Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 109.1

Since the distinguished guests came to his house, Wang Shijing went home early and picked up Wang Qing on the way. On the way back, he did encounter several carriages, all of them moving toward the country town. Wang Shijing tried hard to recall whether he had seen the carriage described by Ding Lin. 

Dai Jiang, who was catching up to him from behind, rushed to Wang Shijing’s side and said loudly, “I remember, we did encounter a carriage like that before and it seemed to be going south. I will lead people to search south, while you should go to the county town’s Yamen to find Magistrate Jiang and ask him to send Yamen officers to investigate throughout the city.”

 “Please!” Wang Shijing slapped his horse and rushed off in the direction of the county town, while Dai Jiang led the men south in pursuit. 

Jiang Kangning saw Wang Shijing running towards him with a sullen face. Jiang Kangning, who was still busy in the Yamen, paused what he was doing and asked, “Didn’t you go back?”

“Brother! Yunan has disappeared! Someone tricked him to get him out of the house and now he’s gone!”



“After three days, take it out, dry it in the sun, put it in a pot, and steam it.”


“You need to steam it otherwise the tea fragrance will not come out.” The man glared at Shao Yunan, forgiving that he didn’t dare to play any tricks and lowered his head to write.

“Steam, for an hour, and then…”

“Then what?” The man looked up.

“And then fuck you!”



Panting, Shao Yunan looked at the man who had fallen to the ground with blood on his head and kicked the man several times in the stomach. In his right hand was a blood-stained jadeite stone. Throwing the stone back into his space, he took out a bottle of spiritual milk and drank a few drops. Relieving the pain in his abdomen a lot. His mouth also no longer felt as painful. Putting back the bottle, Shao Yunan took out a rope to tie up the guy.

There were no phones in this era, so Shao Yunan had no way to notify Wang Shijing. He first went to the door to listen to the sounds outside. Hearing it was very quiet, he gently pulled the door open and found that no one was outside. Since that guy won’t wake up anytime soon, Shao Yunan  entered the space. Instead of treating the wound on his face, he ran to the wooden house Wang Shijing built for him and went to look through the things Wang Shijing had sorted out for him.

To escape, he would need a weapon. He was good at self-defense, but it was negligible here. Gun, no! Once used he would not be able to explain it since that thing was too ahead of its time. Dagger, no! People here had swords and he was not a weapon master. 

Suddenly, he thought of a certain weapon and immediately ran out of the cabin, running to the bench Wang Shijing had built for him. On the table, there were several crossbows of different sizes lying quietly. Wang Shijing found a crossbow in Shao Yunan’s ‘things’ and liked them a lot. 

He also liked guns, but he also knew these things could not be used outside. But this crossbow was different. Wang Shijing was researching crossbows by himself, but because he was too busy recently, he put it down for a while.

Picking up a handy, small crossbow, Shao Yunan could not be more thankful that he was preparing supplies for doomsday. Regardless of whether the crossbow was made of metal or wood, Shao Yunan who was extremely angry, went to another place where dangerous goods were stored to dig out a box of gasoline. Putting the crossbow with gasoline and remembering its location in space, Shao Yunan finally left the space.

The man was still unconscious. Shao Yunan tied him even harder and then covered his head. Then he looked again to the outer room. Still seeing no one there, he put the latch on the door. He could not see outside in the space and could not always hide inside. After calming down a bit, Shao Yunan pushed open the window, but there was no one outside. Looking left and right, it looked like a house. 

Looking back at the unconscious man, Shao Yunan hesitated for a long time, then looked at the furnishings in the room. He will not let this man go – damn it, he even dared to hit him. But he couldn’t take this man away through the space. First, it would be hard to explain if he met someone and second, he won’t let this dead-looking guy pollute his space.

There was a cabinet in the room, Shao Yunan opened it and found it was empty. The man was taller and stronger than him, so Shao Yunan needed to use all his strength to drag him into the closet. Didn’t this guy say that the Emperor’s seat was just an empty position and that the Empress got his position by using his ass? Let’s see if in front of the Emperor and Empress, he would still dare to say that!

Drinking a cup of spiritual spring water to replenish his energy, Shao Yunan went out through the window. After crawling through the bushes that hadn’t been cleared for a long time and observing the surrounding situation, Shao Yunan quickly ran into another room, which was not connected to the previous room. There was no one in the room, so Shao Yunan put all the bottles and jars in the room into space and then took out the gasoline.

“Dare to catch me, dare to hit me, I will let you know what it means to not be afraid of death!” Running out of the house, Shao Yunan took out two skyrockets, lit them up and threw them towards the open door of the room.

“Bang Bang!”

The never-before-heard explosions shocked the people in the house. Immediately afterwards, flames rose into the sky. The people outside were stunned and hurried towards the place where the explosion first sounded. The people in the house also rushed out immediately, looking for the location of the sound.

“Water! Come out quickly! The water is gone!” Someone shouted.

“Master! He is gone!”

Someone knocked on the door, but there was no sound from inside. Having a bad feeling the man pushed the door, it was locked so he kicked the door open. The young master and Shao Yunan were nowhere to be seen in the room. The man rushed to the table, saw the paper written on the table, and found the blood on the floor so he grabbed the papers into his arms, and rushed out.

“Young master is gone! That man has also escaped! Quickly go find them.”

“Bang! Bang!”


“What’s that noise!?”

There weren’t many people in the mansion, and at this point three rooms were already on fire, accompanied by terrifying explosions. Someone shouted, “That person must have set the fire, find him! The young master is gone, go find the young master!”

“Don’t let that guy escape!”

Shao Yunan was hiding in the corner, on a beam, in a room that was not on fire. Someone had rushed in just now to look for him, but he didn’t notice him sitting on the beam. Who would have thought that the person they wanted to catch would be hiding on a beam? There weren’t many kung-fu masters who would be able to do so. Of course, Shao Yunan also wasn’t able to do so, but he had a ladder!

‘With so much commotion, Big Brother and Shijing should notice that there was something wrong here, right?’ Shao Yunan thought like this in his heart. He didn’t know where this place was, so if he ran out, he would probably be caught again. He also couldn’t ‘disappear’ and ‘appear’ in front of people. The most dangerous place could also be the safest place and he believed that his Big Brother and Wang Shijing would find him!

“Vice Commander! Listen, what is that sound?” Dai Jiang pricked up his ears and after a while, he ordered, “Everyone follow me!”

Shao Yunan was kidnapped. Jiang Kangning, who got the news, quickly dispatched officials to search and strictly check the carriages and horses entering and leaving the county town. At the same time, he also sent people to the docks to find out about Shao Yunan’s whereabouts, which would prevent Shao Yunan being transported by water. 

Wang Shijing was so anxious that his hair almost turned white. After telling his elder brother that Shao Yunan was missing, he went south to look for him. He also remembered that the carriage seemed to be heading south, and south was also the direction of the docks.

“My Lord!” Jiang Kangning was working with the yamen officers analyzing who might have kidnapped Shao Yunan when Shopkeeper Xu hurriedly walked in.

“My lord, I heard that Yunan was kidnapped.” Jiang Kangning’s expression was serious as he nodded. “We are looking for his whereabouts. Does Shopkeeper Xu have any clues?”

Shopkeeper Xu said quickly, “Your Excellency, yesterday Wei Xiu approached me and wanted me to cooperate with him. His words were also full of threats. I think Yunan’s disappearance is not guaranteed to be related to him, but after he left yesterday, I was uneasy, so I had someone follow him to see where he went. It turned out that he did not leave Yongxiu County, but went to a mansion not far from the docks. I wonder if Yunan might be there.”


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