Figure Skating: I’m More Suited for the Olympics – Chapter 56 August

Zhang Jue is a person who is very willing to shoot advertisements. After all, the money comes in a legitimate way, and it’s something he couldn’t get in his previous life.

In his previous life, Zhang Jue didn’t shoot any advertisements as a child. Most of the resources during the talent show were concentrated on Yun Si. Yun Si, along with a rumored mentor, shot a beverage commercial, causing a group of silly fan girls to scream.

Sometimes, he thinks about how his small company invested so much in him, sending him to various training sessions, and arranging a conscientious agent. Yet, Zhang Jue didn’t land a single endorsement, which felt unfair to his boss.

Since the incident where Xu Dela helped him recharge his public transportation card, Zhang Jue has learned from the experience. He believes that a man should earn more money to keep in his pocket, and not needing to borrow from his brother every time he needs money.

However, due to his young age and shallow experience, coupled with only winning the youth group championship in terms of achievements, Zhang Jue’s endorsement fees were not high. After shooting the advertisement for Ladder Mountain Milk, he received 500,000 after tax. He gave three-fourths of it to his family, saved half of what was left for himself, and used the remaining half to buy more bitcoin, keep as a reserve, and donate a portion.

This advertisement was also somewhat related to the Jiangtan team. It is said that after winning the league championship, the Jiangtan team secured a deal with a good domestic sports brand. After the success of their advertisement, the brand planned to invite their youth team to shoot an ad targeting 10 to 17-year-olds.

However, the sponsor encountered a problem. The youth team members of the basketball team were all tall and looked nothing like teenagers. Even the sixth-grade reserve members were over 1.8 meters tall.

Unable to find suitable candidates within the Jiangtan team, the plan fell through. It was a sad story.

Just as they were about to look for alternatives, Coach Lan Kun suddenly mentioned that there were suitable candidates in another program. The kids’ physique absolutely met the definition of teenagers, they had good looks, and their achievements were commendable.

Then, Coach Lan Kun conveniently provided a link to the Ladder Mountain Milk advertisement department.

After checking, the brand found the hope of the provincial team, the first male single champion in the domestic World Junior Figure Skating Championships, with promising skills.

Most importantly, this hope was undeniably handsome and had even fought with a mop against unscrupulous journalists on television in Jiangling, making headlines in news programs. He was a person who had broken through the circle.

The brand owner, holding several photos of domestic young athletes, considered for a long time and spoke in a friendly Shaanxi accent: “I’ve seen this kid using a mop on TV. He looks really handsome, It needs to be him.”

Upon learning that he could earn this money due to Coach Lan Kun’s connection, Zhang Jue sincerely thanked Coach Lan Kun.

Coach Lan Kun, with a serious expression, acted polite to Zhang Jue: “No need to thank me, it’s also because your conditions are good that the sponsor would consider it.”

“But as an athlete, remember not to get too obsessed with these things. Your results are fundamental. Remember to train well, and there will naturally be more opportunities in the future.”

Zhang Jue thanked him again before being taken by Shen Liu to meet the sponsor.

In his office, Coach Lan Kun sat there, lost in thought, while Director Wen casually asked: “How’s your brother now? Is he still playing basketball?”

Hearing Director Wen’s words, Coach Lan Kun came to his senses and replied: “Just the same. He plays less basketball now, saying his knees can’t handle it and he can’t jump anymore. He takes care of the bar business every day, and occasionally goes on stage to sing a song. There are even talent agencies wanting to sign him, but he can’t be bothered, saying if he becomes a professional singer, he has to quit drinking. He’s not willing to give up alcohol.”

Director Wen said casually: “You two brothers, both talented and hot-tempered. You’ve suffered a bit in this regard. Luckily, Zhang Junbao didn’t follow Zhang Jue this time. Otherwise, you two might end up in the hospital together before finishing lunch.”

Coach Lan Kun smiled wryly: “I don’t want to fight Zhang Junbao. He’s skilled with all sorts of weapons. Ordinary people aren’t his match.”

When Zhang Junbao’s sister divorced his brother back then, the two families had a tough time. When the uncles and aunts heard that their daughter had been bullied, each of them came with a club to capital. Zhang Junbao even smashed Lan Kun’s face with a brick at the hospital entrance.

The result of that fight was Zhang Junbao dislocating his arm, Lan Kun fracturing his tibia, permanently losing two teeth, fracturing his nasal bridge, and both of them being sent to the hospital on the spot.

After chatting for a while, Coach Lan Kun received a call from a team member, learning that the power forward and center of the team had quarreled over something and ended up breaking the basket during a dunk in the game. Sighing, he stood up, casually put on a bright red baseball cap, and put his hands in his pockets.

“Those troublemakers are at it again. I have to go back and teach them a lesson. Zhang Jue… looks fine. I won’t disturb you.”

Director Wen shouted after his retreating figure: “Aren’t you going to acknowledge the child at least?”

Coach Lan Kun waved his hand without looking back: “I have no face, and I don’t want Zhang Junbao to come to my door with a brick again. Let it go.”

In August, Zhang Jue steadily won against all his peers in the test competition, successfully securing a spot for the season and being informed about the schedule for the year’s Grand Prix series.

“The order of hosting the Grand Prix series changes every year. This year’s order is Latvia, Canada, China, Japan, France, and Italy.”

Shen Liu flipped through his notebook: “The final will be held in Nagano, Japan. So, our suggestion is that you participate in the Japan Grand Prix as one of your events to adapt early. Although the Japan Grand Prix is held in Fukuoka, not Nagano, it’s still a good idea.”

Although the Japan Grand Prix is held in Fukuoka, not Nagano, Shen Liu still nodded.

“Besides the Japan Grand Prix, what’s my other event?”

“The fashion capital, Milan, Italy.”

Shen Liu rubbed his chin: “Knowing that we’re going to Milan, Xu Chuo is thrilled. She’s already murmuring about Prada and Valentino. By then, we might receive a bunch of proxy purchase orders.”

At the same time, Hayato Teraoka also contacted Zhang Jue, stating that his application for promotion had been approved by the Japan Skating Association.

“Starting from this season, your opponents will change to a new batch. The most competitive ones should be Kharhasha Golovkin from Kazakhstan, Juventus from the Czech Republic, Angus Joe from the United States, and the newcomer Charles Brucenkin, who was the runner-up in the previous year’s Canadian National Championship youth group. Alan Helge, who won the championship at the Norway Championship, will also move up to the youth group this year.”

These names were familiar to Zhang Jue, all being second-tier or even top-tier skaters in the future world of men’s figure skating.

However, these kids indeed had no competitiveness in front of Zhang Jue now. The only one to pay extra attention to was Kharhasha. In his previous life, he dominated the youth group after Hayato Teraoka and Ilya were promoted to adult category.

Coach Ayala’s coaching ability was indeed good, allowing this kid to master a stable 3A at the age of 14.

Speaking of which, Yin Meijing and Liu Mengcheng would make a comeback this year, and considering their age, they were also going to move up to the adult group.

Zhang Jue smiled, and his fair, delicate fingers tapped on the newly bought laptop keyboard.

Jue: Wishing you success in the adult group. If you happen to meet Meijing and the others in the adult group competition, please say hello on my behalf.

The reply came quickly from the other side.

Hayato: Also wishing you success. To be cautious, I’m using last year’s programs for this season. Ilya is sticking with the free skate. But I heard you’ve choreographed a new program. We’re all looking forward to it. I mean, we look forward to you becoming even more outstanding as our competitor, anticipating your performance, and looking forward to meeting you again in the adult group competition.

Thinking about his new program, the smile on Zhang Jue’s face deepened.

Zhang Jue believed that his programs this year were definitely more than three times better than last year’s because he had money this year! Money meant he could invest more in choreography and costumes.

Zhang Jue asked Madam Mia to choreograph a short program called “Autumn,” and for the free skate, he specifically flew to the UK to work with professional tap dancers and another internationally renowned choreographer.

Many newcomers would prepare two exquisite programs in the year before moving up, polishing them in their final youth group season, and then ascend with highly completed programs to compete in the first season of the adult group.

Zhang Jue put in so much effort, and many people thought this kid was preparing for next year’s promotion, understanding his approach.

Not only in terms of competition programs but Zhang Jue’s performance costumes also broke away from the cost-saving methods of “pajama baby” and “mom’s old clothes.” He specifically had a designer create a new costume for his program.

Now everything was ready and he was waiting for the season to begin.


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