Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 73.2

Kang Rui and the others were also very interested in this Rubik’s Cube, but they didn’t have the time to study it for the time being. After Shao Yunan spilled a lot of knowledge, these people were far more interested in Shao Yunan and couldn’t wait for him to spill more. But no matter how much knowledge he had, he couldn’t spill it every day. Besides, it was also the best to have some cards hidden, right? Shao Yunan simply thought of a way to distract them from having too much ‘energy,’ which was the debate.

First, Shao Yunan drew up a debate topic and put forward his own views, while the others either agreed with him or had the opposite opinion. Many of Shao Yunan’s theories did not apply to today’s society, so he hoped to understand it better in this way.

Such an approach was very fresh. On weekdays, students would debate one or two topics on a certain topic together, but they would not debate in such a formal way with pros and cons, and there had to be a winner in the end. Everyone not only found it interesting, but also felt that they benefited a lot after each debate. The three scholars also wrote several policy theories for Elder Cen to review. Guo Ziyu would also join in when he had time. 

However, the more this happened, the less Guo Ziyu desired to become an official became apparent, as he preferred to stay with the Wang (Shijing) family. Such an atmosphere also had an effect on the children. Wang Qing, Wang Yan, and Zhao Congbo were unable to join the adults’ debates, so they debated on their own, finding themes for their debates from what was happening around them. The three of them also wrote their own essays and thoughts for Shao Yunan to read and sometimes they would also get pointers from Kang Rui, Elder Cen, and Jiang Kangning.

In this way, the entire Wang family had fallen into some kind of frenzied learning atmosphere. Even Guo Zimu, who didn’t like to show up, occasionally couldn’t help but stand quietly in the room to listen to their debates or talk about certain academic topics, only feeling that his knowledge was gradually increasing. The appearance of these people also calmed Guo Zimu’s uneasiness due to his appearance. With these people around, he should be safe enough here.

On the eighth day of the New Year, Jiang Kangchen received a letter from the capital, which was sent by lord An asking him to return to the capital quickly. The business of the newly opened restaurant was booming beyond expectations and Eunuch An was too busy, so he asked Jiang Kangchen to return to the capital to help as soon as possible. He also stated in the letter that when he went back, he should bring some fresh vegetables from Shao Yunan and even asked Shao Yunan to make some snacks to bring back. Eunuch An was really not polite with Shao Yunan.

Originally Jiang Kangchen was planning to stay until the next month and then go back, but now he had to leave early. He was reluctant to part with his son, but for the sake of his future and his son’s future, for the sake of his brother, and for the sake of the revitalization of the Jiang family, he let go of his reluctance. Shao Yunan needed two days to prepare the things to bring back, so Jiang Kangchen asked Wang Shijing to go with him to the county town to buy some people.

Shao Yunan was a modern person with absolutely no experience in the sale of people. He also really didn’t know what kind of servants to choose for his family. But Jiang Kangchen used to be the young master of a high-ranking official’s family and he stayed at the Marquis Mansion for several years, so he had experience. That day Elder Cen also went with them, accompanied by Guo Ziyu. As a housekeeper, he also needed to learn more about this.

Since Jiang Kangchen was about to go back, Elder Cen asked him to help bring some things to Elder Weng. That day he pulled Jiang Kangning into Shao Yunan’s study and occupied it as no one knew what they were doing. Kang Rui also went back, but only for a while. He didn’t bring much clothes with him so he wanted to tidy up and pack up before coming back. 

The county school only started on the first day of February so he could return home when the school was about to start, anyway he was living alone. After these few days he also understood why Elder Cen valued this family so much and he himself wanted to live there as well.

Although lord An’s letter said that he wanted some fresh vegetables, snacks, and so on, Shao Yunan couldn’t just prepare these. He also needed to prepare more gifts for Master Weng and Jiang Kangchen, as well as for the other two great Buddhas in the palace. Another batch of solid yuan paste should also be made.

In the evening, Wang Shijing and Jiang Kangchen’s group came back. As soon as they came back, they attracted the attention of the villagers. Since the New Year, the villagers had been paying attention to Wang Shijing’s family. The news that the county magistrate and Dean Cen spent New Year’s Eve at Wang Shijing’s house caused quite a shock in the village. 

After that, there was an endless stream of people going to Wang Shijing’s house to pay their respects and from what they heard, they were all prominent figures from the county town. There was also the vice dean of the White Moon Academy and three student scholars living in their house. Envy and jealousy could no longer be felt by the villagers to describe Wang Shijing.

It had to be said that if Old Lady Wang’s family was kinder to Wang Shijing and did not bully and abuse Wang Qing and Nizi when Wang Shijing was away from home, then Wang Zhisong would definitely be able to go to the Imperial College now, and maybe he could even go to the capital’s Imperial Academy. Wang Chunxiu could also definitely marry into a big family and maybe even become an official wife. 

Old Lady Wang and Wang Dali could then live in such a large mansion, eating spicy food and fragrant drinks all day, with people serving them. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family was now living a more prosperous life than anyone could ever have imagined before and even had such big backers. But on the other hand, looking at the Old Lady Wang’s family, hahaha… it could only be said that they had become the  joke of the whole village.

This time, Wang Shijing, who went out for a trip, came back with so many people. Some bold villagers went forward to try and ask Wang Shijing what these strangers were doing here and Wang Shijing did not evade their questions, directly replying that they bought servants, as well as a servant boy and maid for Wang Qing and Wang Nizi.

Things had become even more impressive. Wang Shijing’s family had bought servants! Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, the two children would have servants waiting on them! It would be a lie to say that they were not jealous! But what’s the use of being jealous! Does your family have money? Does your family have a backer? Can your family call the country magistrate brother? Could you make the dean of the country school come stay with you from the New Year until now?

The news soon reached the Wang family house. Old Lady Wang, who had been lying in bed since the New Year, immediately got out of bed and cursed, while Wang Chunxiu hid in her room crying. Wang Dali just sat in the corner, silent as always. But even though Old Lady Wang began scolding again, she didn’t dare to go to her eldest son’s house to find trouble. The county magistrate she feared the most was still there at this time and as for Shao Yunan… Old Lady Wang was even more afraid of him in her heart.

Wang Shijing calmly accepted the envious eyes of the villagers. Under Jiang Kangchen’s guidance, Wang Shijing bought eleven people in one go. Among the eleven people, there was a middle-aged couple, a man named Zheng Da, his wife Zheng Wei as well as their 17-year-old daughter Zheng Tianhua. These three would be responsible for the chores of cleaning, washing, planting vegetables and feeding livestock in the house. 

Two 13-year-old boys, Su Ce and Miao Yuan were personal servants that Wang Shijing bought for Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi. Jiang Kangchen, who was trying to avoid suspicion, did not intend to leave anyone around to take care of his son. He believed that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan could take good care of his son.

Wang Nizi was still young and was a daughter, so Wang Shijing bought two maids for her, a pair of 12 year old sisters, called Xia Chun and Xia Qiu. There were also a pair of men with their respective wives. These two brothers knew some kung-fu, so Wang Shijing bought them mainly as guards and also to take care of some heavy work at home on weekdays. Their wives could follow Zheng Da’s family and be responsible for chores. The two brothers were called Ding Yilin and Ding Yisen, and their wives were called Ding Ye and Ding Ji.

Shao Yun’an was taken aback when Wang Shijing brought such a group of people back. He also had nannies and part-time workers in his modern home, but there were at most two of them, so he never had such a large group of servants. But Wang Shijing said he only got a few! Shao Yunan felt a little dizzy. As a modern man who transmigrated a thousand years back in the past, he could not adapt to human trafficking.

The worse the year was, the more people were bought and sold. To use the current language, if a family went bankrupt and couldn’t support so many servants, they would sell them. The people Wang Shijing bought all signed death contracts. Such people were usually sold when the owner said so, since most people also preferred such people who signed death contracts.

Although there were women brought back by Wang Shijing, they all looked honest at first glance. Zheng Da’s daughter was dark-skinned and thin, but her bones were not small. When she grows some flesh, she will be thick skinned and strong. Her hands were also very rough, so she was used to working. The two little girls who would serve Nizi also looked used to the job. But as Shao Yunan looked at these children, he felt uncomfortable in his heart. Wasn’t it child abuse? But in ancient times, one could marry at the age of 13 and children over 10 were considered adults, so he couldn’t blame Wang Shijing for buying such a young child…

After asking Guo Ziyu to take special care of the four children and Zheng Tianhua, an underage girl, Shao Yunan asked Guo Ziyu to take them to bathe, change their clothes, and have a meal. As for work, they would talk about it tomorrow, while Wang Qing and Wang Nizi hid on the side to observe the people their father brought back.


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