Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 64.1

Old Lady Wang’s swearing tactic could be said to be invincible all her life, she never  thought that she would encounter such a super big iron plate like Shao Yunan. Old Lady Wang and Wang Chunxiu went out full of confidence, but one of them ran back crying and the other was carried back in a daze. Wang Dali and Wang Zhisong seeing it panicked immediately, followed by rumors about Wang Chunxiu, which soon reached their family.

Wang Chunxiu took a fancy to the money in Shao Yunan’s hands and even though Shao Yunan was her eldest brother’s male wife, she tried to seduce him. Judging from the reactions of Old Lady Wang and Wang Zhisong when they came back, their family must have supported Wang Chunxiu in this. That family really had thick skin and liked to do dirty deeds.

The rumors became more and more intense, and were not relieved at all by the approach of the New Year celebration. When Zhao Lizheng found out about it, he just spoke one word, “Deserved!” Wang Wenhe also only sighed, not saying anything, he just turned around and went to work with his grandson.

Under the spread of ‘people with a good heart,’ this version changed into Wang Dali’s family seeing that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were rich, making them have bad thoughts. They took advantage of Wang Shijing’s kinship with them and sent Wang Chunxiu to seduce Shao Yunan. She and Wang Dali tried this approach to take Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family’s money. 

At the same time, they wanted Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s connection with the county magistrate and Dean Cen to send Wang Zhisong to study in the Imperial College in the capital. When they finally got Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family’s money, they would drive the two of them out of the village.

In fact, this was originally Old Lady Wang and Wang Chunxiu’s plan, except that Wang Chunxiu was looking at the position of the county magistrate’s wife. But regardless of the facts, the reputation of Old Lady Wang’s family was now completely ruined. This is also different from Wang Zhisong being punished behind closed doors to think. 

No matter what era, the honor of women was the most important thing. The Wang family has such a shameless woman and Old Lady Wang and Wang Zhisong even tacitly approved… ‘rumors’ had already spread. Coupled with the two major incidents involving Wang Zhisong, it was almost impossible for him to keep his child student status. 

Everyone in the village also avoided Old Lady Wang’s family – this family was full of snakes and rats. Even the people who used to be close to that family did not dare to come forward anymore, for fear of being told that their own family members were the same as Old Lady Wang’s family members.

After such a mess, who would dare to marry Wang Chunxiu and who would dare to marry Wang Zhisong? Marrying Wang Chunxiu meant marrying a harlot and just waiting to be cuckolded? Marrying Wang Zhisong… wouldn’t it make their own daughters also become one of the bitches of the Wang family? 

Old Lady Wang asked a matchmaker from other villages to talk to Wang Chunxiu about her marriage. Originally, the matchmaker had already visited several houses, but when she heard the news, she not only immediately returned the money that Old Lady Wang gave her, but she also bluntly said that Old Lady Wang shouldn’t come to her for her children’s future marriages.

After Wang Chunxiu went back, she spent the whole day crying and talking about death. No one knew what kind of stimulation Old Lady Wang received, but after she came back, she spent all day sick in bed, grumbling. 

Wang Dali was also more silent than ever, and no matter how much Old Lady Wang scolded this time, he did not come near her bed. Not giving her even a bowl of water. Just like Shao Yunan guessed, although Wang Chunxiu threatened day after day to hang herself, it was all just yelling without any practical action.

Old Lady Wang’s family was about to be drowned by the village’s spittle and became the object of the village’s jokes and disdain. Wang Zhisong also knew there was no room for maneuvering this time. His mother and sister did not listen to his warnings and as result, the fire could no longer be contained. It was also affecting him, so Wang Zhisong could no longer stay still. On the twenty-ninth day of the New Year, before dawn, Wang Zhisong carried a bundle and a large bamboo box on his back and had his father drive a bullock cart to send him out of the village.

After Shao Yunan scolded the old woman and Wang Chunxiu, he was dragged by Wang Shijing to the space for a whole night, which almost broke his back. Shao Yunan scolded him happily, but Wang Shijing, the sultry old man, was still dissatisfied with his wife saying that Wang Chunxiu tried to seduce him.

Shao Yunan, who became even more angry with Wang Shijing’s action, nestled in Wang Shijing’s arms and pinched his flesh hatefully. “I give you an out, but it’s my fault?”

Wang Shijing stroked his wife’s body that was full of marks after their night and spoke carefully, “You said she wanted to seduce Big Brother, but told everyone that she was trying to seduce you. In case that family really forces you to marry Wang Chunxiu, what will you do?”

Shao Yunan, tired and sore, gave Wang Shijing a blank stare. “I am nominally and legally your wife. According to the law of the Great State of Yan, how can a male wife still marry a wife? If not for my ‘male wife’ status, I really wouldn’t have been able to scold them this way. If I were a ‘husband’, I would only suffer after doing something like this. I think you are simply using this as an excuse to eat me!”

Wang Shijing kissed his wife’s rosy face and said, “I don’t like it when someone seduces you, not even in a fake way. You are mine, wife!”

“Humph.” Shao Yunan held back a snicker and just nibbled on Wang Shijing’s naked chest. “Your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.” Wang Shijing kissed his wife again, his heart becoming extraordinarily calm as Shao Yunan said, “Since I scold them like that, someone will definitely say you are unfilial.”

“It doesn’t matter what others say. You are the head of our family and I have always listened to you. I can clearly see what my mother is trying to do. They are trying to control me, to take away our family property. If you were not formidable, they would use my identity as a son, to surpass me. Even if our family is separated, what else could I do? They would take everything. But even if I could tolerate it, what about Wang Nizi and Wang Qing’s future? All I can do is let you suffer and take the blame.”

His own mother called his wife a bitch and star of misfortune. How could Wang Shijing not be angry? But it was his mother. The only thing he could do, is not say anything and play a coward. He was afraid of aggravating the situation even more.

Shao Yunan smiled. “What is this aggravation? I’m not a woman, just let them scold me. I will still feel good. I’m a man and I’m married. Whatever others say, I don’t have to worry about my reputation. But Wang Chunxiu’s reputation… if she wasn’t shameless, I would let her know what a real lack of shame is. She shouldn’t think I wouldn’t do what I said before.” 

“Not to mention the Wang family, others who received benefits from our family would also not dare to say a word. They can earn money and send their children to school. People have the instinct to avoid harm. Our family lets them earn money and get rich. They wouldn’t dare to gossip about us… and even if they dare to gossip behind our back, let’s not despise them. Let’s see who would have the guts to say it in front of me.”

Wang Shijing also smiled. “My wife is very powerful. They wouldn’t dare.”

“So I have nothing to complain about. Old Lady Wang should think about how to find a good family to marry Wang Chunxiu into, but it might be difficult.” Shao Yunan did not deny that he was gloating and had no sympathy! Wang Shijing also does not care whether his so-called sister could find a good marriage partner. The people in that family are only related to him by blood.

Getting tired of talking about that rotten family, Shao Yunan changed the subject. “The New Year is coming soon. It’s time to buy New Year’s goods, since it is just a few days away. What should I buy? Fourth Aunt Wang and Aunt Zhou have already helped me to prepare pickled vegetables, bacon, and other things.”

Wang Shijing said, “I will go shopping tomorrow, you just rest at home. At the beginning of the year, we will go to Zhao Lizheng’s house, the matriarch’s house, and see several elders, uncles, and aunts. So we should prepare some gifts, but they don’t need to be too expensive. You also don’t need to go back to your maiden house on the second day of the New Year, so our family can stay at home. But on the third day, we should take Wang Qing and Wang Nizi to Master Cen’s house to pay their respects. I’ll go to the county tomorrow and buy the gifts we need. We won’t be home on the third day, but on the fourth day, someone will come to visit us. If there are children, you can give them a few coins each.”

“Okay, so I won’t bother with it. I’ll make some peanut candy, sesame candy, snacks, and melon peanuts. Just buy some raw peanuts and I will prepare them myself.”

“Okay.” The two people talked about their family life in the space. Wang Shijing also poured two glasses of red wine and placed them by the bathtub. It was so comfortable. Goat milk wine was no longer available, but Shao Yunan stored a variety of good wine in the space that Wang Shijing didn’t dare to touch. Shao Yunan’s current body was still young, so he couldn’t drink much and Wang Shijing also did not let him drink too much. The two of them left the space only when Shao Yunan was about to go to sleep. 


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