindness of others, they could skate and continue their studies in a foreign country.

Yin Meijing stood up: “Brother Zhengshu called. Although Little Crocodile and Ilya won’t participate in this segment, they’ll be watching our performance on TV.”

Liu Mengcheng slightly bent forward, raising his palm: “Come on, the bravest Juliet in the world. As long as we can make it to the podium in this one, we can go to the final.”

Yin Meijing placed her hand in his, fingers intertwining, and her expression became determined.

“Let’s go, the most beautiful Romeo in the world.”

Ms. Ayala stood at the side, placing her hands on the shoulders of the two kids.

“When I naturalized you, I just hoped our country could have one more athlete capable of entering the top twenty in the world. You already have that capability, but you gave me a surprise. Even though you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourselves, you’re already excellent.”

She rambled on, and Yin Meijing and Liu Mengcheng listened attentively. Although this coach had limited experience in pair skating and ice dance, her support in terms of moral and emotional aspects exceeded their expectations, especially considering the criticism and violence they had faced before.

“Meijing, Mengcheng, go for it!”

The two kids nodded together, turning around hand in hand, skating towards the center of the ice, their nationality announced on the broadcast.

“representing Kazakhstan…”

In the 2011-2012 season, there were several outstanding newcomers in the senior division of the four figure skating disciplines who challenged the Grand Prix Final. Among them were Ilya Safoshenko in men’s singles, Shiratsuka Masako in women’s singles, and Yin Meijing and Liu Mengcheng in ice dance.

And this reborn ice dance pair’s program was “Romeo and Juliet.”

It was a coincidence that the ice dance free dance event of the Canadian Grand Prix fell on the same day as the Autumn Games of Third Middle School.

As an athlete, Zhang Jue, as usual, registered for the long jump, triple jump, and 3000-meter long-distance race.

The triple jump and long-distance race were scheduled for the afternoon, while the long jump was at 11 AM. Zhang Jue confidently went to knock on the office door of Ms. Ying Dongmei, the English teacher.

Others might not know, but Zhang Jue had discovered that Ms. Ying was an experienced wall climber with an account on Twitter.

If it were other students, there might be some distance and respect between them and the teacher. However, Zhang Jue was shameless, blinking his bright phoenix eyes, smiling pleasingly, and asking: “Teacher, can I borrow your computer to watch a competition?”

Before Ms. Ying Dongmei could react, Zhang Jue overwhelmed her with a stream of flattery. He even handed her several Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Finally, in a dazed state, she opened her computer, gave up her seat, and let Zhang Jue watch his foreign friends’ competition.

Seeing the kid skillfully start to climb the wall, Ms. Ying couldn’t help but twitch her mouth.

“Zhang Jue, after watching the competition, leaves immediately. Got it?”

Zhang Jue nodded in agreement, like a big panda chewing bamboo shoots.

Although the teacher couldn’t understand figure skating much, if it weren’t for teaching the country’s number one guy, she might not have paid attention to this sport at all.

However, on this day, she was surprised to find that even if she didn’t understand the technical moves when Romeo and Juliet danced on the ice, expressing their love and struggles through their performance, she was deeply moved.

14-year-old Juliet and 16-year-old Romeo might not understand love, but the two athletes on the ice definitely loved each other deeply. Their love was touching, and even someone unfamiliar with the sport could be easily moved by their program.

Zhang Jue, on the other hand, rubbed his chin and murmured with interest: “Their edges are so clear as if someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder measured every detail with a ruler.”

Not only that, but this pair of skaters also had a high skating speed. Even with the increased speed, they managed to maintain consistent pacing, displaying a harmony like the yin and yang of a soul.

Truly deserving of being praised by a certain marketing account as the “most regrettable figure skating duo of the 21st century.” If those incidents hadn’t happened, causing them to leave ice dancing, they should have been the most promising Asian ice dance athletes to challenge the top podium in prestigious competitions.

Fortunately, in this lifetime, they did not leave the skating arena.

After a satisfying performance, Zhang Jue casually grabbed a disposable plastic cup, filled it with warm water from the dispenser, politely bid farewell to the teachers in the office, and left with his hands in his pockets.

As he departed, a male teacher joked: “This kid treats himself like he’s not an outsider at all. He enters the office like he’s entering his own home. I bet he used to be dragged to the office by teachers every day.”

Another person chuckled and said: “No doubt about it. I heard this kid used to get into fights everywhere during middle school. Writing self-reflections was as casual as eating and drinking for him. He’s pretty familiar with the office by now.”

“Is this kid mischievous? Just by looking at his face, he seems like a celestial being.”

Meanwhile, Zhang Jue, with his black hair disheveled and obsidian earrings adorning his ears, headed to the long jump track.

Upon seeing Zhang Jue approaching, the class teacher’s expression immediately changed.

“Wasn’t it said that sports students don’t participate in the school sports meet?”

The class teacher of Class 2 smirked: “Zhang Jue is indeed not a sports student. This kid legitimately got into Third High School through the regular admission process.”

Hearing this shameless remark, the class teacher from another class almost scoffed, if not for the need to maintain his teacher image.

Damn it, Zhang Jue is indeed not a sports student, but this guy is more exceptional than the average sports student. Other sports students are, at best, at the level of second or first-tier athletes. Zhang Jue, on the other hand, is a bona fide international champion, having won national and even global championships as an elite athlete!

Letting him participate in the school sports meet is simply lowering the bar, a shameless strategy that blatantly disrupts the balance of the competition.

Not to mention that Zhang Jue is competing in events he has never seriously trained for, such as the long jump, triple jump, and 3000 meters. But this guy’s basic athletic abilities are several times that of an average person.

The competition began, and Zhang Jue looked at the sandpit in front of him as if he were on a white athlete’s track.

He began his run-up, gradually accelerating, the wind rushing past his ears. Then, he leaped forward as if he were a bird eager to take flight.

Moreover, Zhang Jue performed exceptionally well that day, seemingly motivated by some kind of stimulus. Before noon ended, the announcer enthusiastically declared that Zhang Jue from Class 1 of the second year broke the school record in the long jump.

At the same time, in Kanagawa, Japan, Hayato Teraoka collapsed on the ice.

Coach Tokuo squatted next to him, overlooking the student’s face. “Hayato, the results of the last segment competition are out. Do you want to go to Fukuoka to watch the game?”

“Did Meijing and Mengcheng win?”

“They did. That’s why I’m asking if you want to go.”


Hayato Teraoka sprang to his feet like a carp, then sat back down, grabbing his hair.

“Although my performance in the first half of this season wasn’t great, I won’t let a small setback like this make me give up. I won’t abandon the opportunity to watch top-level competitions just because of that.”

In St. Petersburg, Ilya completed a 4T, stumbling when landing, but steadying himself with his knees.

Coach Boris advised: “Ilya, I don’t recommend practicing this knee-forced landing technique. It puts too much strain on your knees.”

Ilya pounded the ice with his fist: “But my 4T is still unstable. Without this foundational technique, I can’t achieve good results in the Grand Prix Final.”

Vasily skated by, casually mocking: “It’s not necessary for you to strive for good results at the Grand Prix Final right now. When it comes to upholding the face of Russian men’s singles, I haven’t retired yet. Such tasks aren’t for you.”

In Fukuoka, Shiratsuka Masako looked at her medical examination report, falling into silence.

Her younger sister, Shiratsuka Keiko, sat beside her and softly called: “Sis…”

Masako snapped out of it and ruffled her sister’s hair. “It’s okay. Currently, things seem fine. As long as we pay attention and have some luck, there might not be any issues even until the Sochi Olympics. Besides, we’ve made preparations in advance, right?”

“Don’t worry. The Grand Prix Final is just around the corner. It’s my first time entering the senior division’s Grand Prix Final, Keiko. Will you come to the venue to cheer for me, Yaguchiko, Meijin, and Mengcheng when the time comes?”

Shiratsuka Keiko obediently agreed.

On this day, in different countries, different time zones, young figure skaters were doing various things, yet their thoughts drifted to the same competition.

December 8th, Fukuoka, Figure Skating Grand Prix Final. Countless top athletes would gather here to fiercely compete for the first championship of the season’s first half!


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