Wolf Cub – Chapter 21.2

Mao Silu even raised both his hands and waved them, encouraging people around him to vote for Lin Shiyu, saying, “Raise your hands, raise your hands, everyone vote for Shiyu!”

Lin Shiyu: “?”

In the end, the responsibility of being the biology class representative was unexpectedly and overwhelmingly imposed upon Lin Shiyu.

“I can’t do this.” After school, Lin Shiyu cornered Li Zhong, looking somewhat unhappy. “Choose someone else.”

Li Zhong stood with his hands on his hips and said, “Isn’t it just collecting and distributing homework? I’m not asking you to tutor others. What’s so difficult about it?”

Lin Shiyu found it impossible to talk to him. “I’m not good at biology!”

“It’s okay, you can learn.”

“Why can’t you find someone with good grades? Why do you have to make me the class representative? Are you… doing this on purpose?”

“Who says class representatives have to be people with good grades?” Li Zhong replied matter-of-factly, leaving Lin Shiyu speechless. Then he showed a hint of a smile, patted Lin Shiyu’s shoulder, and adopted a more serious tone. “I admit it’s my personal preference for you to be the class representative. I know you haven’t done this kind of thing before, so I wanted to give you a chance to try something new, and I hope you’ll accept it.”

“I can’t do it…”

“Whether you can do it well or not, how will you know if you don’t try?” Li Zhong shrugged. “Life occasionally needs some new experiences to make it interesting.”

Lin Shiyu finally realized what was happening and exclaimed in exasperation. “You’re just doing this to mess with me!”

With that, Li Zhong made a quick exit.

Lin Shiyu, feeling annoyed, returned to the classroom to pack his bag. Shen Ziyi greeted him. “Class Representative, congratulations, Lin Shiyu!”

Lin Shiyu slung his rabbit-shaped backpack onto his back and left, his temper flaring.

As he descended to the first floor, Lin Shiyu walked across the corridor that led to the other side of the school gate. When he passed by a classroom, he heard faint music emanating from within.

Lin Shiyu stopped in his tracks and glanced through the window.

The unused classroom had all the desks and chairs piled at the back, creating an open space in the middle. Zhong Qi and Tao Chen sat facing each other on chairs, one with a guitar and the other with a violin. Two sets of sheet music were laid out in front of them as they rehearsed a piece.

The setting sun’s warm, pale light streamed in through the windows, casting a dancing halo on their fingertips and hair tips.

Perfectly matched. That was the first thought that crossed Lin Shiyu’s mind.

Both of them were remarkably good-looking, and their body proportions were just right. Zhong Qi was tall with broad shoulders and long legs, lean yet powerful. Tao Chen was comparatively tall for a girl, with slender, graceful limbs. Just standing together, their appearance created a pleasant and beautiful image.

They also sounded good.

Lin Shiyu had no intention of disturbing their practice, so after watching for a while, he continued on his way.

He inexplicably recalled how Gao Jie, the gossip-loving chubby boy, would shake his head meaningfully every time Zhong Qi and Tao Chen practiced together. He had overheard Gao Jie and a few girls gossiping, discussing the possibility of Zhong Qi and Tao Chen being together and speculating whether they liked each other.

Boring. Lin Shiyu kicked a pebble on the ground and thought to himself.

The vast grassy field bathed in sunlight, with an impossibly blue sky above and big, fluffy clouds huddled together on the horizon, looked too adorable.

Rain stood at the edge of the grassy field, with a vast abyss beneath his feet, and a massive storm swirling relentlessly before him, reaching into the sky.

Lin Shiyu, frustrated, held his phone tightly. This was the seventh time he had tried to enter his own house, but each time he made a mistake and fell off a cliff, only to return to the grassy field after an endless fall.

What a frustrating game! Rain paced back and forth on the grass, unable to find the right way to enter his own house.

“Ding!” Rise came online.

Lin Shiyu immediately put on his headphones and made a voice call to Zhong Qi.

The call was answered. “What’s wrong again?”

“I can’t enter my house.”


Lin Shiyu angrily said, “Don’t you dare to laugh!”

“I’m not laughing,” Zhong Qi’s voice remained calm. “In the storm, there will be star-like lights sliding by. Wait for the star to slide in front of you, then jump inside.”

Lin Shiyu fell silent and waited to follow his instructions and try again. After a while, he said, “I’m inside now.”

“Once you’re inside, you can invite friends directly to your home.”

A few seconds later, Rain and Rise stood in the house. Unlike the outside world, the house had an evening-to-night scene. The endless sea roared with waves, the twilight sky was tinged with shades of pale purple and deep red, and faint starlight adorned the waves, sparkling like countless diamond stars.

The sea embraced a small island, and in the middle of the island, there was a circle of rocks surrounding a bonfire. This should be what they called a “home.”

Rain looked around. “Where are the fish?”

Rise walked to the seashore and stepped into the water, signaling him to come over.

As Rain approached, a small fish leaped out of the water, arcing through the air and landing back in the sea.

“So small?”

“It will grow bigger if you feed it fish food.”

Rain threw down some chicken and radishes collected from the dungeons over the past few days.

Fullness +10, LV0.

Fullness +10, LV0.

Rise also took a bundle of bean sprouts from his bag and tossed them into the water. The fish jumped out of the water, eagerly eating.

Fullness +0.5, LV0.

Rain asked, “Why does your feeding add so little fullness?”

“Because our affinity is low,” Rise said. “The higher the affinity, the more fullness it adds.”

Rise squeezed Rain next to the bonfire, and Lin Shiyu still couldn’t understand why the characters in this game could bump into each other and push each other around. Rain had been knocked down several times by Rise or blocked from walking.

“Sit,” Rise gestured to a rock.


“Sitting together in a specific spot with friends can increase affinity.”

The two little characters sat on the rock, and the campfire in front of them slowly started to burn. The evening tide rose and fell, with the setting sun casting two small shadows.

“You’re not going to take photos by yourself on Saturday, right?” Zhong Qi asked.

“Why not?”

“I’ll also be going out on Saturday.” Zhong Qi said. “I can give you a ride on my bike.”

Lin Shiyu thought that was a good idea, it would save him a bus fare.

“I’m going to a photo studio near the school. Where are you going?”

“I’ll be rehearsing at the school.”

Lin Shiyu remembered seeing him sitting with Tao Chen after school and suddenly had the thought, ‘Could Zhong Qi and Tao Chen be in a relationship?’

Then he realized it wasn’t his business, but he blamed Gao Jie for constantly mentioning it, which had led his thoughts astray.

Lin Shiyu opened his friends list. After Rain and Rise had sat together for twenty minutes, their affinity had only increased from 100 to 102.

Unhappily he asked, “We sat here for so long, and it only increased by two points?”

“Just sitting and doing nothing won’t increase it quickly,” Rise replied.

Lin Shiyu couldn’t understand why he was still sitting quietly on a rock with two little characters watching the sunset, one of them being Zhong Qi.

“I’m leaving.” He suddenly felt dissatisfied with himself, immediately exited the game, and took off his headphones.


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