TOFUH – Chapter 134.1 – Husband And Wife Reunion

Jiang Zhen opened the package Zhao Jinge send him expectantly.

He wrote a thick letter to Zhao Jinge, although he did not write very well because of his lack of experience, he still very clearly wrote all his thoughts about Zhao Jinge so his letter could also be regarded as a love letter. He also didn;t know what Zhao Jinge send him, was it also a love letter?

Jiang Zhen did not see any love letters and what was in package was another package…. Was that a bag of flour?

No, it was not just a flour, there’s something else in it.

Jiang Zhen pulled out a gourd a wooden box from the flour.

The gourd was large and heavy, he thought it was wine at first, but when he opened it, he found it was filled with solidified lard, and as for the wooden box ……

The wooden box was filled with a box full of sun-dried soy meat, and on top of the soy meat, there was a letter placed.

Jiang Zhen opened the letter that emitted the smell of soy sauce and meat, and read Zhao Jinge words.

Zhao Jinge letter was written properly without any mistakes so he estimated that he wrote a draft first before copping it again. At the beginning of the letter he also wrote that he missed him but there was no heartwarming words he just wrote that he was fine and everything at home was also alright. At the same time he also mentioned flour and lard: “You said that there is not enough food and you want to eat some home meal so I prepared some food for you.”

Zheng Yi said he could not bring too much, so Zhao Jinge could only do his best to stuff more food into the bag.

In fact, he initially wanted to send Jiang Zhen rice, but later he found that flour can have more uses so he replaced it with flour, in order not to take up too much space he also put lard and soy sauce meat into the flour.

“Jiang Ming, get me a fish that hasn’t been cooked yet, it has to be one of the bigger ones.” Jiang Zhen said.

“Yes, Boss!” Jiang Ming quickly brought a rather large fish to Jiang Zhen, then he saw Jiang Zhen take out a piece o lard and thin slice of soy sauce meat he cut into a few slices and put it on the belly of the fish. Then he carefully used a tree branch to apply a little lard on the body of the fish, before putting the fish on the fire to grill it.

Grilled fish should be brushed with oil in order to roast it but they didn’t have oil before so Jiang Zhen could only eat boiled fish but now it was different.

Now he has a gourd of lard!

Jiang Zhen used to bake a lot of things to eat, baking fish was also very good, the fish baked with oil smelled really good.

When Zhu Erlin smelled it he couldn’t help  but swallow his saliva.

“Jiang Zhen, sell me this fish!” Zhu Erlin said to Jiang Zhen.

Zhu Erling got a lot of gold and silver, but he always lived in the very closed Hongjiang salt farm and never been to outside. Although he knew that the gold and silver were good things, he did not know their value so at this moment, he directly took out a piece of gold the size of a baby’s fist to buy a fish.

“Not for sale.” Jiang Zhen didn’t want to sell it: “My wife sent it to me.” While saying this, Jiang Zhen caught a drop of oil dripping from the grilled fish with a branch, which was about to drop into the fire. Then he put the branch into his mouth and tasted the long lost taste.

For almost two months, his stomach lacked oil and water…

Jiang Zhen not only made grilled fish, but also took out some flour and mixed it with water to make two cakes. Then with the baked fish, he ate up the two cakes, leaving nothing to anyone else.

In the end, Zhu Erlin could only eat boiled fish while smelling the smell of roasted fish with soy sauce.

After eating, Jiang Zhen felt that he was once again full of strength.

Although Zhao Jinge was not very  romantic, the things he sent were very useful and healed his heart!

“I want to eat rice.” Zhu Erlin chanted as he looked at the people around him: “What do you think, can we go and grab the grain from the officials?” The rice smelled good he really wanted to it, as for the pork… Even if pigs were raised in Hongjiang Salt Farm, it wouldn’t be for salt workers so he couldn’t miss the taste of pork because he never tasted it.

Zhu Erlin was not just talking about it and just a few days later he robbed the  batch of food from these soldiers that chased them.

Some of this grain was sent to the mountains for the old and weak to eat, but the rest of it allowed them to not carve Jiang Zhen’s flour cakes.

They now craved Jiang Zhen lard and soy sauce meat.

These were definitely the most fragrant thing in this world!

By now, the people in the Hongjiang salt field, whether they were salt farmers or ordinary people, basically defected to Jiang Zhen and Zhu Erlin in order to survive.

The old and weak were placed on the mountain, while the remaining young and strong were led by Jiang Zhen to play guerrilla warfare with government soldiers.

These young and strong ware born and raised here so they were all very familiar with the terrain and could s avoid being pursued by government soldiers and escape it time. They made these government soldiers who come excitedly to fight the rebellion fail  time after time and in the end they didn’t even want to fight wit these “rebels” anymore who come and go without ant trace.

By the sea, in a dilapidated fishing village.

This fishing village was organically very small and it was estimated that only 20 or 30 families lived in it, but by this time, the villagers had long since disappeared. No one knew whether they had been killed or run away, but the village was filled with soldiers who had come to fight the rebellion.

There was a large number of these government soldiers so not everyone had a house to live in, so most of people needed to find a place outside of the houses.

Last night, they encountered several enemy attacks as well as the night before last, two night ago people come to attack them and rob them of their things. If you count it they haven’t been sleeping well for more than ten days.

Those rebellious groups probably because of small number of people didn’t fight them head-on, but sneaked on them all day long to harass them. As the matter of fact, no one died, but they were exhausted and had no fighting spirit left.

At this moment, these government soldiers covered with dirt with  unshaven beards were lying sleepy on the ground. People who didn’t know might even think that they were the corpses.

Wang Xiaoqi is one of the government soldiers.

He was only eighteen years old this year, when the recruitment come from above that every family must send at last one person, because hie brothers were already married and had children his parent send him to become the soldier.

Being a soldier was not hard for Wang Xiaoqi. In the past, although they had a lot of things to do in the barracks at there were times when he didn’t have enough to eat in fact it was not that much different from his time at home, but now…

Wang Xiaoqi rubbed his hungry stomach and woke up because of the smell of the rice.

He was still sleepy, but hunger made him unable to sleep any more. Instead, he took off his shoes and pierced the blisters on his feet with a sharp branch.

After squeezing out the water in the blister, Wang Xiaoqi asked Wang Wu, who was from the same village : “Uncle Wu, how much longer do we have to stay here?”

“I don’t know.” Wang Wu said.

“In good time, why do we have to come here to kill people? To kill a bunch of people?” Wang Xiaoqi asked again, he really didn’t know what they came here for, in the end ……

“Brat, what are you talking about, we are here to put down the rebellion!” Wang Wu glared at Wang Xiaoqi, but that glance with his red-blooded eyes was not very intimidating.

“But ……” Wang Xiaoqi frowned, the people above asked them to kill ordinary people.

“Don’t think about things we have to do or not, you’d better think about how we’re going to live our lives in the future.” Wang Wu said: “Those people are getting worse and worse and robbed us of all our food. We may also be killed by them later, so…”

Wang Xiaoqi shivered at the thought of these people who come to make troubles as soon as they tried to rest.

He does not want to die yet ……

Wang Xiaoqi was thinking this way when the village suddenly resounded with shouts of killing again.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Get up and kill the enemy!” Shouting come from many direction but before everyone got up and rushed over, the enemies who suddenly came and took the rice they had just cooked disappeared without a trace.

They had already been robbed by those people, and now they even lost the cooked rice ……

The food they were carrying was about to run out, and if they continued like this, they might starved to death here …… These government soldiers become anxious.

“We are about to run out of food!”

“My lord, what kind of war are we fighting in this province?”

“We have to go back!”




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