Figure Skating: I’m More Suited for the Olympics – Chapter 6 Snowy Night

It was very cold in winter, and Shen Liu, seeing the child covered in ice debris after falling on the ice, took off his coat, wrapped it around him, and helped him to the edge of the rink. He then slid on the slippery ice and directly carried him to a chair at the edge.

The top male skater of the national team without putting on any airs, half knelt in front of Zhang Jue.

“Did you hurt your left ankle?”

Zhang Jue wiped away tears, it was, indeed, painful. He bent down to undo his skates and then took off his socks, revealing the swollen ankle.

Sport bandages bound at the joints effectively prevented sports injuries, his lower legs and knee areas were all wrapped in sports bandages.

Shen Liu asked in confusion: “Why didn’t you bind your ankles?”

Zhang Jue, feeling embarrassed, replied: “I always feel that binding the ankles may affect the power during gliding.”

In fact, he was starting to regret it a bit. If he had bound his ankle today, maybe he wouldn’t have sprained it.

“We can’t keep it swollen like this. Where are your parents?”

After Shen Liu found out who Zhang Jue’s uncle was, he immediately went to ask the staff to find him and collected crushed ice from under the Zamboni to ice Zhang Jue injury.

In this way impression the top skater left on Zhang Jue immediately changed from a “focused performer” to “this guy has a good personality.”

Zhang Junbao arrived shortly after, looking at his big nephew’s ankle with a mix of heartache. Shen Liu, holding the ice bag, talked to Zhang Junbao, and Zhang Jue realized they actually knew each other.

Shen Liu also came from the H Province team and had been under the same coach as Zhang Junbao, their relationship was that of senior and junior.

They decided to take Zhang Jue to see a retired former provincial team doctor because he lived in the residential area not far from the venue and was the closest option.

When they entered the community, the security guard stopped them. Zhang Junbao scratched his head, took out his phone, and called the old doctor. Zhang Jue lay on his uncle’s back, his eyes involuntarily turning to the roadside pancake stall.

Seeing this, Shen Liu turned around and bought a few pancakes, handing one to the child. He explained to Zhang Junbao: “Senior, Dr. Qin likes this, so I got him one.”

Zhang Junbao patted his big nephew’s leg and gave a grateful smile to Shen Liu before warning his already-eating big nephew.

“Little Jue, you can eat on your uncle’s back, but if you dare to drop any crumbs on me, see if I won’t smack you!”

With food in his mouth, Zhang Jue nodded in agreement. After a while, someone ran towards the entrance of the community.

As he got closer, Shen Liu realized it was a tall and imposing young man, with deep and cold facial features and light gray eyes. In the dead of winter, he wore only a thin sweater in the same color as his eyes, resembling a lone wolf on a snowy plain.

The young man looked down at the three people in front of him, recalling his grandfather’s words about a “very handsome short kid’s face”: “a handsome guy of only 1.7 meters,” and “carrying a child on his back.”

On the young guy shoulders was a white and tender boy with clean and exquisite facial features. His cheeks moved up and down as he earnestly nibbled on a pancake, resembling a cute little squirrel.

The young fellow confirmed the identities of the three before spoking with a Beijing accent: “My grandpa is Qin Tang He asked me to pick you up.”

Qin Tang was the doctor they were looking for. With someone leading the way, the gatekeeper finally let them in. While entering, Zhang Junbao and Shen Liu whispered.

“Is this Dr. Qin’s grandson? He looks quite sturdy.”

Zhang Jue listened for a while and learned that Dr. Qin’s wife was Russian, so the boy who came to pick them up had a quarter of Russian blood. Dr. Qin’s son and daughter-in-law usually worked in Beijing and only brought their son back to visit the elderly during holidays.

Zhang Jue thought that this mixed-race boy looked young in the face but was at least 1.85 meters tall. Both Zhang Junbao and Shen Liu were figure skaters, and the average height for Asian male skaters was 1.7 meters. Compared to this seemingly underage boy, the two adults were surprisingly short.

The pancake was coated with sesame sauce and smelled delicious so Zhang Jue ate attentively and finished it just as his uncle put him on the sofa.

Zhang Jue crumpled the packaged oil paper, about to find a place to throw it away when someone pushed the trash can to him with their foot. He looked up and thanked the kind person.

“Thank you.”

The young man responded while introducing himself: “I’m Qin Xuejun, sixteen years old.”

“I’m Zhang Jue, twelve years old.”

Dr. Qin was a white-haired old man wearing reading glasses. He was in his sixties, retired for less than two years but still looking energetic.

The old man casually pinched the child’s foot as Shen Liu looked worriedly: “Doctor, is the kid’s foot okay?”

“The kid’s foot is fine.”

Dr. Qin also spoke with a Northeastern accent: “No bone injury, he just need to rest for two weeks. During this time, avoid strenuous activities. If you’re worried, bring him over in a couple of days, and I’ll do some moxibustion for him.”

Saying that, the old doctor applied additional pressure as he bandaged Zhang Jue and gave Zhang Junbao a few patches of the ointment he prepared.

Zhang Junbao scolded Zhang Jue again. Zhang Jue immediately raised his hand and swore not to secretly practice jumps alone again. However, even the onlooker Qin Xuejun could tell that this kid would definitely correct his mistakes and not dare to do it again.

After the scolding, everyone was thirsty from talking. Two glasses of water were placed on the coffee table. Zhang Jue took one and sipped it. The water had the fragrance of monk fruit and had a moderate temperature. Qin Xuejun, who handed the water, sat on a chair near the balcony and earnestly read a copy of “THE LANCET.”

A Slavic old lady with silver hair, wearing a woolen skirt and graceful posture, invited them to stay for a meal. Shen Liu and Zhang Junbao immediately stood up, respectfully addressing her as “Teacher Miya” before being called over by Dr. Qin for a chat.

Qin Xuejun picked up the remote control, tuned the TV to CCTV-6, which happened to be airing “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Zhang Jue subtly felt like he was being treated like an elementary school student.

He said: “I am a sophomore in junior high school.”

Qin Xuejun glanced at him and replied seriously: “I’m also a sophomore.”

Then he added: “How to Train Your Dragon is very good.”

Well, since he said so, Zhang Jue focused on the TV screen, while Qin Xuejun continued reading his book. Surprisingly, the atmosphere was quite harmonious for a moment.

Zhang Jue discreetly observed Qin Xuejun.

He knew Qin Xuejun, although it wasn’t for any good reason… In the next twelve years, he would become the leading orthopedic surgeon in the country, saving countless lives on the operating table because of his delicate and precise touch.

However, just a year before Zhang Jue’s death, Qin Xuejun was blinded in a medical incident. The reason was that when he was treating an advanced malignant bone tumor, he amputated the patient’s leg to save the patient’s life.

At the age of only twenty-eight, with limitless prospects and potential, a genius orthopedic surgeon who could have dedicated forty years on the front line was robbed of his vision by an unreasonable incident of medical violence.

As the incident became widespread, even Zhang Jue, who spent all his time in the training room, followed it on the internet. A group of netizens cursed the perpetrators, and the criminal was sentenced. Yet, Qin Xuejun’s once gray eyes were now unable to see, and he could no longer even perform medical examinations.

Now, at the age of sixteen, Qin Xuejun looked like a well-mannered senior high school student. Even though he is not as lively and impulsive as boys of the same age, he can watch animated movies and serve water to guests at home. He is a well-educated young man, quite different from the person lying on the hospital bed in the news looking defeated.

Zhang Jue: Oh my goodness, this top-level hospital’s orthopedic surgeon actually liked cartoons when he was young.
Looks can indeed be deceiving.

Qin Xuejun noticed Zhang Jue’s scrutiny and asked him: “Don’t like watching this? Want to change the channel?”

Zhang Jue shook his head: “No need, this one is pretty good.”

Indeed: “How to Train Your Dragon” was much better than he had imagined.

Qin Xuejun kindly said: “If you don’t like it, we can watch something else. I have the ‘Harry Potter’ DVDs at home.”

Dinner was prepared by madam Miya herself, all Russian dishes: braised beef, baked potatoes with mushrooms, borscht, and Olivier salad.

Zhang Jue had a good appetite, finishing one roll and wanting more. His uncle immediately patted his hand, mouthing “watch out for gaining weight” the child could only sheepishly retract his hand.

Madam Miya glanced at Zhang Jue: “Is this child also a figure skater? Looks good.”

Regardless of Eastern or Western aesthetic standards, Zhang Jue’s face was considered handsome. Moreover, in madam Miya’s eyes, his body proportions were good, perfectly fitting the standard of three longs and one small – that is, a small head and long neck, arms, and legs. His lower body was at least 18-20 cm longer than his upper body, meeting even the most stringent criteria for ballet dancers. From her perspective, he was excellent material.

Zhang Junbao respectfully replied: “Yes, Zhang Jue has good talent, but he tends to gain weight easily. His weight gain is like making pancakes. Normally, we don’t let him consume too many carbohydrates, especially at night, as any excess would show on his weight.”

Madam Miya nodded and immediately pushed the plate of Olivier salad in front of Zhang Jue.

“Come on, if you haven’t eaten enough, use this to fill your stomach.”

Shen Liu explained beside him: “Olivier salad is not high in calories. Madam Miya used to be the principal dancer of the Yekaterinburg Ballet, and she maintained her figure by eating this.”

Zhang Junbao also comforted his nephew: “It’s okay. Tomorrow during the day, Uncle will make you stewed pig’s trotters, alright? Just restrain yourself a bit tonight.”

Zhang Jue sadly took a bite of the salad, thinking that this was like a flashback to his training days. Did having a tendency to gain weight mean he was only fit to be a salad enthusiast?

Qin Xuejun buried his head in his plate as he devoured the beef. He ate without making a sound, but his speed was extremely fast. In no time, he had finished all four rolls.

Zhang Jue watched with envy. Since deciding to manage his physique from the age of 12, he had never eaten so freely.

Madam Miya seemed very familiar with Zhang Junbao and Shen Liu. During their conversation, Zhang Jue learned that she had previously choreographed programs for the provincial team’s individual skaters after ending his ballet career. Whether it was competition programs complying with the rules or post-competition exhibition skates, she could perfectly execute them.

However, due to her elegant choreography style and disciplined personality, very few athletes were able to impress her. Over the years, only Zhang Junbao, Shen Liu, and a female skater on the women’s singles team had received programs from her.

When they were leaving, Madam Miya patted their heads and shoulders, encouraging Zhang Junbao and Shen Liu to work hard. At her grandmother’s request, Qin Xuejun personally escorted the guests. Zhang Jue, seeing he was dressed lightly, urged him to go back after reaching their destination.

“Brother Qin, you’re dressed lightly. You’ve done enough by bringing us here. Hurry back.”

Qin Xuejun was surprised, he hadn’t expected this kid to be so casual. He even teased him by using the term “Brother” so he couldn’t help but smirk, and glanced outside.

“It’s snowing outside. Wait for me a moment.”

The young man rushed upstairs, and after a short while, he came back with two umbrellas. After Zhang Junbao expressed his gratitude to Qin Xuejun, carrying his nephew he turned around. Zhang Jue then felt something being put into his hand.

Lowering his eyes, he saw a piece of purple candy that had appeared in his palm without him noticing. When he turned around, he saw Qin Xuejun pointing at the corner of his mouth with his index finger, a layer of a smile visible even through the snowy night and dim light.

As Qin Xuejun stood there, watching the three figures disappear into the distance, he didn’t remember to go back until the ringing of the phone interrupted his thoughts.

He answered the call.

“Old Xu, what’s up?”

“Hey, nothing, just feeling upset. You know, I signed up for the whole-body organ donation after death. When I went home this time, I told my family about it, and now my grandma is crying at home.”

“When I’m alive, who wants to take something from me? I have to fight them to death. But when I’m dead, keeping these things for the crematorium is of no use. It’s better to donate them. Who knows, it might save someone’s life. If she keeps making a fuss like this, I’m afraid I’ll have to come over to your place to take refuge.”

Qin Xuejun, supporting himself against the corridor, walked slowly upstairs: “As a medical student, I agree with and admire your choice. But there’s no need to leave home just because of this. Explain it to them properly.”

On July 19, 2022, the renowned orthopedic surgeon in China, Qin Xuejun, regained his eyesight through an eye transplant surgery. His eye donor was none other than Zhang Jue, the champion of “Dreaming Youth 307.” This young star had signed a whole-body organ donation agreement on his eighteenth birthday, and at least four people had gained a new life because of his kindness.

Although the world lost this meteor, Zhang Jue’s life continued in others. Dr. Qin, in a phone interview, expressed that he would return to the operating table after recovery and do his best to treat more patients.


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