Surrender – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

His behavior was far beyond Sheng Wu’s expectations. His eyebrows furrowed, “Why do you want…”


“My surname is Chu.” Chu Yunhan looked at him.


“Because your surname is Chu, the only person who can protect you right now is me. Next, my elder brothers will surely wipe out the Chu family, you will only come to a dead end if I leave.” Sheng Wu raised his hand and looked at his watch anxiously. “Don’t you get it?”


“I betrayed him once, I won’t do it again.” His voice was unusually calm, without a trace of emotion, “If you still have any affection for me, let me go and let me have a decent end. If not, please kill me yourself.”


The man stared at him in shock, the corners of his mouth sank, there was anger, sorrow and dejection in his eyes. He whispered, “… Does it have to be this way?”


Chu Yunhan didn’t know where his courage came from. He firmly put his finger on the trigger, lowered his eyes slightly, and said word by word, “It has to be this way.”

Sheng Wu was silent for a while. He punched the roof of the car with a sullen face, gritted his teeth, and ordered, “Get out of the way!”


“Fifth Master!” The people next to him were stunned. “If you let him go like this and Third Master learns of…”


“I said, get out of the way!” The man was like a fierce lion, the rims of his eyes turned slightly red. “Enough bullshit, damn it!”


Seeing his anger, his men did not dare to say anything more and quickly stepped aside.


Chu Yunhan’s eyelashes trembled, he said hoarsely, “Thank you,” and sat back in the car. Bai Xiao immediately stepped on the accelerator and rushed out of the alley.


Sheng Ming watched the car drive past him, turn around the corner, and disappear. He leaned against the car door and lit a cigarette tired. Sheng Weiyong knew that he was obsessed with Chu Yunhan, and for the first time did not involve him in this operation. He followed secretly just to take Chu Yunhan away safely. He decided to take this man back to J City, and if his family objected, he would take him overseas and live a happy life.


But the person who had once reached out to him for help was unwilling to go with him this time.


In the end, he was too late.


Sheng Wu took a deep breath, recalling the way he had held Chu Yunhan in his arms and kissed him. He was young and nervous. He wanted to reject it but was forced to yield. It was so exciting. Thinking of the exciting smile just now, his eyes blurred a little.


While he was still immersed in the memory, he heard his subordinates hurriedly report, “Fifth Master, something happened!” 


Chu Yunhan, who was sitting in the car, still held the gun tightly in his hand that was trembling slightly, and used his other hand to steady it. Bai Xiao was on the phone. He remained silent all along and only said, “I know,” in the end.


“How is he? Is there any news? How is the situation at the cemetery?” he asked impatiently when Bai Xiao hung up the phone. His whole body leaned forward, sticking to the front seat.


Bai Xiao glanced at him in the mirror and answered, “Not yet.”


The longer it took, the more dangerous it was. Disappointment written all over his face, Chu Yunhan frowned, sat back silently, pondered deeply for a while, and then asked, “How many people have headed to the cemetery meanwhile?”


“About two thousand.”


“How many people can be mobilized?”


The man paused briefly, before answering, “About two thousand and five in the city.”


“Organize two thousand people to intercept Sheng Wei. Divide three hundred people into two groups to go to the old house and to the Zhou family to protect them. If necessary, take them away. Contact Second and Third Uncle. Tell them what’s going on and let the person who protects Minran take him out of Italy and cut off all unnecessary communication. Pick a few good marksmen to lie in ambush in the building at the main intersection. Kill all members of the Sheng family you see without exception. Let all the members of the Black Hawk Club slowly enter J City, using fake identities.” Chu Yunhan’s voice was dry and hoarse, somewhat unsteady and trembling, but with an unprecedented ruthlessness. “Now, turn around and drive to the old house. I want to destroy the books with the personnel names and data and transfer two hundred people to protect it.”

Bai Xiao looked at him in the mirror with a shocked face and remained silent for a long time.


“What are you doing still spacing out?” he asked sharply.


Bai Xiao turned on the phone, dialed a number, and said in a deep voice, “Young Master Yun ordered…” Then he repeated everything Chu Yunhan said. After receiving the other party’s reply, he turned around at the traffic light intersection and drove to the old house of the Chu family. 


“It’s been so long already…” Chu Yunhan’s eyes were hollow. His voice was very soft, as if mumbling to himself, “There is no news, he must be still alive…”


“What should we do if Young Master is dead?” Bai Xiao asked suddenly.


The person in the back seat did not speak.


Just when Bai Xiao thought that the other party would not answer, he heard a sentence that was so cold he was shocked.


“If he is dead, every single member of the Sheng family will die.”


While Chu Yunhan was heading towards the Chu family’s old house, Sheng Ming’s car was speeding out of the city. A few black cars followed behind, like black shadows that could not be shaken off. From time to time, the sound of bullets hitting the back of the car could be heard.


With red eyes, Sheng Ming held the gun in his hand tightly, feeling the chill rising from the depths of his Bones and making him tremble.


In the phone call just now, Second Brother Sheng Guang’s weak voice and gasping kept echoing in his ears. 


“Xiao Wu…I won’t make it. I think something happened to your Third Brother too…Don’t go back to J City, just now…Shen Mo and Chu Minran attacked Dad…So they had already planned it beforehand…Go abroad, don’t come back, hurry up…”


Overnight, the net in his hand was torn, and the beast was let out, roaring in anger and exposing its bloody fangs.


The hunter became the prey.


The moisture in the rims of his eyes turned blood-red, everything seemed to be burning and crumbling to ashes. Sheng Ming gritted his teeth, and finally closed his eyes, letting the hot tears slide down his cheeks.


When Chu Yunhan rushed into the old house, he was startled to see Chu Yu and Chu Xuan standing in the hall. His eyes filled with tears and he uttered incoherently, “Second Uncle, Third Uncle, he is at the cemetery… we… what shall we do?”


Seeing him so flustered, Chu Yu turned his eyes to Bai Xiao.


Bai Xiao lowered his head guiltily and said, “Just now I.. didn’t tell Young Master Yun the news.”


“Deceiving your master, simply impudent,” Chu Yu said coldly. “Go receive your punishment first, and then get lost to treat the wounds.”


“Yes.” He immediately retreated.


Chu Xuan walked over and said, “Yichen is okay and the situation is under control. Don’t worry, we are here.”


Hearing these words, Chu Yunhan felt as if all the energy in his body had been sucked out just now. The whole person relaxed, his legs turned somewhat soft, and he swayed.


Chu Xuan helped him up and asked, “Are you okay?”


He looked at the other party and suddenly tears started rolling down uncontrollably. He hurriedly wiped them off with the back of his hand, lowered his head and said, “I’m okay.”


“Sit down.” Chu Yu patted him on the shoulder. “Drink some water.”


Chu Yunhan sat down, accepted the tea served by the servant, yet did not drink, but instead said in a hoarse voice, “Today’s matter was the Sheng family’s doing.”


“Yes,” Chu Yu said. “Both the Sheng family and we are striving for political and military support. At first, we did not interfere with each other, but they began reaching out to K City a year ago to seize our power. Yichen started making arrangements since then, shaking the foundation of the Sheng family with help from J City. Although Minran claimed to be studying in Italy to the outside, he actually stayed with the Shen family in J City for the past year, under a fake identity as the main person to carry out Shen Mo’s plan. Just now, this has been accomplished.” He paused, and continued, “What happened today was indeed unexpected. In the end, the Sheng family became aware of Shen Mo’s power and decided to strike first and gain the upper hand by taking Yichen’s life. They arranged this part secretly under the direct lead of the second and third sons of the Sheng family, and it was not until last night that Minran figured out their moves. But the news we got was that they would do it at the playground unveiling event held by Golden Eagle this afternoon, so Yichen decided to serve as bait and lure them out. Tang Can and Hei Yu stayed at the venue with a large number of people. Unexpectedly, they changed their plans at the last moment and struck at the cemetery. Fortunately, Yichen had dispatched additional manpower to protect you in advance, which is why they could fight them off and return. They were more scared than hurt.”


The short narration sounded simple, but it contained so much life and blood, so much danger and fear. Chu Yunhan, who had personally experienced all of this today, finally truly realized the difficulties and dangers of this road. After grasping the picture, the panic in his heart calmed down a bit. He took a sip of tea to moisten his dry throat. Suddenly, a picture of Chu Yichen standing in front of his father’s grave flashed in his mind.

“I will take care of him, please rest assured.” 


If that person’s original plan was to serve as bait and lure the Sheng family in the afternoon, then, what was with this sentence? Did he appear at the cemetery this morning to sweep the graves or…


To come to see him.


It could have been their last time seeing each other.


When this thought suddenly emerged in his heart, his whole body froze.


“Go rest,” Chu Yu said gently when he saw his pale face.


He shook his head, “I’m waiting here.”


Waiting for what?


He knew it in his heart, but he couldn’t say it out loud. 


Suddenly, a thunderclap sounded in the distance, rumbling with fury in the dark clouds. A lightning split the gloomy sky, the wind soughed in the trees in the yard, and it started raining heavily.


Chu Yunhan stood behind the banister in the corridor, looking intently at the door. The cold wind tousled his brown hair and slapped it on his face wet.


Finally, a figure appeared at the empty door.


It got closer and closer.


When the man walking ahead saw him, he stopped.


That outstanding face was stained with blood mixed with rain. The black coat was wet, water dripping from its lower sections. But his posture was still tall and cold, like a tree aiming for the sky, or a lonely wolf.


Everything between heaven and earth lost its color.


There were only those black eyes, watching him through the rain curtain, gentle and soft like water.


“I am back.”


Translator: Taalia


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